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  1. 30 Fat, Bald & Texan

    What have I missed

    My wife had 2 kids baby daddied by me, methinks.
  2. 30 Fat, Bald & Texan

    Phrases/words that people need to stop using immediately

    BOOM or buuuuume
  3. 30 Fat, Bald & Texan

    Who is the GC best thread winnah! (currently)

  4. 30 Fat, Bald & Texan

    how do you describe the Geek Club to other people?

  5. 30 Fat, Bald & Texan


    Boil them for about an hour and then finish em off on the grill. They freakin rock.
  6. 30 Fat, Bald & Texan

    The Drought has Ruined Fishing in DFW

    I have a bass boat and a little 2 person trolling boat. Everybody was out on the big boat skiing, etc. so I took the little boat out and caught it.
  7. 30 Fat, Bald & Texan

    The Drought has Ruined Fishing in DFW

    We went out to Lake Jacksonville near Tyler over the weekend and it was higher than I have ever seen it. I also caught a 5lb bass
  8. 30 Fat, Bald & Texan

    Things That Aren't Smarter Than Sux

    my brother
  9. 30 Fat, Bald & Texan

    How many miles do you put on your car (s) per year?

    I drive about 32-35K which may explain why I just bought a Ford Focus after driving a big truck for the last 18 years. I would think that people in Texas drive quite a bit more than a lot of other places. When we were in CO I prolly drove 20K.
  10. 30 Fat, Bald & Texan

    Finally, a frank that is worth showing.

    Frankenstein>>> frankfurter
  11. 30 Fat, Bald & Texan

    My truck got totaled

    That's what I've been trying to tell her.
  12. 30 Fat, Bald & Texan

    First time I've ever been "lifetime" banned from a bar

    If you would do it again it was the right move.
  13. 30 Fat, Bald & Texan

    My truck got totaled

    I actually considered the Prius but for some reason when I see a Prius I automatically think the driver is a doosh. I don't know if that's due to southpark or not but I seriously can't help but think "hey look at me" when I see them.
  14. 30 Fat, Bald & Texan

    Anti-Semitism Poll

    I think it's interesting at least from my experiences that the most persecuted group on the planet also happen to be the most racist.