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  1. bwillingham

    Smith-Schuster or Evans?

    Which WR would you go with this weekend? I have been disappointed with Evans but JuJu is boom or bust it seems. The only reason I am leaning towards JuJu is that my opponent is starting Roethlisberger at QB and I have Antonio Brown. I would then have both JuJu and AB to hopefully take all the receiving yards and TDs from Big Ben. Thoughts?
  2. bwillingham

    Rishard Matthews over Maclin or Thielen?

    I tend to agree with your analysis. If anything, the three of them are all very similar so there is not really a need to waste a waiver wire pick on him.
  3. Who has the better year among the three? I've got Maclin and Thielen as my WRs 5 and 6 and an owner just dropped Rishard Matthews. We can start 1 RB and 4 WRs in my league and because my RBs are so weak I might end up doing that often. We have standard scoring except all TDs are 10 points. Thanks for any advice.
  4. bwillingham

    Green or Cooks?

    With AJ Green now saying he is going to play I need to decide between him and Cooks. Is AJ just going to play enough to get his 1000 yards?
  5. bwillingham

    Which rb

    I've got the same debate but with Powell, Farrow, Kelley and Rawls. There are pros and cons to all and most experts have them rated around the same. My gut tells me Farrow because I feel like NE will shut down Powell.
  6. bwillingham

    RB Help for Championship

    Pick your favorite two: Powell @NE Rawls vs. AZ Kelley @CHI Farrow @CLE Our scoring system is 1 point per 10 yards rushing or receiving, 10 point bonus at 100+ rushing or receiving, 10 point TDs.
  7. bwillingham

    UPDATE: Week 16 - Will You Start AJ Green? - Green OUT

    I am debating between AJ Green and Cooks for the championship game. My opponent has Brees as his QB so I am leaning towards Brooks. Thoughts?
  8. I need help on which two to start between the three: Thomas Rawls vs. LA Rams Bilal Powell vs. Miami Rob Kelley vs. Carolina Not PPR, 1 point per 10 yards rushing or receiving, 10 point TDs and 10 point bonus at 100+ yards. Thanks.
  9. bwillingham


    I love FFToday, but as in investing, it pays to diversify to get a consensus of projections. Anybody have some good sites with projections that are compatible with the Projection Pal and Draft Buddy? I don't need your formula or secret sauce, I just want a couple projection sites that y'all have found easy to work with, whether they be free or paid sites.
  10. bwillingham

    Brown or Lacy as Keeper?

    Edie Lacy or Antonio Brown - which one of these would you keep? I'll have the the #12 pick in the draft after my keeper in a 12 team league, which might affect your analysis. I don't know what RBs will be available after the keepers and the first 11 picks. Ordinarily I would say Lacy, but my league is more QB/WR heavy than your normal league because acceptable lineups include QB/RB/WR/WR/WR/WR or QB/RB/WR/WR/WR/TE, so that lessens the need for RBs. I would appreciate your thoughts.
  11. bwillingham

    Can I cry here please?

    Fantasy is one fickle b!tch. I was on the opposite end of that panic - a garbage TD to Bennett instead of Jeffrey would have cost me the win by 1 point. And I was the victim of Bryan Westbrook's kneel at the 1 all those years ago. I believe that was in the semi-finals that year and cost me a spot in the finals which I would have won.
  12. bwillingham

    WR Help

    Which of these two WRs would you start this week? I've got them in my preferred order. 1. Brown @ Cincinnati 2. Gordon vs. Indianapolis 3. Stills vs. Carolina 4. Allen vs. New England (Revis??) 5. Maclin vs. Seattle (Sherman??) I think the real debate is #2 or #3. What do y'all think?
  13. bwillingham

    Lacy, Ingram, Forsett

    Which of these two RBs would you pick for the first round of the playoffs: 1. Lacy vs. Atlanta 2. Ingram vs. Carolina 3. Forsett at Miami I like Lacy but am torn between Ingram and Forsett. I am worried the return of Robinson and Thomas in New Orleans will limit the number of touches Ingram will get.
  14. Would y'all drop Forsett for McKinnon? Or would you drop Andre Williams for McKinnon? My RBs are terrible but in our league we can start one RB and 4 WRs. Thankfully my WRs are keeping me afloat.
  15. bwillingham

    What RB should we target on the WW this week?

    If Forsett and McKinnon are both available, who do you pick up and why?