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  1. lod001

    The official Biden crime family thread.

    There's only 11 people left, that are not insane antifaguys, over there: https://forums.footballguys.com/forum/topic/789612-who-wins-the-election-2-weeks-out/
  2. Once the wheels go on this guy he will look like a Scam Newton midget.
  3. lod001

    OBJ injury

    Solid NFL QB on verge of greatness.
  4. lod001

    OBJ injury

    Baker can now get back to playing like he did before this loser contaminated the field.
  5. Yep. Easily one of the worst ever.
  6. lod001

    Coronavirus - Doomsday

    Who is this idiot that's been around for 16 years and has 42 posts? ShoTard alias of NewbTard alias?
  7. lod001

    Presidential Decision

    He's POTUS because smart people are sick of the career politicians. He will berate an R just as fast as a D and believe me the majority of them need berated.
  8. lod001

    Heard a biden ad today on fantasy sports radio

    Hopefully it doesn't really start cratering until about 2050.
  9. Based on the lack of rioting for free stuff and Crump not trying to make $ off his death, I'm guessing that it was a gun that he pulled.
  10. lod001

    OBJ injury

    A lot of idiots in the NFL can't see the obvious.
  11. lod001

    Dallas Cowboys 2018 & Beyond

    Not really. They are no good, they just get pimped as good . Must be something in Irvin's NFL contract that they have to spend time talking about this garbage team instead of good NFl teams.
  12. Dumbest political party ever assembled. They are reactors, not thinkers.
  13. lod001

    OBJ injury

    Exactly. He's over rated trash. Mayfield plays so much better without that idiot on the field. Hopefully he never puts on a Browns uniform again. He's garbage. I came off the couch with a and a when he went down. A season ending and Browns career ending injury is what I need. I knew Baker was going to thrive with Landry & Higgins like he did before the cancer showed up.
  14. We saved big $, removing this loser permanently.
  15. LeDumb James causes tremendous damage. $1.5 billion worth of damage to the product in 1 year. https://www.yahoo.com/sports/report-nba-came-in-15-billion-under-revenue-projections-in-2020-135356538.html
  16. Yeah, she is getting destroyed on twitter. You can spend hours reading everyone's tweets making fun of her. This idiot is allowed to vote. That's scary. https://twitter.com/DarshunKendrick
  17. lod001

    Murder Hornets - A gift from the japs

    Knowing the focktards in the state of WA, they won't do anything about it.
  18. Plus it's easier to put a kid on the coyote and send it across the Rio Grande. Less stress on the Coyote's legs.
  19. Anything from beetlejuice yet?
  20. lod001

    ***Official Here we go Debate Thead***

    If they win, it's probably over for democracy because they will have shown that they have so much power over the stupid in this country that they will be able to decide who is 'elected'. We are a seriously dangerous times because the media is completely one sided and they are far left. This is the result of decades of stupid people breeding out of control.
  21. lod001

    Tom Petty Birthday Bash

    Pretty sure he's either In A Higher Place or he went Straight Into Darkness. One thing is for sure, You Don't Know How It Feels.
  22. lod001

    ***Official Here we go Debate Thead***

    Who built the cages, Joe. Answer it you POS.
  23. lod001

    ***Official Here we go Debate Thead***

    Did Biden just go Jeffrey Toobin on stage?
  24. lod001

    ***Official Here we go Debate Thead***

    LOL he just babbles.
  25. lod001

    ***Official Here we go Debate Thead***

    The clown with no plan and cant answer a question, says Trump has no plan.