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  1. huskerinct

    My flex spot. 12 team PPR

    Hello hello all. Back at it after an 8 year hiatus. I need opinions on my flex spot: Eli Mitchell. Marquez Callaway. Rondale Moore. James Robinson. Thanks in advance.
  2. huskerinct

    Julio Jones out for season foot injury

    Fortunately, my season is already over, seeing as I keep facing everyone's monster week. This is just the final blow. Thank you......thank you for finally killing my barely alive season.
  3. huskerinct

    Survivor Week 5 Picks

    I have already used my Falcons pick. I don't trust picking against the Jags each week. Although......they pretty much may be the worse team ever. I like SD over OAK, BUT..... divisonal road games can be huge traps. I may go Cleveland over the Bills.
  4. huskerinct

    Will The Jags go 0-16?

    Not only will they go 0-16, they may not score 120 pts all season.
  5. huskerinct

    Is J. Bell worth my #1 ww priority?

    I get at least one of those a year. lol It usually involves what looks like a lopsided trade that ends up being even..... but you know how jealous folks will cry.
  6. huskerinct

    WEEK 2: Survivor Pick

    I like ATL at home over St Louis.
  7. huskerinct

    Is J. Bell worth my #1 ww priority?

    True.....BUT he offered it to me!
  8. huskerinct

    Is J. Bell worth my #1 ww priority?

    Not very stacked.....Julio, Roddy, Cameron, Rudolph, & Eifert. (no mandatory TE and I'm picking up a WW WR this week) Reggie WILL miss games. When he does I know I'll need Bell. PLUS, it's PPR so Bell is basically a lock for 10-12 a week, and TDs are just bonus. We play 2 RB & 4 WR/TE or 3 RB & 3 WR/TE. His RBs are CJ0K, Ivory, Redman, and Ingram. So he is in bad need of a RB. I offered Mendy & Cameron for BMarsh, but he said he'd do Bell for BMarsh. I then offered Mendy & Eifert/Rudolph for Ingram & Gronkowski. I'm hoping to not have to deal Bell to him......but for Marshall I may have to.
  9. huskerinct

    Is J. Bell worth my #1 ww priority?

    I was offered Brandon Marshall straight up for Bell. My only startable RBs are Sproles and Bush (Mendenhall, Stepfan Taylor, and Bell are the rest of my RBs). As crazy as it is.....I cannot take that trade. If Bush goes down, I NEED to have Bell.
  10. huskerinct

    Doug Baldwin....Seattle Homers chime in

    I am considering putting a bid in for him, in my blind bid WW process.
  11. huskerinct

    Doug Baldwin....Seattle Homers chime in

    Until then? By the time Harvin comes back, Baldwin could have already been serviceable enough. Right?
  12. He led the team in targets, yards, and receptions. Is he going to be the best WR option in Seattle? Or is he going to disappear?
  13. huskerinct

    Week 1 survival football advice

    Bump I'm leaning towards Seattle to beat Carolina.