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    QB Help

    Of those listed, I like Goff. That defense is giving up points in bunches and Goff has had to throw to keep up. I don't see that changing throughout the season unless they are playing a dud. (Bears) Hockenson and Amon-Ra are solid targets as well.
  2. rallo

    The Unofficial Week 5 FU Thread

    Penny Hardaway was a god...
  3. rallo

    Who will be the biggest bust in 2022?

    That is an aggressive drop.
  4. rallo

    Who will be the biggest bust in 2022?

    I liked Etienne in PPR formats, as I had hoped he and Kirk would be the biggest beneficiaries of garbage time... that said, the Jags have looked really efficient, and played very well to start the year. I will admit that I completely misread this team and falsely presumed 2nd half usage.
  5. rallo

    Patterson to IR

    I smell Kmet on him...
  6. rallo

    TNF Discussion: Dolphins at Bengals - Wk4

  7. rallo

    TNF Discussion: Dolphins at Bengals - Wk4

    This line gets zero push... mixon owners feel like Josh Jacobs owners of yore...
  8. rallo

    TNF Discussion: Dolphins at Bengals - Wk4

    Trickshots are hard...
  9. rallo

    RB Waiver - full ppr

    Richie James is sneaky in deep leagues. Looks like the only WR interested in NYG. I haven't seen them use him on many screens yet either... return yardage upside also. That said, Palmer is my choice, as he gets as many looks as Williams, and Allen is already dinged up.
  10. rallo

    TNF Discussion: Steelers at Browns - Wk3

    Yep, went from 2pts to 10... of course I'm playing Cle D this week
  11. Feeling that they are all fairly equal... might be a dart throw. Who you got?
  12. rallo

    Flex help------> WHIR

    Sutton should be the choice unless you wanna take a flier at the potential rams/cards shoot out. But Arob has been 3rd in the picking order, so his floor is significantly lower.
  13. rallo

    Taysom Hill

    My opponent is rolling with him over Kmet, Hill will get more goalline looks, so I'm hoping for the best
  14. rallo

    Week 2 Stuff

    I'm glad I gave the Colts another shot against Jax... off to a great start
  15. rallo

    Trade Sutton for Lamb?

    Contrarian here, but I think Lamb is the play here... especially for later in the year. Early could be good too if Rush can get the ball out early and keys on CeeDee... Gallup being back should help eventually. This offense isn't as dead as the pundits would let you believe, and Lamb is still an elite athlete.
  16. rallo

    1st QB to get whacked and miss time due to injury?

    I won't, I am a Dak owner though, so karma always wins.
  17. rallo

    Dak out multiple weeks

    I'm hearing ideas kicked around like Tyler Huntley, Dalton, and other guys... I think the Cowboys stand pat and take their lumps for 8 weeks.... Dalton knows the offense, but I doubt they would give up much for him, and I'm not sure that they'd win any more games than they would with Rush at qb.
  18. rallo

    SNF Discussion: Tampa Bay at Dallas

    Gallup better be ready to go soon, this is tough to watch. A little concerning with Tolbert being a healthy scratch as well... already thin at WR and an undrafted FA is the best looking WR on the field.
  19. rallo

    SNF Discussion: Tampa Bay at Dallas

    Helluva catch
  20. rallo

    SNF Discussion: Tampa Bay at Dallas

    Man, I can't tell if these are two superb defenses, or if Dak and Brady are in trouble this year.
  21. rallo

    The Official Week 1 FU Thread

    Oof Mike Williams... and da fuq ColtsD
  22. rallo

    I told you so thread

    The Arob thing and lack of involvement by Atwell has me excited about Van Jefferson on my bench. Here's hoping he can get healthy quickly.
  23. rallo

    1st QB to get whacked and miss time due to injury?

    Dak, he's already a lil gimpy, and his LT is done for the year.
  24. rallo

    Your drafts biggest reach?

  25. rallo

    TNF Discussion: Bills at Rams - Wk1

    I love Mckenzie