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  1. lesjroza

    I refuse to call it “The Ship”.

    For my youngest daughters generation, ship is now a common term to denote a love interest between 2 individuals, as in relationship. When that generation gets old enough to become FF regulars, it's going to become confusing communicating amongst one another this time of year. "In a ship", will have multiple common meanings..........not to mention the possibility one could be on a Christmas cruise or on a ferry to an island. Given the short character nature of texts and most other communication now these days, the lack of additional context to help discern meaning of a term being communicated with multiple uses is a conundrum and likely to lead to many a catastrophe.
  2. lesjroza

    2020 Keepers on your wire?

    Not sure he's on a ton of WW but could be on some, esp if Zeke owner dropped him this week to fill a starting slot for a guy like Boone, Perriman, Watson, or Ward. Tony Pollard has looked fantastic whenever called upon and plays for a team with a strong OL and a commitment to the run. Zeke has been known to live it up in the off-season and doesn't have any room for error with the league. Also, injuries do happen in OTAs and camp. Outside shot at a huge jump in value
  3. lesjroza

    Zeke Signed!!!

    Game script could be the wildcard. Its not unreasonable to think Dallas could blow out the Giants in which case I'm not sure there would be reason to risk Zeke beyond half-time. I have pretty much Zero certainty on usage in my mind.
  4. lesjroza

    Elliott or Kamara number 2 overall

    Probably can't go wrong taking either IMO. Elliott should do it the old fashioned way with bankable volume and he is still young and proven he can handle it. Kamara should do it the new fashioned way with explosive plays in an explosive offense. Pick your poison. I do agree with FBN above that Elliott should be in for more TDs regardless and even beyond if Dak actually does take a step forward, and he and Cooper have had a whole off-season to get on the same page, it could really help Zeke. I'm not saying the Cowboys are going to suddenly be lighting it up and playing fast but if the offense is just a little less vanilla and the passing game is any kind of threat ...............it gives Elliott a little wider gaps and sustains drives to the goal line more often in which case there could be some sneaky value hidden in greater Elliott efficiency that ends up making him the clear overall RB1 this year beyond the volume. So my lean would be Zeke. NFL players seem to always have potential for suspension so no guarantees but Zeke is in the clear now on every incident we know about at this point and would have to screw up again I believe to receive further punishment.
  5. lesjroza

    Average Auction Value Question

    I think it would be smart to provide some general guidance about values non-specific to individual players. Distribute a couple of good articles on auction planning - prep non-specific to players. Make sure everybody knows in general players worthy 1st round picks go for a range of 25-30% of a teams budget, 2nd round picks 15-25%, etc, etc.
  6. lesjroza

    Zeke, might hold out........

    This is and the teams stated objective of prioritizing Dak and Cooper is where my concern about Zeke this season originates. Zeke dropped to 1.08 in a draft I began the day the video of the shove was released and I felt like I had to pull the trigger there but I've been more concerned about the contract situation than the other stuff. Dallas says we are committed to Dak, he's our guy. After negotiating a bit..... Dak is our guy but he needs to understand in order to win there has to be enough $$$ to go around. Dallas says Amari Cooper's contract demands are shockingly high (as an aside, wouldn't they have checked in with the agent prior to completing a trade, cuz perhaps that's a reason the Raiders want to bank a 1st?) Dallas says Zeke and us are on the same page about a contract. Zeke says he has not received an offer.
  7. lesjroza

    Ju Ju after AB trade?

    Just my opinion but I think the answer is somewhere in between and how '19 Juju compares to '18 Juju will be very dependent upon how the Steelers decide to approach formations which I don't know, maybe someone else has clarity. Juju had over half of his snaps in the slot where he excelled. Will the Steelers move him to flanker to replace Brown's spot in most alignments? If they do, he will be facing an opponents top corner most of the time and he will find it much more difficult to get open than he has inside. If Ds also give him Antonio treatment by shading other coverage I'm pretty high conviction he will have a tough time because he isn't that level of route runner, so there's shot he will be considered a bust by those who draft him high this year. If the Steelers continue to give him most of his snaps out of the slot I suspect those who draft him will do fine but it will happen on more targets with less efficiency without Antonio to draw extra attention. The matchups are better inside and its tough to double cover but I could see teams shading coverage especially at crunch.
  8. lesjroza

    Zeke, might hold out........

    .........if he doesn't get a long term extension and the 'Boys prefer to sign Cooper and Dak instead. Makes for an interesting risk factor in early drafts Like it says in the link, all speculation but it does feel like a realistic possibility to me https://www.rotoworld.com/football/nfl/player/2089/ezekiel-elliott
  9. Lost 1 from original group but also accepting backups for other owners until all are paid Jets team available ................ drafts from slot 16 in a 3RR draft, so nice position 16,17 + first pick in round 3 $70 annual, $35 deposit Leaguesafe due immeditely 22 roster slots, all rooks available in startup, next year taxi slots added for rooks straight from draft only un- promoted are eligible for up to 3 yrs Groupme for chat Cool league, cool dudes Rest of info available under Rules and Scoring tabs on league site Email the commish Matt matthudson12@gmail.com https://www57.myfantasyleague.com/2019/home/38055#0
  10. I think what you are asking comes down to how the different FF sites end up listing these guys and I'm not sure how/when and if it changes BUT here is your guy to keep an eye on. Interestingly, another Jalen....................Mr Hurd Played RB in the SEC at Ten and actually had a very nice line in his So year 277 att 1285 yds 12 TDS 22 rec 190 yds 2 Yds Transferred to Baylor and switched to WR with a solid line his SR yr 69 rec 946 yds 4 TDs 48 ru att 209 yds 3 TDs and now the 49ers say they see him eventually as a TE ..............he will meet with the WR group for now but I think he may have a dark horse chance of getting some shorty ydg/ GL carries IMHO at some point given the RB group they have https://www.rotoworld.com/football/nfl/teams/sf/san-francisco-49ers JALEN HURDWR, SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan suggested third-round WR Jalen Hurd could eventually move to tight end. A former running back who played ahead of Alvin Kamara at Tennessee, Hurd offers immediate versatility as a runner, but it sounds like the 49ers view him as a potential option at tight end down the road. "We plan on him coming in and being a receiver and working with that group ... but I don’t think that’s where it stops," Shanahan said. "We’ll see how his body ends up being here over the years and while he does it, I also hope we can give him a few carries here and there." Shanahan mentioned Niles Paul, who he coached in Washington, as a player who transitioned from a big wide receiver to a tight end. Hurd, who is 6-foot-5 and played near 250 pounds when he was a running back, could follow the same path. watch how he gets listed I guess
  11. lesjroza

    ++ Update: Tyreek in trouble - No Suspension ++

    NFL sure had "lucky" timing to dilute the Tyreek news with all the hoopla surrounding the draft P.F.T. with an article positing the Chiefs should not cut Hill............out of respect for the safety of his girlfriend What a world https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2019/04/28/chiefs-nfl-likely-to-take-action-on-tyreek-hill-this-week/
  12. lesjroza

    ++ Update: Tyreek in trouble - No Suspension ++

    Reading between the lines I suspect it is playing out this way with neither adult talking. Interesting though, in this case can they ever get the kid back if Child Services can't determine who did it and whether the child is safe even with one who didn't? What about the kids she is pregnant with, would they also now be in the sights of CPS? Suspect absent a release we are back to the waiting game for an NFL investigation to complete which will likely take a long time to determine if Hill will be punished under the conduct code
  13. lesjroza

    Need help: Most competitive league settings?

    Not sure exactly what you mean by "competitive" and "best", maybe elaborate. If you want a league that anybody can win regardless of acumen-experience keep the team count down, the rosters shallow, and lineups small. Like an 8 or 10 team league with 14-16 roster slots and lineups such as QB/RB/RB/WR/WR/TE/K/D. Also keep the scoring simple and weighted to TDs. This will insure anybody can hit the WW at any point in the week, even last minute, and scoop a start-able player. By keeping the starting lineup smaller and scoring geared to fluky TDs, even big K or D weeks can easily overcome an opponents stronger lineup. This type of league will be very competitive in the sense that anybody who tries can win, all skill and experience levels will compete. lots of luck in play here. If you want competitive differentiation, make everything larger 16 -32 team league, 24-30 roster slots. Larger starting lineups like maybe QB/RB/WR/TE/Flex/Flex/Flex/Flex. A team can start 1 RB or 5 for instance. Make the scoring such that RB/WR/TE are relatively equal based on previous years stats which will add to the tactical draft, roster, and start decision between RB/WR/TE. Lose the head to head and go with a victory points or all play schedule which will also take some luck out of the equation. This type of league needs a group of very competitive players because those who are just a little bit slow will quickly get left behind, and it will be near impossible to catch up. There is going to be differentiation, but it likely will not be competitive from top to bottom.
  14. lesjroza

    Gronk.....peace out!

    Who knows maybe he comes back mid-season if he is between movie shoots and wins you the league lol
  15. lesjroza

    Gronk.....peace out!

    Elite NFL player, FF star, and real life interesting guy Aloha