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  1. NewbieJr

    Guys with much internet knowledge

    I'm actually glad to know that I'm not the only one without a clue.
  2. NewbieJr

    Questions that need to be answered!

    No. (But summer's coming)
  3. NewbieJr

    Guys with much internet knowledge

    You had me fooled.
  4. NewbieJr

    American Idol

    Wrong. That would be Quark with Richard Benjamin.
  5. NewbieJr

    American Idol

    No, it's not. The only boards I frequent are this one, FBG, and the Danzone. (Plus the Miami Vice board once in a while)
  6. NewbieJr

    American Idol

    I'm not getting bent out of shape. I just find it interesting that people who don't watch American Idol would bother to open a thread that is clearly about American Idol. I don't play poker, but I see dozens of poker threads. I never once had the inclination to open one and make a post saying how stupid poker is.
  7. NewbieJr

    American Idol

    Fixored Then what threads would you visit just to complain that you hate the thread topic?
  8. NewbieJr

    American Idol

    I guess we'll see about that. You could be right. I, personally, would watch Taylor Hicks for an hour before I'd want to watch Doughtry for ten minutes. To me, Hicks is unique. He's an entertainer who you can't help but smile at when you're watching. Singer/screamers like Doughtry are a dime a dozen. Every local bar in every town has guys just like him performing every weekend.
  9. NewbieJr

    List your old aliases.

    What happens if you try logging in as one of those guys now?
  10. NewbieJr

    American Idol

    I'm not arguing that Doughtry will have a career as a rock singer. I'm just saying that I was looking forward to seeing if he had anything up his sleeve other than his louyd and soft screaming routine last night. He'll probably have a career as a rock singer when it's all over, but he's certainly not the best singer on the show, and I thought that that was what the purpose of the show. The crooner guy was goos at Sinatra songs, but that's all he could do. He's gone now. I would like to see Daughtry do something else. Just once.
  11. NewbieJr

    Good Morning Geeks. :furious:

    It's my favorite. I love the individually wrapped rolls.
  12. NewbieJr

    American Idol

    Pickler- Adorable. Genuine. Anyone who thinks she is "faking" the whole country bumpkin-thing is dead wrong. She's been the same since her first audition. Not quite the singer that McPhee, Tucker, or Mandisa are, but she'll go far on personality and looks. Doughtry- Very good singer, but very little range. One trick pony, in my book. Last night was his chance to show some versatilty by doing some Stevie R&B, but he wimped out and had to do a rock tune anyway. Taylor Hicks- Easily the most entertaining of the bunch. Even though I doubt he wins it all, he could have the best career when all is said and done. Lisa Tucker- A natural on stage. One of the top three voices in the competeition. For her to last into teh top five, however, she needs to have better song selection. She's not terribly exciting to watch. Katherine McPhee- The best singer of the bunch, from a technical perspective. Has tremendous range and voice control. Doesn't have the strong pipes that Mandisa has, but she can do more with her voice. Ace- There are only 2 or 3 people left who are worse singers than him, but he will go farther than he probably should because of his looks.
  13. NewbieJr

    What's your posting style?

    I used to be in every post in the pre-Latin Pimp days, adding my two cents whether it was pertinant or not. These days, I'm going to be more of a Steve Tasker-type. Maybe 5-7 posts a day, but they will hit hard and be game-changers.
  14. NewbieJr

    Who Are You?

    Be careful. This private information will be posted at the Sanctuary by day's end.
  15. NewbieJr

    5000th Post

    Should be 5000 w/an asterick. (Steroids)
  16. NewbieJr

    Who Are You?

    She's alive!
  17. NewbieJr

    Who Are You?

    Is Rosie Ruiz your favorite marathon runner?
  18. FBG, Sanctuary, Danzone
  19. NewbieJr

    Satellite Radio

  20. NewbieJr

    Favorite Door Stopper

    This is the kind of quality thread that will be the norm once people realize that there is more to good message boarding than simply making up thread titles like, "If Drobeski was God" or "Does this make me gay". Kudos to Brinett for thinking outside the box.
  21. NewbieJr

    Satellite Radio

    Yes, Stern does have commercials, but only about five minutes per hour. So does Bubba the Love Sponge. The music channels are the things that are 100% commercial free.
  22. NewbieJr

    Satellite Radio

    Go with Sirius, not XM. XM has a deal with Clear Channel. They've already added four commercial radio stations. Sirius is 100% commercial free. (other than national feeds like ESPN, ABC News, ect.) Sirius has Stern, NFL, and, starting next year, Nascar.
  23. I think a "Guess what I have in my mouth" thread would be a nice little testing ground.
  24. This is the board that I've been trying to promote for two years now.