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    Flex Spot Help - Burleson, Starks or Ingram?

    Ingram probably has the best chance to steal a goalline carry (or a get pass, in Burleson's case).
  2. Bpow0407

    Jordy+Dexter for best? .5 ppr league

    I'd take that. Jordy is a solid bet in a high powered offense, but McCluster's ceiling appears to be low. I'd try countering with Rice in place of Jordy.
  3. Bpow0407

    Serious advice needed

    Trade Rice or Forte for a RB from a lower tier, plus another RB in return.
  4. Bpow0407

    Team before and after trades...

    the AFTER team has the better RB set-up for the future.... the BEFORE team has the better WR set-up for the future.... Depends on what kind of an owner you are, a RB-focused one or a WR-focused one. I'd go with the RB-favored group here, and say after.
  5. Bpow0407

    Need a week 5 QB

    Orton - he can do plenty with his WRs, and they'll be behind. Dalton is a tier back, but the next best option.
  6. Bpow0407

    Trading away Fitzgerald and Marshall?

    I was hoping to trade one of the QBs, but in a 10 team league that's been hard to do.
  7. POST A LINK and I'll answer yours. Current roster: (backups) QB: Newton (Big Ben, Cutler, Kolb) RB: Sproles (Mendenhall, Bush) WR: Fitz, Wallace (Cruz, Marshall, Bess) TE: Heap (Pettigrew, Casey) Flex: Beanie Wells, Antonio Brown. So do I take the trade? Fitz started slow but is doing fine now, but Marshall has been a disappointment. Is Lloyd back? When Dez is healthy, he's a beast. While the players in question might end up being a wash according to yahoo's stat projections, the potential to diversify my roster from all PIT/ARI/MIA players would be nice. SCORING: 30 yards/pt passing, 10 for rush/rec. 25 yards/point return yards. 6 point TDs all around. Counter offers? He has most of the NYG/DEN/DAL players... so Romo, Austin, Witten, Felix, Manning, Nicks, Manningham, Jacobs, Bradshaw, Orton, Moreno?
  8. Bpow0407

    Trade Help

    How many RBs and WRs do you start? Who would be available on the waiver wire at WR/RB to replace one of those 2 players? Sounds like a decent chance to take, given that Thomas and Burress wouldn't be starting for you on a regular basis, assuming you start a typical lineup. http://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=387295
  9. 1 year league? Gore/AJ. Especially with Arian Foster being a question mark. Keeper/Dynasty league? McFadden/White. McFadden has more tread left on the tires, even though he's only had one good season and thus could be a boom/bust product. http://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=387295
  10. Bpow0407

    Can I win with Schaub?

    I've won with and come close to winning with Schaub for a few years in a keeper league. He has a good shot at top 10 numbers, and a small chance at top 5. http://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=387295
  11. Bpow0407

    Would you do this trade

    Depends on who you think you could get at #35. If you think you can get a RB who you are happy with as a #2, with Blount as your #1 RB, then go for it. At 38 you can get a solid #2 WR either way. http://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=387295
  12. Bpow0407

    Trade Now - or Wait?

    Manning's stock is low. You could probably get a mid-tier RB for him (RB2, no RB1's) right now.... or wait for him to start and show well, and get more for him.... but then again, he could miss a couple weeks and then his value drops even more. But I wouldn't trade away Brees now with Manning being a question mark. http://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=387295
  13. Bpow0407

    TRADE ? G little for L moore

    I'd take Moore. Brees seems to like throwing him passes. I can't see Little having a big year, and even if he does, it'll probably be as big as the year Moore or other similarly ranked players will have. Go with the high-powered offense. http://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=387295
  14. Bpow0407

    Drafting by NFL Team (pt2)

    I would likely only get one player on waivers, so I'd be choosing between Cooley, Moss, and Benson.
  15. Bpow0407

    Drafting by NFL Team (pt2)

    Here's the deal: 10 team concept league: We draft NFL Teams, not individual players. After we've each drafted 3 NFL teams, we build a roster based on those 3 NFL teams. I have drafted the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Arizona Cardinals, and am currently ON THE CLOCK with the following teams remaining... CIN, WSH, MIA We start (and with ideal starters listed, ideal backups in brackets): QB: Ben Roethlisberger (Kolb) WR: Mike Wallace WR: Larry Fitz RB: Mendenhall TE: Heath Miller/Todd Heap Flex (rb/wr/te): Beanie Wells (Antonio Brown) (WR Roberts, RB Howling) Flex (rb/wr/te): Hines Ward (RB Redman) K: Feely [suisham] DEF: Steelers [Arizona] Obviously I have a big hole at Flex 2, and it would be nice to have options at other positions too, so I'm not stuck with just these 2 teams' players. Which team will fill out my roster the best? Who would you draft? I'm leaning against Cincy at all costs. Miami brings a great flex option in Marshall, and potential (but boom/bust) in R.Bush, Thomas, and Bess. Washington brings a low-end starting RB in Hightower, and solid but unspectacular depth with S.Moss and C.Cooley. Moss could be a rotational flex player. ETA: Let me add that the players from the last 2 teams go on Waivers, and I should have the top waiver position. So whichever team I don't choose, I can snag their best player via waivers.