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  1. Gridiron Mafia

    D. Montgomery or J. Jacobs?

    Need to start Jacobs or Montgomery in my flex. My starting backs are D. Cook and N. Chubb. thanks for the help
  2. Gridiron Mafia

    Winston or Ryan today?

    The scoring on TDs is equal to RBs and WRs.
  3. Gridiron Mafia

    Winston or Ryan today?

    I would agree if it weren’t for the 10.5 yards per ATTEMPT the G men are allowing. This may be the only matchup Winston starts for me this year outside of a bye week. But I’m really on the fence. Ryan plays well indoors...even away. QB is a key position in this leagues scoring.
  4. Gridiron Mafia

    Winston or Ryan today?

    J. Winston (Giants) or M. Ryan (IND) today? Standard scoring league. TDs are king. Winstons matchup is juicy today otherwise I wouldnt be contemplating this one at all. No penalties in this league for INTs or Fumbles. Thanks
  5. Gridiron Mafia

    Trade Options

    I drafted the following team in a 12 team standard league: M. Ryan/J. Winston Da. Johnson, Ker. Johnson, S.Michel O. Beckham, Ant. Brown Following week 1 I have been offered a few trades from owners looking to buy low... Ive been offered Latavious Murray straight up for Kerryon Johnson - Considering this after realizing that I basically have two inconsistent "Pat Offense" backs on my team. Also offered Shady McCoy straight up for S. Michel - I have not considered this seriously but I would be willing to sweeten this deal a little and maybe try for another upgrade due to the same above reasoning. Ive never drafted a Pats back before due to the insane inconsistency as stated above but both of these guys fell to me and so I drafted them. I dont like the looks of it after week 1. Thoughts?
  6. Gridiron Mafia

    Belicihick was asked if Mack compares to Lawrence Taylor

    I agree with this. EVERY team was so focused on stopping LT every single game. Nothing else mattered in pass pro. He was virtually unstoppable. He was going to sack the QB. Reggie White was similar but not to the same extent. And as a heyday Bills fan, I can say that Bruce wasn't just a longevity sack producer. He was the real deal as well. But teams couldnt focus all of their attention on Reggie or Bruce. LT was a focal point for every team. You dont see that kind of commitment today. JJ Watt is/was a force to be sure. Kalil is a great linebacker but doesnt belong in the same conversation IMO.
  7. Gridiron Mafia

    Flex help

    D. Murray or Cohen this week PPR?
  8. Gridiron Mafia

    QB help

    I dont know your scoring but I believe Rivers will be the better play this week. Unless you get significant bump for rushing yards I would go with Rivers over what appears to be a weak MIA secondary.
  9. Gridiron Mafia

    Need help at Wideout this week!

    I like it. I do think he has the best matchup. Hey 1000 posts! Congrats!
  10. Gridiron Mafia

    Need help at Wideout this week!

    Im a little light at receiver but Im making due with a good running game this season in my standard league. Need to start one of the following WRs..... Jarvis Landry @ Chargers Randall Cobb @ Falcons Tyrell Williams vs. Dolphins I like all three this week but am leaning toward Cobb or Williams...any help would be appreciated. Leave a link for yours.
  11. Gridiron Mafia

    Benjamin or Garçon?

    Pierre is tempting with his match-up and what is perceived as a lot of potential volume but Id go Benjamin just on upside alone....if Cam is playing that is. Too much Carolina is irrelevant if you believe in both players. My 2 cents.
  12. Gridiron Mafia

    Keenan Allen or Allen Robinson - PPR

  13. Gridiron Mafia

    Samaje Perine

    I owned Rob Kelly last season and I agree with these assessments. I think he is a far less talented back as far as running the ball. I was unaware of Perines pass pro problems tho. That does make a big difference. I have a little wiggle room with my roster at the moment. I have 4 good RBs and can only play 3 at any one time. But there is always a big surprise WW stud in week 1 and Id hate to miss out on the action. We use a FAAB for WW....so......
  14. Gridiron Mafia

    Lamar Miller or Dalvin Cook

    Yup...Ive been back and forth all week. Leaning more toward Cook but he is still unproven. Of course K.Hunt was unproven til lastnight! Im so torn over this.....I think I need to trade one.
  15. Gridiron Mafia

    Hunt looks legit

    I didn't think he looked blazing fast either but that is rarely a defining trait for a quality RB in the NFL. I can live with a back being caught from behind if he is reading blocks, gaining yards after contact, and catching the ball. He showed all of those things lastnight. Hes definitely not Jamaal Charles. The only similarity is the uniform IMO.