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  1. josh wiley

    Things that may have changed permanently

    Got another one. How bout to go drinks? Pretty sure a lot of the local Mexican places have done well thru this whole thing not solely but at least partly for the margaritas to go
  2. josh wiley

    Things that may have changed permanently

    Don’t care about that either. Can any of u get your head out of your ass and possibly give an intelligent response to what I asked? I know it’s hard for some but try your best
  3. josh wiley

    Things that may have changed permanently

    I’m not shaking people’s hands anymore. That’s the kind of thing I’m talking about
  4. josh wiley

    Things that may have changed permanently

    Yes this is true
  5. josh wiley

    Things that may have changed permanently

    Lot of responses. But I don’t see any other things like I was talking about
  6. I’ll start with the handshake. Have always been one who had been fine with this up until this year of course. Now it seems pretty counterintuitive to have been doing this all the time.
  7. josh wiley

    Week 13 Scoop and Play WR

    How about keelan cole? Thinking about putting him in over mike williams
  8. josh wiley

    Washington def

    What wins out here between their up and coming def vs Ben who gets rid of the ball faster than anyone? Got Green Bay as well against the eagles. Just seems like the almost ten point disparity between the two should be closer. I know the Steelers are a much better team than the eagles obviously.
  9. josh wiley

    Michael Thomas ros

    What is this guy going to be able to do with Brees now injured?
  10. josh wiley

    anyone starting crab legs this weekend?

    So with Michael Thomas finally getting healthy does this just knock him back to mediocre ceiling numbers?
  11. josh wiley

    Vice presidential debate.

    Is it reading or comprehension that you’re struggling with here? I meant that Harris and pence both conducted themselves and addressed actual issues in a much better way than the garbage we got last week from a couple guys who acted about as mature as my 6 and 3 year olds. Mostly it was trump but Biden got sucked into that cesspool too
  12. josh wiley

    Vice presidential debate.

    These two made the other two look like they should be sitting at the kid’s table at thanksgiving. Refreshing to see two adults act like grown ups
  13. josh wiley

    Trump and Melania have Covid

    When trump found out I’m sure the first thing he thought and/or said was can we just keep on trucking along and not tell anyone? That being said I do hope that he and melania and all who have caught it will be alright
  14. Still having trouble locating either of these blue parallels being sold