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  1. LunaTick

    Falcons Offense, thoughts

    The reasons I am asking this question is based upon 1. Koo being a stud kicker 2. Atlanta scoring only 6 points by 2 FGs against a team with some uncertainty to it. 3. looking at this game. Seeing ATL starting out moving the ball for 2 series. Then devolved into 8 series where they either punted (6) times from their own end or failed to convert their 4th down (2) from their own end. Each series moving the ball less. Rather see interceptions and fumbles and penalties and failure to advance. So they have not passed all 4. Only questions is, is this a trend or a mirage.
  2. LunaTick

    Flex thoughts? WR or RB

    Pick one, standard Diontae Johnson Christian Kirk James Robinson
  3. LunaTick

    Falcons Offense, thoughts

    Do you see Falcons offense this season 1. Failing to cross the 50 yard line 2. crossing the line, but not getting to the 30 yard line 3. getting to the 20, but no further 4. into the redzone, but not the endzone 5. Week 1 is an apparition. TD's are still the expectation
  4. LunaTick

    WSIS with Jones out

    RB start 2, and possibly Flex Josh Jacobs - Starter Jamal Williams - Starter Damien Harris - Flex Joshua Kelley - Leonard Fournette WR's are Lamb - Starter OBJ - Starter Gallup FA option - would drop Kicker Carlson or Poo Frank Gore - ? Keelan Cole - Start/Flex Tim Patrick - Start/Flex Diontte Johnson - sit on bench AJ Dillion - sit on bench
  5. LunaTick

    To Start a WR2 over a WR1

    Starting 2 WR, 2 RB and a Flex in Standard Beckham or Gallup Fournette or Jacobs From this list, WR or RB at flex
  6. LunaTick

    Desperation Drop D Adams for meh WR's options

    Thanks, will be a FAAB / late week FA decision for next week. Hopefully hesitation doesn't cost me a needed win this week
  7. LunaTick

    QB Help? Brady or Goff??

    Goff, imo, is RB dependent. Maybe is perception, but without a true RB1 workhorse. Goff is just meh
  8. LunaTick

    Super Flex QB 2

  9. LunaTick

    Which RB?

    LAC - neither RB had a good week last week. Some RB need reps rather than shared reps to succeed. W/o Gordeon, this isn't a question GBP - A Jones didn't have a great week last week. Williams got opportunities. Williams imo is still rb2. Question is Rogers is more a slinger than a manager. However with injuries at wr, it could mean a 2 rb sets with one doing routes. Fan speculation of course, and HC / OC tend not to be that kind of flexible. Montgomery - Bears have a manager qb. Looking at these options and PPR I'd rule out Montgomery. Hasn't shown it to me Truly a coin flip, but I'd lean Eckler
  10. Tate has had some play this season Other two are relative unknowns that got a shot/did well last/first game
  11. Would start in place of Williams either way
  12. LunaTick

    Desperate Pick 1 RB for Must Win Game!

    Sanders, rush/receiving and did well vs Vikes
  13. LunaTick

    WR and desperate

    Beasley is only one of this group that has any consistency Duke Williams, appears to be like Lazzard, a crap shoot. Taken more from a point of view of a vibe or feeling. However, i have heard little of Duke. Sounds to be similar situation. Could flash Go with who you want/root for
  14. LunaTick

    Weak WR week

    Since D Adams went out. GB doesn't have a WR1 or anyone that can be that. If report is true that Rogers lobbied for Lazzard to play last week. I'd be inclined to go with Lazzard over your other options here.
  15. LunaTick

    Pick 1 QB for Terrible Streaming Week

    Ruling Out = Trebinsky, Bridgewater Consider = Keenum, Dalton or Stafford Considerations = Jax just dealt a CB for draft picks. + for Keenum. Vikings strengths are Defense and Rushing. Answer: Dalton