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  1. rotisserieking

    FU Week 14

    My opponent luckily had him on the bench in favor of Jaylen Warren.
  2. rotisserieking

    Hollywood droppable?

    Dropped in my league just now for Zeke
  3. rotisserieking

    FU WK 13

    To my opponent's DK Metcalf, who finally shows up against me. To my loser QB Justin Herbert and his <8 points. You are NOT an elite QB and I wish the "experts" would stop pawning you off as one. To Brad Allen and his officiating crew in last night's debacle. Your whole squad sucks.
  4. rotisserieking

    Kenneth Walker III - OUT Tonight

    I grabbed Chardonnay last week but mostly as a c-block on my opponent - he'll be on my bench assuming my main 3 keep it going (Kamara, Bijan, Montgomery).
  5. rotisserieking

    FU Week 12 - Turkey Week Edition

    I think you mean Ruxin from The League
  6. rotisserieking

    MNF Discussion: Eagles at Chiefs - Wk11

    Can we fire Connor Embree the WR coach? I mean, WTF are they working on in practice besides catching drills? It's embarrassing.
  7. rotisserieking

    WW adds for week 12?

    Initially I thought it was the easiest answer, but then I went and looked at his schedule. It's absolutely brutal coming up: Week 12: vs SF 7th vs run Week 13: @ DAL 6th vs run Week 14: @ SF 7th vs run Week 15: vs PHI 1st vs run Week 16: @ TEN 15th vs run
  8. As bad as it seems sometimes, NFL refs are exponentially better than the jokers umpiring MLB games. Some of these clowns have been horrible for decades and yet appear to suffer no blowback from the Commish. At least the NFL "penalizes" poor referees by not letting him into the big playoff games or Super Bowl. Don't they also score the entire crew, of which the chief ref is responsible for?
  9. rotisserieking

    The Official Week 11 FU Thread

    What a bizarre week in my league. 5 games and all upsets- it's standings chaos. (9 beats 1, 5 beats 2, 8 beats 3, 6 beats 4, 10 beats 7). I was in 7th after week 9 and now will be in 3rd at 6-5 (2nd in points for, 3rd in points against). Only 2 wins separate 3rd and 8th place after this week.
  10. rotisserieking

    Anyone else all in on ravens tonight?

    I tried to trade Gus on Tuesday because I didn't want to be forced into starting him last night. Trade didn't go through, so I got 20 from Gus Bus last night and my opponent's Andrews exited with 3.3. I might actually win this week.
  11. rotisserieking

    QB Confusion

    If there's anything this season has taught us it's "question everything" and go with matchups. Case and point: Last week Herbert was ranked anywhere between 5 and 9 on the 5-6 websites I looked at and yet many had him as a sit. Sorry but if a QB is in the top 10 to me that's a must start. But he clearly wasn't. I benched his a$$ for Carr, who was brutal but scored twice as many points as Herbert. And this week I might bench him again for Geno who appears to have a better matchup on paper.
  12. rotisserieking

    The Official Week 9 FU Thread

    First week I started Carr and I've read the articles about his hot headedness but I actually watched the game yesterday and it was comical. Dude throws a ball 5 yards wide of a receiver and then gets pissed the WR ran the wrong route. Same thing if he throws it at his feet. Hey Derek, YOU'RE the problem dumba$$.
  13. rotisserieking

    QB Changes: Aidan O'Connell LV, Taylor Heinicke ATL Are In

    So maybe Arthur Smith isn't the complete idiot I thought he was....ah, nevermind.
  14. rotisserieking

    Which TE to pick up for ROS?

    Good question. Kincaid has a better QB but he also has more options. I guess if I had my pick I'd take Kincaid just because of his remaining schedule as it relates to TE points scored, and hope that Fournette doesn't eat into those dump off targets.
  15. rotisserieking

    Which TE to pick up for ROS?

    I was able to grab Kincaid last week (I assume he's taken) so my rank FWIW: Ferguson, McBride, Njoku, Musgrave
  16. rotisserieking

    FU Week 8

    I amend my FU and put it all on Jimmy G and the trash can that he is. Missed Davante on a 60 yard and 98 yard TD. That would have been a win for me. Man the Niners were smart to dump him. Literally missing wide open WRs all night by yards.
  17. rotisserieking

    FU Week 8

    FU to me, for the 3rd time this season. When will I learn to ignore the "experts" and go with my gut? Sat Gus Edwards for Zay Flowers when my gut said this would be a running game. Cost me 24 points and all I would need is 5 from Davante tonight thanks to my opponent going nuts. Now I need 29 = miracle game from Adams.
  18. rotisserieking

    post your trade offers here

    the more I listen to XM the more I keep hearing this is closer to an 8 week shut down than it is the minimum 4 games. But London is meh so basically a TE/D swap. Unless it's a keeper league then definitely grab JJ.
  19. rotisserieking

    post your trade offers here

    My RBs suck (Montgomery, Bijan, Gus, Pierre Strong) but pretty good at WR (Keenan, Amon, Davante, Zay, Sutton, Gabe). Just got offered Kamara or Swift for Amon. 1/2pt PPR. Would you do it and which is preferred? I see they're 8 and 9 in the ROS rankings. Swift just because better offense?
  20. rotisserieking

    The Official Week 7 FU Thread

    No, but they have an obligation to accurately report injuries in case you didn't know. And the NFL agrees: https://bleacherreport.com/articles/10094590-report-nfl-questioning-falcons-after-bijan-robinson-not-included-on-injury-report
  21. rotisserieking

    The Official Week 7 FU Thread

    It was more about the timing of the non-announcement. If they knew he was sick, why wasn't it announced before game time? No one had a clue and #BijanRobinson was the #2 trending sports tag on X for the first half. I mean, it's not like I had another option but I'm sure many did and could have pivoted.
  22. rotisserieking

    The Official Week 7 FU Thread

    1. Bijan (special FU to Arthur Smith?) 2. The Bills. While as a Chiefs fan I normally love seeing them lose, this lost cost me my final survivor pick (40% got knocked out by BUF). 3. Me, for overthinking. Benched PHI and picked up NO on defense. Wanted to bench Davante for Flowers because I didn't trust him. Didn't do it. 4. Bijan.
  23. I just had an ESPN alert on my phone that the Eagles signed Julio Jones?? Is it April Fools Day? Is this true?
  24. rotisserieking

    post your trade offers here

    The guys in 2nd (I'm in 3rd) just lost Anthony Richardson and his other QB is Fields who is banged up. My RBs are banged up or hurt by Ridder (Montgomery, Bijan, Reynolds, Evans, Wilson). I offered Cousins (I have Herbert) and Davante for D. Henry. (My WRs are Allen, Amon, Adams, Gabe, Flowers, Sutton).
  25. rotisserieking

    The Official Week 6 FU Thread

    This one for me hurts too. I was supposed to beat my guy by 15 and now I'm in a dogfight because Montgomery got hurt and Davante disappeared. Need a cool 39 out of Herbert, KAllen, and Aubrey tonight. Gonna be close.