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  1. josh wiley

    Lockett and metcalf

    Is it these guys that are actually making the qb better and not vice versa? Seems like that might help explain geno’s ascension and maybe play into Wilson’s detereoration
  2. josh wiley

    Jamaal Williams

    Best guy coming off the bench this year?
  3. josh wiley

    MNF Discussion: 49ers at Cardinals

    Maybe Warner can finally “catch” an interception and take it back to the casa
  4. josh wiley

    SNF Discussion: Chiefs at Chargers

    Not sure. But glad I have him this year
  5. josh wiley

    Broncos Release Melvin Gordon

    This would def be an upgrade on many teams rosters if we’re talking about a #2
  6. josh wiley

    Which rb bears vs lions?

    Williams or Montgomery? Feel like either should be able to get me 10-15 points
  7. josh wiley

    Taylor from here on out

    I would probably welcome more of a split with downs with Hines at this point
  8. josh wiley

    Taylor from here on out

    See he didn’t practice today. Hoping it’s just precautionary. Does he play this week and can he get back to the level that everyone expected him to play at? Not sure if it’s been him or his offense or his quarterback or what but obviously hasn’t been who I thought I was drafting at #1
  9. josh wiley

    Thursday Night Football: Chargers at Chiefs

    So the only way u can watch it is if u have Amazon prime? That’s a crock
  10. josh wiley

    Biggest Surprise Of The Day

    If the 5 weeks r going to be like this I’ll take each and every one
  11. josh wiley

    Deep Sunday Sleepers

    U take every post and opportunity to try to get everyone else to validate your Williams love. Am I the only one that sees this?
  12. josh wiley

    Cordarrelle Patterson

    Flexed him and good
  13. josh wiley

    YouTube needs to be sued

    What are you all doing? You make me feel very sane
  14. josh wiley

    Go to guilty pleasure fast food joint

    Shout out to a Wendy’s taco salad. They’ve gotten smaller over time but still like ‘em. Also not sure if u all consider jersey mikes fast food but I have their app and get my free birthday sub every year
  15. Simple question. Why’d u quit?