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    The unsponsored "What do you need on MNF" Thread

    PPR league. I need Hernandez and Patriots D to outscore Wes Welker. Up by 1 headed into tonight with a chance to take down our 10-0 leader and vault into 2nd place. Would have already won if not for Shonne Green and ADP going down early
  2. rotisserieking

    ***Official Week 11 NFL Gambling Thread***

    in my Pick4 I got some good lines this week. rolling with: NYJ -4.5 ATL - 5.5 CHI -3.5 NYG -3.5 But I can also get DAL -7.5 OAK +1.5 BUF +2.5 I too think the Seahags will win but I've bet on the Rams twice and lost both times so staying away from my home team here on out.
  3. rotisserieking

    Week 11 DST Waiver Wire

    I like NE's D a lot this week and am even considering starting them over the J-E-T-S
  4. rotisserieking

    Official Week 10 F.U. thread.....

    a LOT of UFs to go around this week including my second place team, who as a group decided to take the week off. So a big FU to: Julio Jones Shonn Greene Baltimore "defense" Cam Newton Maclin (for getting hurt) and a giant FU to my opponent's Gronkowski. oh and while we're at it, an FU to Mike Smith for going for it on 4th. That nice little move cost me a chance at $800 in my pick 4 pool. They may not have won but they didn't have to give the game away.
  5. rotisserieking

    ***Official Week 10 NFL Gambling Thread***

    for my pick 4 this week I'm thinking (and these lines are set by CBS on Tuesday): ATL +0.5 DAL -5.5 HOU -3.5 struggling on 4th: SF -3.5, CHI -0.5, MIN +13.5, PIT +3.5 - any help? other lines are CLE -2.5 IND +3.5, KC -3.5, MIA -3.5, PHI -13.5, CAR -2.5, SEA +7.5, NYJ -1.5
  6. rotisserieking

    ***Official Week 10 NFL Gambling Thread***

    wow great call on the Raiders gents. first time I've watched Rivers in awhile, did not realize he was so sh!ttay
  7. rotisserieking

    ***Official Week 10 NFL Gambling Thread***

    Good points but what sticks out against them for me is them needing a last minute onside and TD to beat the winless Dolphins and then getting manhandled by the horrific Broncos at home last week.
  8. rotisserieking

    Thoughts on Mike Tolbert

    Thanks, that helps me with his worth. Was going to package him and Julio Jones for an attempt to get MJD.
  9. rotisserieking

    *** Official Week 9 NFL Gambling Thread ***

    F'ing Rams cost me with the only possible scoring potential that could beat the +3.5. Seriously - a blocked FG at end of regulation and then pee-wee style "tackling" on the 100 yd punt return. Just embarassing.
  10. rotisserieking

    *** Official Week 9 NFL Gambling Thread ***

    The Saints line keeps going up. Opened at -7 and now as much as -10. TB is 6-1 ATS last 7 against NO and after a bye I think they can hold it closer than 10. But my line is -7.5 - risky as 28-20 is a possible score. Also noticed the Philly line moving for PHI up to -9 at some. Mine is -6.5 so CHI is tempting there. I think I am going with: SF -3.5 STL +3.5 NYG +8.5 CIN +2.5
  11. rotisserieking

    *** Official Week 9 NFL Gambling Thread ***

    I do think NE wins outright but I'm now taking the 8.5 points the Giants are getting. It will probably end up something like 34-27 or 31-27 and I hope the Giants cover.
  12. rotisserieking

    *** Official Week 9 NFL Gambling Thread ***

    Completely agree - based on stats and performance I would expect the line to be more like 5/5.5 on the road for them. This is definitely a teaser but I can't figure out why - the Skins can't pass, can't run, can't do much of anything and the Niners have proven they can go to the East coast and win. Usually these lines end up biting me so I might change this pick to PHI -6.5. The KC line is also odd at -5.5 considering MIA hasn't won and KC is on a roll. This game scares me but that line is tempting.
  13. rotisserieking

    *** Official Week 9 NFL Gambling Thread ***

    I'm starting to like this more and more if Kolb does not play. Hoping what we saw last week is a glimpse of the potential but could also have been a huge emotional win that deflates them. Probably more like it carries the Rams forward a couple weeks. I do a Pick4 and the lines were set Tuesday, here is what I'm thinking: ATL -7.5 SF -3.5 CIN +2.5 GB +5.5 What bothers me in this scenario is they're all road teams. Alternates are STL +3.5, SEA +12.5, PHI -6.5
  14. rotisserieking

    Official Week 7 F.U. thread........

    My FU's go out to my RB corps (start 2 and a flex). My bye week combination of Earnest Graham, Ryan Torrain, and Daniel Thomas got me a whopping 7.4 points combined in a ppr league, including -0.5 from Torrain.
  15. rotisserieking

    Where the Fock is Hillis?!

    Some moron in my 10 team league dropped him for Ben Tate so I grabbed him and dropped Torrain. He'll be my RB3 so I'm pretty happy about that.
  16. rotisserieking

    Raiders VS. Patriots

    That's a scary thought
  17. rotisserieking

    Raiders VS. Patriots

    So if my Pick 4 line is Pats -4.5, who would you take? I'm tempted to take them minus the points but also worried about it. My gut tells me they will come out strong to avenge last week's game and the Raiders are pretty much 1 dimensional at this point. Right now I have Indy +9.5 but might replace them with Pats -4.5. Ideas on safer pick?
  18. rotisserieking

    Winning a league drafting a QB later than round 8 possible?

    After trying it for the first time last year I absolutely subscribe to this mentality now. Last year I grabbed Ryan (8) and Flacco (10) for my QBs and made the playoffs in 1 league for the 1st time in 4 years and came in 2nd and finished 2nd in another league. This year I took Flacco (10) and Orton (12) so we'll see what happens but the difference between the #5 and #15 QB is not as great as the #5 and #15 RB from what I can tell so I went after RB/WR before the QB.
  19. rotisserieking

    Blaine Gabbert to enter NFL Draft

    He had committed to Nebraska but Blaine and his dad talked him into going to Mizzou. I was impressed by Blaine's backup this season, in his few appearances he reminded me of Brad Smith so I wonder if he'll start next year while Tyler "develops"?
  20. rotisserieking

    Blaine Gabbert to enter NFL Draft

    Agreed with the positives and negatives already put out there. He looked great at the Oklahoma game but not so good against Tech. He'll be training with Kurt Warner in Phoenix through April. His pro day will feature passing to both Maclin and Danario Alexander and Chase Daniel will be his rookie sponsor. Really cool stuff for a kid literally up the street from us. One of my groomsmen has known him since he was about 6 so watched him grow up since day one. My buddy said his little brother might be better than him though.
  21. rotisserieking

    Official Championship FU Thread

    Well thanks to 1) Colston dropping an 8-yard pass that hit him in the hands in the 4th and 2) Ryan's 20-yard gallop on the final drive, I eeked out a 103.12-102.96 championship victory!! Although I will be watching the stat corrections VERY closely...
  22. rotisserieking

    Official Championship FU Thread

    Oh, and FU to the NFL for making me watch my Rams against the seahags in primetime. Come on, this is worthy of 3 pm game, nothing more...and I'm a Rams fan.
  23. rotisserieking

    Official Championship FU Thread

    Still have a chance tonight - I need Ryan to outscore Colston by 9.5 pts so there's a chance. But that being said, it would have been much closer so FUs go out to: 1. the 'vaunted' Chargers defense for getting me -1.50 despite being ranked 2nd or 3rd this week everywhere. 2. Rashard Jennings for failing to back up what he's done in previous weeks 3. to me for benching Bowe in favor of said Jennings 4. and to my opponents Jani-fat-a$$-ski for getting 18, 18 freaking points from a kicker.
  24. rotisserieking

    Scandal in our leagues playoff game

    Our rules state that the cutoff is 5 minutes before kickoff per Yahoo - not advertised kickoff, but ACTUAL kickoff and Yahoo is pretty good about the actual kickoff times. But if Yahoo has locked out the game then the player is locked out as well; I as commish will not intervene in that case. It's only happened twice in 11 years that people cut it that close and I always email both owners to explain what I'm doing and why a commish move will show up.