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  1. josh wiley


    Alright not saying I don’t agree, but if there were an advanced species of some sort do u think this is out of the realm of possibilities as far as them touching base with us if they wanted to? Or is it more of a situation where if they knew we were here they would try to just take us over and take our resources?
  2. josh wiley


    has anyone hear ever heard of this incident that happened in 1977 where a british broadcast station had their audio feed interrupted? once you look it up you can get the audio. not saying i believe this but it certainly is out of the ordinary. apparently they have never discovered who actually interrupted the feed. anyways thought it would interest some of you instead of the same ol political crap and slapfights.
  3. maybe back to the days in egypt when the pyramids were being built to see if they were assembling them the ways we are told. or maybe traveling to another planet or moon like titan or something. that would be fascinating
  4. josh wiley

    fast food grievances

    what the heck did you all do to my thread? jfc.
  5. josh wiley

    fast food grievances

    oh and just thought of another one. one of my customers is a pizza delivery guy and he always says how people think they delivery charge that they have put into the receipt goes to the driver so a lot of people think that's basically giving him a tip. which of course the majority goes to the company and is just a sneaky way of them collecting more money while the customer has no idea.
  6. josh wiley

    Yeah, no - when did that become a thing?

    at the end of the day I've notice that too
  7. josh wiley

    fast food grievances

    just went thru my local burger king to get a sausage biscuit at @ 10:00 a.m. they told me they didn't have any more biscuits so i said can you just put it on a crossaint? they said no they would have to upcharge me. I told them it's their problem they don't have any biscuits and they should let me have it for the same price as the biscuit. they didn't so I just called corporate and lady agreed with me of course because i am in the right here. so waiting on a call back to see how they plan to rectify this. sure they will offer a gift card or something. why would the store be so stupid as to tick off a customer over swapping a croissant in for a biscuit? that's pretty ridiculous on their part. I'm sure you all have some similar stories
  8. josh wiley

    Carl's Jr's 4.20 Burger

    Does it also make you say the same thing two different ways?
  9. josh wiley


    i'm gonna go with a barkley/lebron james hybrid. pretty damn amazing force of will
  10. josh wiley


    what do u get when u remove something from finances?
  11. josh wiley


    hadn't seen any mention of the withdrawal from the treaty agreement with russia. where do the geeks stand on this development?
  12. josh wiley

    How the universe works

    pretty crazy that some people think it's a waste of money trying to invest in reaching mars and ultimately trying to create a habitable environment. i'm sure our money is much better spent starting wars with each other here "at home" on earth. seems like we may tap out our resources here, climate may become too inhospitable, etc. also something to be said about our inherent nature to reach the next frontier. personally i think our technological capabilites are advancing exponentially and am excited to for the new information we discover hopefully in the near future. one consideration though is what if we did find some sort of clear cut proof of life outside our own world would the government step in and not allow the release of the info for fear of what it might do to the general public and or the insitution of religion? anyways carry on
  13. next thing you know they're gonna let someone in like craig biggio
  14. josh wiley

    Broncos at Cardinals: In-Game Discussion

    can anybody explain to me why they had the entire starting den def out there until the end? i figured up 35 points they might give the starters a break, but no they had to keep sending out von until my opponent got another ten points on his last minute sack. bs
  15. josh wiley

    How do u decide when it’s between a couple players?

    Yeah that’s exactly what i’m Talking about. But did want to know if people are taking these different factors and basically weighing them all evenly or valueing certain factors over others percentage wise.