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  1. Even if just for today. 0.05 per yd passing, 0.1 per yd rush, 4 pt passing td, 6pt rush td Need highest point potential
  2. Need Highest Scoring option 2 RB and a Flex Could also FA Mike Davis SEA 0.1 pt per yard and 6 pt td danke
  3. LunaTick

    Should I trade for Matt Ryan

    Have both Rodgers and Bortles Rodgers, injured with injured receiving corps has been on my bench most of this year Bortels floor is concerning, but his upside has kept him in over Rodgers Am I wrong in thinking Ryan is an upgrade. more stable, better floor. I don't see it being a straight up trade, Thinking of the side deal being JuJU for Jordy He has Mahomes as his starter. I had wanted Ryan to backup Rodgers in the draft.
  4. LunaTick

    WSIS Flex

    Weather report for Philly (from uncertain sources) indicates lite rain throughout game Not usually a great thing for a passing game (stickem pending). for both the passer / reeciver If caught of course an advantage to wr knowing where they are going...... Like the trend seen by Dissly and thinking of dropping Barber to play him as Flex.
  5. LunaTick

    Who to start Rb week 3

    Murray vs Bills , and Breida vs Chiefs
  6. LunaTick

    Who to start at wr week3

  7. LunaTick

    Drop Luck to pick up FitzMagic?

    Fitz Luck reportedly has been limited in passing not yet throwing for distance in games
  8. LunaTick

    The Reflex: Flex -Flex -Flex -Flex -Flex.

    220 yds and 1 td - mainly receiving vs 175 and 0 td - mainly rushing Question, how many looks or tds turned over for the latter Thompson this week. Think he should do as well as if not better than Howard week 1 versus GB
  9. LunaTick

    WSIS Flex

    Yeldon Agholor or FA Dissly and drop either Barber or Burkheadd
  10. LunaTick

    QB Discussion thread

    There are differing styles and types of Olines and playing styles. One type is how they address the line. Attacking Neutral Retreating Another type is offensive focus pass rush Stunts Pulling Other position involvment TE FB All of these determine many things. 1. effectiveness of the offense. 2. qb hurries, knock downs, sacks Worse an o line is the more defenders can fill in the secondary and the fewer defenders needs to rush/blitz Worse an o line is, worst it is for the development of a QB. Rookie QB shouldn't be learning how to avoid blitzs but rather execute an offense. See Cleveland random thoughts end here. your thoughts btw, is a good indicator for which teams to avoid taking players from. is a good indicator in determing which offenses may be good enough to setup for more FG options
  11. Most if not all the best booth buy didn't play the game The ones that matter, the ones you can recall, didn't play. Very few players or coaches can handle the booth. Too many who shouldn't be on TV are still on to this day. Fox pregame is unwatchable. Mostly because of one who played. None other than one Terry Bradshaw.
  12. LunaTick

    Anyone still holding barber?

    Have Barber and Rex Burkhed. Similar stats. Looking to drop, but hard to decide
  13. LunaTick

    WSI Start / FA - QB options

    Start only 1 Have Rodgers Bortels Keenum (picked up last week to start over Rodgers FA option Fitzpatrick Last week, should have started Bortels, Not certain I saw that coming Last week should have FA Fitzpatrick Want to buy in on Fitz over Keenum and start this week Thoughts Roster in sig
  14. LunaTick

    Week 2 FU thread