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  1. josh wiley

    Satan Beelibbub Bagina

    What is wrong with u?
  2. josh wiley

    Washington Commanders trademark denied...

    Washington defenders
  3. josh wiley

    Here comes the debt ceiling crisis: June 1

    Why is it that some of the biggest end up being the people “we choose” to represent us? There are many good people in this country. But I’m sure it’s all a matter of who plays ball with the right people. This is exactly why I hate politics. Can’t see the forest for the trees. (Can’t see the people’s interests because of their own)
  4. josh wiley

    How many max muncys?

    Just opened a pack of cards and got a max muncy but not the one from the dodgers. What are the chances that there would be multiple max muncys playing at the same time?
  5. josh wiley

    What is your go to yardwork music?

    Eye of the tiger
  6. josh wiley

    Kecksburg incident

    Been watching ufo witness on discovery plus. This was talked about from 1965. Anyone have any thoughts or info about this? Apparently it was officially listed as a meteorite strike by the government, but many there say otherwise
  7. Mine is simple just putting lettuce and tomato at home on some arbys sandwiches along with the horsey and army sauce of course.
  8. josh wiley

    Tim Lincecum - Hall of Fame?

    Harold baines is in. Hell I might be in next year
  9. josh wiley

    Dog days of summer?

    Just saw where that might be referring to the “dog” star Sirius when it’s directly overhead in summer. Can anyone verify?
  10. josh wiley

    Top 5 Underrated Comedies

    Dream team
  11. Is it more beneficial in these back and forths to be right about something in the first place or to be wrong, called out, and then admitting to the transgressions?
  12. Maybe tiger should have handed him a skirt. People didn’t used to be this sensitive years ago. Social media world has created all this crap
  13. josh wiley

    Breakfast / Chain Diner places

    You get to play the peg game out on their front porch with your mother in law
  14. Always reminded me of Roberto alomar
  15. josh wiley

    Seasons of the year

    I figured I would get a few of these but it was worth posting to see if I can get any reasonable responses