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  1. uflouie

    Mostert out for the season

    Just hitting the news. How much FAAB would you spend on Mitchel now?
  2. uflouie

    Bradshaw Tonight

    Oh yeah he is the stone cold lead pipe lock of the night. Starting in all leagues
  3. uflouie

    Brees for Bortles

    This trade was offered to me not sure why I haven't accepted yet. Offer Brees and Sankey for Bortles and M Ingram. Background we can keep any player that has auction cost $10 or less for 2 years in this 14 team league. So I would be givng up being able to keep Bortles and Ingram for 2 more years in exchange for Brees. Sanky in a throw away I dont need him. In trading Ingram I'll only have only D Murray and Donald Brown at RB. I currenlty have Brady and he is stinking up the place, but it's manageable. Leverage future potential for winning now? Thoughts?
  4. I have selected that keepers cost a draft pick, and have entered all keepers. However, when I go to the draft report none of the keepers are showing up. They show up in the summary and the rosters but not the draft report. Is there something I'm not clicking or running?
  5. uflouie

    Please help me beat my husband!

    Thinking Jones and Cotchery, but I like Wallace as well.
  6. uflouie

    WR help pick 1

    PPR cant decide between Boykins and, R Cooper
  7. uflouie

    Graham playing TNF?

    He's playing not on the inacative list I have.
  8. uflouie

    Sproles Inactive

    adjust accordingly. I think Thomas is in for a monster game.
  9. uflouie

    Atlanta Falcons what happened?

    Falcons are in for more bad years going forward unless they get their money sitution figured out. They tied up a ton of cash in resigning Matt Ryan, so much that it is going to be a real struggle for them to resign Julio when his contract is up. They are in a bad place with cap space and like was mentioned above they had to sacrifce at many positions. ..This is even before you get to the S. Jax experiment, they should have just brought back Turner. Yeah he was fat and slow but he was better than Jackson. You almost could see they injuries coming for Jackson. All those years in St. Louis when he was the offense finally caught up with him. Only real good news from this season is they will finally get a top draft pick to try and find a frachise back.
  10. uflouie

    AP dealing with serious family medical issue

    Looks like someone at the paper has been deleting the comments. There were several comments on the local paper link stating why he was there. Added profootballtalk.com link
  11. Pretty sad story coming out of South Dakota that involves AP. Highy possible he may not play this weekend. Life is bigger than football http://www.argusleader.com/article/20131011/NEWS/310110023/2-year-old-critical-condition?nclick_check=1 http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2013/10/10/peterson-remains-in-south-dakota-for-very-serious-family-medical-issue/ Updated said he will play in his press conference.
  12. uflouie

    which TE to trade

    14 team league his his TEs are Jordan Reed and Tyler Eifert.
  13. uflouie

    which TE to trade

    Have Olsen (car), Graham (hous), and Miller (pit). Trading straight up for Gio Bernard. Odd twist is undrafted FA's can be kept in this league. So Miller and Graham have future vaule if I keep or trade away. Also it's PPR. I like Graham going forward with Daniels shelved for a while. But is Olsen worth Gio? I know everyone keeps waiting for him to break out but it hasn't happened yet.