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  1. ThatDude

    Cousins or Mayfield

    Im doing the same! Lets hope we arent kicking ourselves tonight
  2. ThatDude

    AJ Green and turf toe

    Dalton on IR now, I bet they shutdown Green
  3. ThatDude

    FU Thanksgiving week 12

    Golden Tate. Took Brate out of lineup literally two min before game start and replaced him with Tate at flex
  4. ThatDude

    AJ Green and turf toe

    My daughter got turf toe two months ago. Basically the ligament connecting the foot to the large toe almost tore in half. Shes got another 3 months in a boot before she can return to soccer. Im sure his recovery will be much faster with him being a pro athlete and the best Medicare care but turf toe in general can take a pretty long time to heal
  5. ThatDude

    Redskins at Cowboys: In-Game Discussion

    If Zeke doesnt have a stat line of at least 6 passes thrown to him by halftime we could be looking at problems. In the first game JG and Linehan continued to just try and pound Zeke up the middle and ended up having to get into a lot of 3rd and long then punt. 2nd half they hardly used Zeke in that game. The passing game to Zeke should make their run defense a little softer if we execute it correctly
  6. ThatDude

    Yahoo sports point issues

    Our league has been corrected
  7. ThatDude

    Yahoo sports point issues

    Yeah we have the same issues. Its all over Twitter and Yahoo is aware
  8. ThatDude

    The Official Week 11 FU Thread

    Tate FU
  9. ThatDude

    The Official Week 9 FU Thread

    FU Ingram, DJax, Sutton
  10. ThatDude

    The Official Week 9 FU Thread

    Did DJax suite up? Not even one ball thrown his way?
  11. ThatDude

    Demaryius Thomas headed to Houston?

    I think theres more upside for him in fantasy land in Houston this year?
  12. ThatDude

    Amari Cooper traded to Cowboys

    Outside of our QB situation Garrett and Linehan are the biggest factors for why Cooper wont do much. They lack the ability to think outside of the box and adjust to the skill set they have on the team
  13. Help me decide my last two WR/TE/RBs for today. im a bit worried about Kelce against the Jags with rain predicted as well. would you swap out anyone in my starting lineup below? PPR with big bonus for long TDs starters QB - Goff RB1- Elliott | RB 2 - White WR/TE1 - Tate WR/TE2 - Kelce | WR3/TE3 - Cooper Flex - Mark Ingram k - Tucker Def - Tenn bench QB - Dalton RB - Chubb WR - Enunwa, Mike Williams, DJax, D Thomas