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  1. Underway... Feinstein has pictures of people,on easels behind her, that have benefited from Obama are. Most of her opening remarks are focused on Trumps claim to dismantle ACA.
  2. Fireballer

    Why has Trump refused to denounce white supremacy?

    [Selective edit] there's very fine people, on both sides[/selective edit]
  3. Fireballer

    The official Biden crime family thread.

    Can someone who thinks this is Russian disinformation please explain what "you're gonna bury all of us, man" means? How about "MY Chairman gave an emphatic NO" in reference to adding proper governance to SinoHawk?@Herbivore? Just more mudslinging?
  4. This is nothing unless its "widespread". Thats the MSMs talking point. There's no evidence of "widespread" fraud, so no need report.
  5. Fireballer

    Tucker Carlson Thread

    I know. This slow rolling BS is old. We need one big bomb before Tues. If its not by Fri, then no one has a smoking gun.
  6. Fireballer

    Confirmation hearings for Hon Amy Coney Barrett

    This is almost as good as election night 2016. Almost. Is CBDS a thing now?
  7. Fireballer

    Tucker Carlson Thread

    tune in tonight...sh!t gonna hit the fan.
  8. Fireballer

    Joe Biden said what?

    Holy shat!
  9. Fireballer

    Best fish and chip recipe?

    Love me some good, crisp fish n chips.
  10. Fireballer

    The official Biden crime family thread.

    So Hunter received gifts and stays at Mexican villas in exchange for bringing Mexican businessmen to the White House and Joe's house. Seems legit. https://thenationalpulse.com/exclusive/biden-leveraged-meetings-for-art-vacations-and-more/ I haven’t heard from you since I got you a mtg for Carlos and your Dad. We have been talking about business deals and partnerships for 7 years. And I really appreciate you letting me stay at your resort villa…but I have brought every single person you have ever asked me to bring to the F’ing WHite House and the Vice President’s house and the inauguration
  11. Fireballer

    The official Biden crime family thread.

    So now Putin is a reputable source of info? LMAO...how convenient
  12. Fireballer

    Presidential Decision

    We're talkin bout the dude that donates his salary back to the country?
  13. I know yall our out there. The mere fact that a thug is shot in the back, makes yall throw the yellow flag. In fact, there's countless scenarios where shooting in the back is completely warranted. This is just one.
  14. My money is on Fuzzy. He's fat and has numerous comorbidities from smoking and drinking. He's good as ded if he shows up.
  15. o/u on old farts who die after Champs dinner?
  16. Fireballer

    Presidential Decision

    C- minus on trolling. You're better than this.
  17. Fireballer

    Presidential Decision

    Its so funny when people who would normally vote for Biden, finally take their blinders off. NSFW language.
  18. Fireballer

    Joe Biden said what?

    Thats when the fake peach mint wheels had to start turning since Hillary lost. Just a short while later, the unmasking started. It was her turn!!
  19. Fireballer

    Bidens supporters cant think of what he stands for

    Fixored. Only the smart freethinkers will feel its symptoms.
  20. Fireballer

    The official Biden crime family thread.

    Apperently #Hunterfootjob is trying to trend over on Twitter. A video, purported to be Hunter, was found on his computer of him smoking crack and getting a foot job from a hooker. Say what you want, but this dude definitely knows how to party. At minimum, this guy is a gigantic liability to national security.
  21. Fireballer

    Joe Biden said what?

    Wow. Just wow. Thats the single greatest piece of Russian disinformation I've ever heard. Too bad @Herbivore called it out as just mudslinging and Johnsons report put it all to rest.
  22. Is this like a sister publication to the Babylon Bee?