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  1. Woble Eth

    Josh Gordon

    The struggle is real when it comes to this. Wish him nothing but the best. Lotsa talent.. lotsa demons.
  2. Woble Eth

    Odell Beckham

    He's laughing behind his stacks of money.
  3. I am running out of reasons to keep the guy on my roster. Hilariously, I carry two kickers, this zany league has always had inflated scoring for kickers, so Even though Butker is on a bye, and conventional wisdom would be to dump the K.... but for a guy averaging 15 points a week, I can't do it.. Incidentally that is almost twice what Sanders is scoring.. LOL And admittedly he is behind Barkley, Freeman, Hunt, Guice and Hill. But I still struggle dumping the guy... Probably that homer-ism, but I'd rather use that spot on Gallman (if Barkley is shut down) or a Goedert.. or something more beneficial. I dunno - his value just isn't there and with an eye towards the playoffs, gotta set the table. At least that is what I am telling myself.. Haha
  4. I am kinda surprised that he hasn't been signed as of yet.. Arizona (of course, they made the move for Drake, so I get that) but the Lions obviously could use the help, a return trip to Miami would make sense.. well maybe not.. lol Thinking think the knee would scare off some teams, but I still think it's odd he hasn't been offered a deal somewhere. Wonder if there is a back story, of if he is holding out for the best opportunity, deal, $$$$.. understandable of course.
  5. Woble Eth

    Hypothetical Situation - Clueless Owner

    Nothing irritates me more than a ignorant team owner who doesn't pay attention. Why? A myriad of reasons. One, the spirit of competition. You are in the league, pay attention and participate. That after all is the whole idea. If you aren't, why waste your time, money, as well as the time of the others in the league. Don't want to trade or make moves? Fine, but jeebus, at the very least, make sure you have a full lineup in each week. The blase owner not only affects his team, but could very well affect me. He puts in crap, or leaves bye players in and he loses to a team that is close to me in the standings, a team that he should/could beat, that would leave me livid. Hell, if you lose, let it at least be with a full team. Don't hand the stinking game away. Your TE on the bye? K? D/ST? Plug and play. It's that simple. Those 5-7 points you leave on the table might make the difference between winning and losing. This happened in a league I was in years back. I was told by one ignoramus team owner, "you just worry about your team.." I said, (resisting the urge to throw a full pint glass at his empty cranium), I am toolbag, that is why I want every team to give 100% whether you are in 1st or 11th. If your lack of team management affects me, I won't be happy. If you are going to lose, at least go down swinging. Stupidity I can stomach, at least in stupidity there is some effort.
  6. Woble Eth

    The Hype Train - Killing fantasy owners once again

    So what your are saying is, there is an element of risk involved? Get. Out. Where would the fun be if we all knew the ending of the movie? If we all read the last chapter? Unless you are Biff Tannen, it's a crap shoot. And that's fine by me. All that said, glad I am not in your league, since you seem to have it all figured out! Ah, I kid.. I love the unknown with this hobby. Keeps the feverish banter alive and well! As far as the hype? Most of these "experts" are laughable. I go with what I think, couldn't really care less what most have to say. If I am wrong, so be it. It happens a lot. LOL
  7. Woble Eth

    Kareem Hunt

    The beauty of this hobby is you never know. I had the room and drafted Hunt in two of my leagues super late. The layoff is concerning, him pulling up lame ala Herndon, working out by himself during practice , but Hunt has mad skills and I am interested to see how it shakes out. I had the luxury of stashing him - figured what the hell... why grab a dime a dozen subpar WR4 late when I could gamble and wait. If it doesn't pan out, eh.
  8. Woble Eth

    Drake to Giants?

    Agreed, I am taking a flier on him for the hell of it. He just makes sense IMHO. Solid veteran contributor with experience, nothing really lost aside of some $$... What the hell. Even as the SB owner in my league, I have absolutely no interest in Gallman, or any of the other RB drek on the wire.. Just trying to ride out the injury wave and stay in the mix... I don't need to finish first, just get my arse in the playoffs.
  9. Woble Eth

    Drake to Giants?

    CJ Anderson's phone ringing? Figured they would at least bring someone in off the street with some modicum of experience..
  10. Woble Eth

    AB cut by Patriots. BB has had enough!

    He's back to the 3rd option.. and Gordon is never a gimme.. could be the 2nd before you know it.. Even the 3rd option, he has obvious value. I grabbed him and dumped my flier on Gronk. That skinny-magee isn't coming back. lol
  11. Woble Eth

    "Funny business" on WW Finals Week ..

    I recall a post many many years ago with the comment that still makes me chuckle: "Who cheats in a free league??"
  12. Woble Eth

    "Funny business" on WW Finals Week ..

    Being in leagues where people know each other is of no issue. I have been in two leagues, one upwards of 22 years and we've all known each other for probably twice that long, if not more. NO such crap would have taken place in either - not by a long shot. People have been found life-less on the roadside for less.. just sayin. Find another league.
  13. Woble Eth

    KC signed Kelvin Benjamin

    I had an open spot, so I nabbed him. Given all the other midland talent left out there, seemed like a decent gamble, that if it pays off, wonderful. If not, no great shakes.
  14. Woble Eth

    Bills cut Kelvin

    Funny, when it is announced that the Saints bring Kelvin on board, the peeps will run scrambling to grab him... Certainly not out of the realm of possibility, him landing on a team with some firepower... An interesting spot would be back in Tampa with his ol' compadre slinging the ball his way. I'm stashing him, just for the helluvit. With Green done, I have empty bench room.