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  1. Stinky Pete

    Questions? I have right answers (hopefully)

    1/2 PPR, going up against the #1 scoring team in the league in the championship. QBs are Winston and Murray. Question is for WR (need to start 3). Normally would roll with Hopkins, Lockett, and Moore. With Moore catching balls from Grier, is it worth trying to pick up Perriman and going for the stack with Winston? Bonus question: what's your take on the Minnesota RB situation? Have Cook and Mattison, will try to pick up Boone. Wait and see if the Rams lose on Saturday, see how that influences Minnesota's playoff position and how they handle the game?
  2. Stinky Pete

    MFL Power?

    Are the MFL Power rankings not being supported this year? As of today, the Rest of the Way rankings for MFL Power still date back to 2012, and the weekly rankings still show Week 2. Not one to complain about a free service, just curious if this (very useful feature) will continue to be supported. Off topic, long time user of Draft Buddy... keep up the good work!
  3. Stinky Pete

    Watching MNF in Europe?

    Too late for MNF, obviously, but for future reference the below site works ok.... as long as you only want to watch network TV live, it's free... USTVNow
  4. Stinky Pete

    New Feature Spotlight: Custom Fields (Compiler)

    Is there an issue with the compiler such that if you copy league profiles from a prior version the custom scoring fields no longer appear? When I download a fresh copy of the compiler, I can clearly see the custom scoring area on the Scoring tab. However, if I copy over my league profiles from a previous version of compiler, the custom scoring area no longer appears. Is it just me???