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  1. Eddie Kennison

    Kittle injury

    With his history, he won’t make it through the first half. Ugh
  2. Eddie Kennison

    well that was fun

    Trash thread. Do better.
  3. Eddie Kennison

    Where is JuJu?

    It’s not all fun and games when you don’t have AB’s coattail to ride on.
  4. Eddie Kennison

    Week 1 Waiver Wire Targets

    STFU. Nobody cares about you or your league. Stop trying to derail the thread. There’s always one clown that makes a post like this. All leagues aren’t the same. Now, let’s get back to discussing these waiver wire targets.
  5. Eddie Kennison

    Tyreek Hill, foot is in bad shape

    I dont know about start with confidence, but Im glad that I have him as an option though this week. Gotta keep an eye on how hes practicing
  6. Eddie Kennison

    Tyreek Hill, foot is in bad shape

    Youve said enough. This sums up the foolishness perfectly. I dont need to add anything more.
  7. Eddie Kennison

    Tyreek Hill, foot is in bad shape

    Right. Never underestimate the stupidity of people. This guy is s perfect example. Boycotting fantasy football players instead of trying to win. Ive heard it all
  8. Eddie Kennison

    Tyreek Hill, foot is in bad shape

    How noble you are! Idiot cant separate real life from fantasy football. You're probably out of the playoffs already considering you play with that mentality
  9. Eddie Kennison

    Kareem Hunt - Not Good

  10. Eddie Kennison

    Kareem Hunt - Not Good

    You dont have anyone else to drop instead?
  11. Eddie Kennison

    Kareem Hunt - Not Good

    I am told the Chiefs sent Kareem Hunt home from the facility today upon learning of the release of the video and pending further action. Most likely short-term resolution is that Hunt would be placed on the commissioner's exempt list pending a final decision, but we will see. https://twitter.com/dangrazianoespn/status/1068617728544702464?s=21
  12. Eddie Kennison

    Kareem Hunt - Not Good

    The Chiefs sent Kareem Hunt home from their practice facility Friday. Source: Dan Graziano on Twitter Nov 30 - 4:32 PM
  13. Eddie Kennison

    Kareem Hunt - Not Good

    TMZ is more accurate than many news outlets these days. They always get the scoop. They have legitimized themselves
  14. Eddie Kennison

    Kareem Hunt - Not Good

    Suspension incoming
  15. Eddie Kennison

    Help needed: Gordon game time decision

    MCL Sprain https://twitter.com/profootballdoc/status/1066832496359202816?s=21
  16. Ridley has seemingly hit a big wall and is injured as well. I dont need a starter this week. This is for depth down the stretch
  17. Eddie Kennison

    Drop Ridley for Tre’Quan, Coutee or Josh Reynolds?

    True, but that was a different Saints D. They look a whole lot better now
  18. Eddie Kennison

    Defense week 12

    This is true. Im a Skins fan
  19. Or just take a zero. Burton on a bye and need another TE. Starting lineup plus bench is stacked. Dont want to drop a good player for a one week rental. Opponent this week looks tough, but I can beat them. May not be too much margin for error. 10 Team .5 ppr 3-1 in 2nd place and highest scorer in league
  20. My brother, the Vance Dance is looking like its gonna nite is in the butt.
  21. This is what I decided to do. If McDonald stays healthy, Im looking good with two decent TEs
  22. Tried that, my man. There arent may viable options at TE left with all the injuries. Folks cant afford to trade a good TE bc there just arent any
  23. Actually gonna keep both. TE is too scarce this year. Play to win each game. I got it
  24. Yeah man. I drafted Burton, but its not like hes been a world beater. Potential is there though. I wont get him back, but Vance has a damn bye on week 7. For the good of my team, I think I have to Get Vance, keep 2 TEs, and drop either Brown or Coleman. Waivers look like a TE wasteland. Nah. On second thought, Ill drop Burton. Thx for advice gents