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  1. jaguiar88

    Keeper Help - Keep 3 of these guys

    I like , Herbert, Metcalf and Kittle Please help me
  2. jaguiar88

    Start 3 WR (PPR)

    Robinson and Boyd I agree, but would replace Waddle for now with Pittman. Waddle has potential but his role is undefined and Tua is a liability. Please help me
  3. jaguiar88

    Rate my team (I'll return the favor!)

    Your team looks solid with good depth. I had similar draft from the 6th spot in another league. I will tell you I worried about JRob and Mike Davis. Please help me
  4. Yahoo PPR H2H League. Help me I will help you. I need to pick three from this list. Aaron Rodgers Calvin Ridley, Diontae Johnson, Brandon Aiyuk, Mike Pittman, Michael Thomas Joe Mixon , Miles Sanders
  5. jaguiar88

    QB Watson or Hill

    I like the conventional QB here Watson. Please help me
  6. jaguiar88

    who to start at QB this week

    Herbert and Cousins Please help me
  7. jaguiar88

    DEF; LVR @ NYJ, or IND @ HOU?

    Everything I read suggest that Indy game will be a shootout, so LVR should beat the Jets and Jets offense has been awful. Please help me
  8. jaguiar88

    FLEX: SF RB Mostert or LVR RB Booker

    Tough to sit Mostert he does have the tougher matchup , but I stick with him. Please help me
  9. jaguiar88

    Which wr would you rather have ros

    I think the Jets will always need to throw the ball because of the game script. Perriman. Please help me
  10. jaguiar88

    Brady Bye Week Streamer: Carr-Cousins-Rivers ?

    None of those options are very trustful. I would roll with Carr he has the biggest upside against the Jets. Please help me
  11. jaguiar88

    Take a chance with Jackson?

    Wow, tough one I would probably roll with my stud Jackson but you need to watch his status. I would have Carr has a back if Jackson can't play. He has the best matchup against the lonely Jets. Please help me
  12. jaguiar88

    QB Help Week 13

    I would roll with Murray. I'm a play your studs kinda gut myself. Please help me
  13. jaguiar88

    Time to get rid of dead wood???

    I would consider picking up Pittman and Keke. Everybody is talking up Keke because he is entering a great situation being the only other viable WR. On a team that needs to throw the ball more often than not. Please help me,
  14. jaguiar88

    Week 13 Flex which WR do I start

    I also have Boyd but Burrow out now sure what good he is. He does play the Dolphins.
  15. Yahoo PPR H2H League. Help me I will help you. Which WR do I start at flex. Pick from these Pittman vs Texans, Meyers vs Chargers, Aiyuk vs Buffalo Roster- QB Rodgers RB Sanders and Gordon (everybody else hurt and all wire candidates gone) WR Thomas, Ridley, Johnson TE Goddert K Lutz D Chiefs