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  1. NewbieJr

    Mma fail- jon jones

    How is he not permanently banned at this point?
  2. NewbieJr

    Wentz to the Cowboys?

    lol. Keep dreaming. Zak is A 4th round pick for a reason. He was thrown behind the best line in football with a stud running back who took away all the attention. 20 quarterbacks in the NFL could have had just the same year as Zack Prescott did. He's good. In a division full of good young QBs (plus one good old one). Zak is 4th out of the four.
  3. NewbieJr

    Mma fail- jon jones

    Again? Are you serious? What a focking ass hole.
  4. posty blows loads all over himself rattling off the earned run average of the 1974 LA Dodgers' pitching staff but then comes into a thread featuring Lindsay Vonn and Katherine McPhee spreading their pussies open and he questions how important it is. Sad
  5. NewbieJr

    The North Korea showdown

    Phew! Good to know he made them stop their nuclear weapons program and we have nothing left to worry about. Just surprised this wasn't bigger news.
  6. Thankfully, I haven't ever come close to your level is boredom and funlessness. But if I do, I'll video the suicide for you.
  7. Paying attention to anything coming from Alex Jones and his website is retarded in its own right.
  8. At least I can still enjoy looking at nude women. My God your life sucks. I'd swallow a bullet if I was that joyless.
  9. Why do you open threads? We all get it. You're a bore. The shtick is old.
  10. cdub is actually retarded enough to think that Mueller is going to hold pressers to update the public on his findings. Bwahahahaha Trump sure has some smart supporters.
  11. Did you ever just look at a chick and think she was hot? Or pleasing to look at? Have you ever had an ounce of fun? Or does that make you feel guilty?
  12. Infowars is like the Mad Magazine of politics. There is no one in their right mind who gives that an ounce of credence. It makes Breitbart seem like legit news.
  13. This. For me, it's all about sensitivity. Love a girl who can almost climax just from nipple/boob stimulation. Dated a girl for a short time back in 2011 who had implants. They were gorgeous. Big, but not ridiculous looking., She regrets ever having them. Says she lost all sensitivity in her nips. It used to be her biggest turn on, but now if they're being pinched or sucked, she barely feels it. She said you may as well be sucking on my elbow.
  14. NewbieJr

    Wentz to the Cowboys?

    Backup? Bwahahaha
  15. I think it's because the edges of her lips are very dark. Makes her pink inside stand out more. She's beautiful. Pussie and all
  16. NewbieJr

    The North Korea showdown

    http://i.imgur.com/y0laJAQ.jpg Trump and his little North Korean playmate
  17. He kept on script and by most accounts, did a good job last night with his speech. Let's see if he screws it up tonight like he did with the Charlottsville thing after getting good coverage for his teleprompter speech.
  18. We struck a common cord. New house/young kids. Made me yearn for those days. I'm a doosh, but I'm human.
  19. Actually, I've long moved on to bargaining. Trying to find our next great American hero. Bargaining for a modern day Lee Harvey Oswald
  20. Soon you'll be eating ass and feeling totally complete.
  21. Infowars. Isn't that moonbat Alex Jones' site? LOL. I'd put more merit in a site ran by Gary Busey. He's more sane.
  22. It's like I'm talking to myself circa 1997. But, if I may break character here for a moment, new house and small child was the best time of my life. So I'm just busting when I act like you aren't happy. I miss those days.
  23. I checked them out. I always loved her. She's stunning. What does the bloody Mary thing mean?
  24. NewbieJr

    Trump: We are staying in Afghanistan

    You're living a good life. You're just 20 years behind me.
  25. Ancient history. Now you're wiping baby ass and getting spit up on. I'll be in Vegas in October. Change of plans. Epcot is off. Loving life.