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  1. Lagarz

    Drop for Jamal Williams

    Aaron Jones owner. Short bench and no IR. Would you drop David Johnson, Gordon, or Cooks for Williams? None of those start for me and I am done with byes...thanks in advance!
  2. Lagarz

    Packers RB situation

    Jones is in but wondering how much action he gets
  3. Lagarz

    Post them Championship bound rosters

    9-4 3rd place regular season QB Rogers/Russell Wilson RB Mixon Williams Ware Ingram Coleman WR JuJu and Tyreke Hill TE Ertz
  4. Lagarz

    Saints v. Panthers - MNF - What do ya need?

    Up 18.19, opponent has Cam. I am not confident at all.
  5. Lagarz

    Wilson or Rogers

    Hard to bench a HOF QB in the semis, but I am looking to play R Wilson over him this week. WAY better matchup and has outscored him most weeks... Am I crazy - who would you go with?
  6. Lagarz

    Is Damien Williams a MUST start tonight?

    I have Ware, Williams, and Jackson... We start 2RB and a flex, I only have T Hill and JuJu on roster so they will be my WRS but I need a flex. Playing Mixon for sure. So I am choosing between the above 3 and Ingram for 2 spots. If Gordon is out I am playing Jackson for sure, and picking between Williams and Ingram. If Gordon is in I am playing Williams and Ingram. If Ware plays I have no clue what I will do...lol
  7. Lagarz

    Trade Mixon for Keenan Allen

    I like Mixon more than Allen, but you need a WR bad. I would probably do it.
  8. Lagarz

    Barkley Trade help

    If you are looking for a big time WR I would say a WR1 and a good RB in return. Davonte Adams and Ingram, or something similar. As the gentleman said before, I would trade him for Mixon and AB in a second...
  9. Lagarz

    What's Conner worth?

    I would take a WR2 for him for sure.
  10. Lagarz


    Without a doubt, yes.
  11. Lagarz

    Flex Start*

    I'd start Chester
  12. Need 2 of 3 for RB2 and Flex... Tevin Coleman, I. Crowell, and Sanders. Leaning Coleman and Sanders. Have Kamara on the bye this week...