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    I've been using draft buddy/FF Today for six years now and have always passed over the "options" tab, not exactly knowing how to make use of the "Overall Rankings/Custom Baselines" and "Average Projections / Allocation Keys" features to my advantage. I have left them alone, thinking it's over my head and I may unduly influence my rankings if I start jacking with this. I'm curious... 1) how to use this function/feature, 2) if it can be used to really improve the accuracy of my player rankings, and 3) does it really make a difference? I'm a loyal supporter of FFToday and have used draft buddy and the site during the season to 4 top 3 finishes, 2 trips to the finals and one championship in 6 years. It works. Can I make it work any better? Thanks for reading and for any help /suggestions. Steve Brandt Coppell, TX