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  1. redsrback

    Bold Predictions

    Gronk and Kelce fall out of top 3 TEs and Jimmy graham is 1st, ill take Big Ben at first for QBs, Elliot first for RBs
  2. redsrback

    When do you "trust" a guy?

    Strenght of defense, home field advantage,weather, usage the last game, coach speak during the week, and if your going to be at your mother-in-laws for a holiday
  3. Alot forget your not only drafting a RB, your making those who dont stuck with shared carries and back-ups. You meanwhile can get starters all the way to the end.
  4. redsrback

    live drafts

    Was a just for fun freebie to see what I could get, not my real league. But I like people who draft value, McKinnon was my third back and some who drafted value might be stuck with him as there number 1.
  5. redsrback

    The case of value vs. need

    You traded Brown for a rookie on the Giants ?
  6. I'm okay with this if u sprinkle in either Gronk, Kelce, or jimmy Graham. After you commit it makes no sense to go WR.
  7. redsrback

    The case of value vs. need

    I would be the 1 trying to deal Evans if I can find that guy in the room that screams sucker. I can get a lot closer to Evans value then any where near Mixons presumed value. Ill even take it a step further. If I kept a Mixon at was stuck with using Jimmy Graham in flex position I would be okay based on picking up the multitude of mid-range WRs after that.
  8. redsrback

    The case of value vs. need

    I just cant see anyone trading a RB value of Mixons for Evans without some man-love considering the trick this year is to have 2 quality RBs.
  9. redsrback

    live drafts

    Says who ? Ive been here probably just as long as anyone even though I didn't start posting right away. I'm sick of people with nothing going for them in life but to posting 20k times running new people off, and in this case trying to tell me the rules. I havnt been to the geek board in probably a decade and if you and frozen want to go there and talk that's your choice, let others alone to talk football as we choose.
  10. redsrback

    Draft day decision NEED HELP

    Make about 24 chicken leg quarters with lawrys seasoning, spray down with half white vinegar and half water with tobasco sauce, open pit is optional
  11. redsrback

    live drafts

    Nah, your just not going to push me around like you do others. You run your mouth always first, i just call you out for being stupid.
  12. redsrback

    live drafts

    Still ? Man up
  13. redsrback

    strategy in yahoo draft

    Depends how your league is set up. The money leagues i play in you get 1 transaction a week and you dont stream anything.
  14. redsrback

    live drafts

    Go find a safe zone and cry about it