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  1. lesjroza

    Any in season trades going on?

    It was a mid-June draft and Dobbins went at 1.03. CEH, Taylor, Dobbins there. In all of my leagues I traded into position this year to draft Taylor, Dobbins, and Lamb among others and traded away very good players to do it. I was unwilling to pay the price in that league to get it done. I think we pretty much always have a shot to get any player, its a matter of whether we pay up to do it. I wouldn't have considered offering up Barkley for a package including that pick during the draft, but the circumstances now make sense to me for the deal I made.
  2. lesjroza

    Any in season trades going on?

    I made an interesting move yesterday in a dynasty league where I was a clear favorite and a top team for the next several years I traded away IR'ed Saquon for Julio + Dobbins. Its a 12 tm PPR with medium deep rosters and a 2 man rookie taxi. I think it was pretty even, but obviously it will play out over time. IF, if, if, Julio comes back to form at some point, and TBH I probably only need him for the playoffs............. it should work out this year and puts me back to the same projected points I had in my lineup with Barkley. I'm usually the guy going the other way with these type of trades, but 2 keys here are I'm higher than the market on Dobbins future, and I had to allow myself to downgrade Barkley pre-injury a touch on how poor the Giants situation has looked for the foreseeable future. The latter thought is the more dangerous, and I'm experienced enough to understand it, but boy it sure seems like that organization is in for another complete revamp top to bottom in the next couple of years. An additional factor is from what I have read the particular injury is a bit trickier than the average and comes with a longer recovery time frame-lesser percentage chance of 100% pre-injury form. There has been tons of trading action in my dynasty leagues, more than in most years IMO
  3. lesjroza

    Axe Elf Breaks the Seal

    I don't disagree, as I say though, for that owner now its about managing the season. Season sits on a 3 legged stool......................draft, trades, ww.
  4. lesjroza

    Axe Elf Breaks the Seal

    I agree that you have nice team balance and a fairly high certainty of making the playoffs. While its an entirely different strategy, I actually also like the studs and duds team you mention, if the goal is to win the league rather than make the playoffs. Mcaffrey and Barkley can win him some weeks alone in a 20 tm league. Boyd/ Deebo could be a killer strong tandem on top for a 20 tm league......... if Deebos health cooperates. TE might actually be sneaky OK/league avg with Irv Smith and Logan Thomas. League avg QB, not that he needs either to TE or QB to even be avg. Harris has a touch of momentum to him, who knows what happens there, for that owner its about managing, but his studs cover up some holes and make the ceiling awfully high.
  5. Controversial? Baby Mama Lives matter! Not a political or race based comment, so don't start I had a few words with him when getting his autograph after his rookie year. I thought he was a nice kid. I was wrong.
  6. lesjroza

    Pick Keepers based on COVID?

    You haven't mentioned exactly how the values are calculated (Is the draft position value this years FF ADP, or where you took in a previous draft, how/if draft position inflates over time, etc) but I think I'd be hard pressed not to try and keep Hunt at what appears to be his percentage of the cap. If he is an off-field problem again you lose, but otherwise there are too many ways to win. He should have weekly flex value this year so solid RB depth. He would have high RB1 value with Chubb injury this year (or Corona IR). He seems likely to get another shot elsewhere at a RB1 job next year. Price makes him an awfully attractive asset IMO, if nothing else could see him getting you that league winning trade deal at the deadline to a team looking to next year. The Browns may even be thinking the same way at the deadline this year. My thinking is mostly risk/reward based on the price so I could be missing something based on how the values work.
  7. lesjroza

    Covid IR spots for your league?

    Especially for the commissioners here but anyone can comment. I'm curious why not make Covid IR spots unlimited? While keeping regular IR slots the same as usual? It appears the NFL is doing so in a attempt to make sure NFL teams are able to field a team for each game. (14 Marlins players tested positive for instance) This season is going to be chaotic in any case................ but for FF why not approach it the same as the NFL and make sure owners can field a full starting lineup?
  8. lesjroza

    Antonio tweets he's done

    Seen a few smart guys advocate taking him in drafts for the upside risk/reward....... but I wonder how much they can stomach after the latest post. It could be a contract ploy aimed at a team he was close with, but if so, and this continued behavior isn't the final warning flag then I guess any team that signs him will get exactly what they deserve. AB @AB84 ยท 53m at this point the risk is greater than the reward thank you everyone who been part of this journey i sincerely thank you for everything! life goes on 84! https://twitter.com/AB84
  9. Encrypted enemy communications? I would make sure the women and children are safely at home tonight
  10. lesjroza

    All year long Buy/Sell thread

    I'm of the same mind as tanatastic. I think in Funchess they saw something the rest of their WR corp could not provide.............a really big bodied blocker on the perimeter. I wish I was joking, but I am not. He'll get the occasional red zone action and may have a FF worthy game here or there, but they want to run an offense that just grinds the D down play after play and Funchess can contribute to the physical assault at the second level.
  11. lesjroza

    All year long Buy/Sell thread

    You may have some pangs of regret early this season but I believe this will work out fine for you over the next 2-3 yrs. Who are you thinking at 1.04?
  12. lesjroza

    All year long Buy/Sell thread

    I 100% concur on your earlier take of Williams being a great value-risk/reward in redraft for this season. The only thing I'd add to the dynasty take is at least part of the reason PW was a UDFA was off-field concern by NFL teams. When the price is right, as it is in redraft this year, the potential for an off-field blow up doesn't impact the analysis heavily but in dynasty its something to think about when being weighed against a couple of other talented players.
  13. lesjroza

    Question for Dynasty League players.

    If I can see a path to immediate playing time for "my guy" I will just take him (plodder in front, etc) too early. If its a guy I like who seems bit in the depth chart weeds I'll trade out, most times for an appropriate future pick, then see if I can work something out in the same draft when a more realistic ADP rolls if he is still on the board. That's a change from the way I did things when I started. Trading for the pick tends to work out pretty well because its a liquid form of capital which doesn't use a roster slot deviating from the plan and worst case scenario I use it to get another "my guy" in the next draft. Sometimes I get burned of course when the player I thought was buried has a sudden opportunity, but more often than not there is a chance to get the guy later even cheaper or at least a better value than taking him well above ADP. The worst is when I make that call and the guy picking right after me then picks my crush because I know even if its awhile before the player does anything, the owner spent so much capital on him I'm just not going to get the opportunity.................. but its rare. Most times I have been able to come out with better capital with this method. It's been formulated over many years and many leagues. It works for me.
  14. lesjroza

    Jags shopping Fournette?

    The Seahawks had some organizational success back in the day trading for a beast of a man with an attitude who had underperformed expectations until that point. The Seahawks have a foundational philosophy built on hammering opponents with the run game The Seahawks have question marks next to both of their primary hammers coming off injuries Neither of the injured RBs fit in the quite the way Fournette would anyway Just sayin'
  15. lesjroza

    Houston Working Out Trade for Brandin Cooks

    Probably at least gives back a glimmer of hope for Watson if anything IMO. I own him in a dynasty league and I was feeling like that cupboard was looking pretty barren. At least there may be a can or 2 now...........they are dented and have the potential for botulism, but there is some hope he may at least survive through the winter.