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  1. Connorsdad

    SuperBowl 53 Patriots-Rams

    37-35 Pats
  2. Yeah Mixon sure did blast that girl. I am sure teams refused to draft him for that very reason. Some teams weigh character more then others. He went round 2 pick 48. Unfortunately when your a elite talent some behavior gets ignored.
  3. The Chiefs thought it was bad enough to flat out release him. Another nfl team will definitely sign him after his suspension. Mainly because he is an elite talent. If Ray Rice was an elite talent he would have got another shot too.
  4. I guess I am mistaken when I say everyone. Murders, rapists, and various crimes against children would qualify as people that do not deserve a second chance. I do not put Hunt in that category. Just my opinion.
  5. I understand your position on this topic. I just do not agree with it. Yes everyone deserves a second chance. The person poisoning food in the school cafeteria deserves a second chance just not working with food or around children. Of course after a lengthy prison sentence. In your example that seems like an obvious result. I do think Hunt deserves a lengthy suspension then after that a second chance if all the requirements are met such as anger management. Learning coping skills to help with stressful situations. He needs to surround himself with better people. He needs to do a better job at decision making. Speaking to a psychologist and support from his family should keep him on the right path.
  6. Everyone deserves a second chance. We have all made mistakes especially while we were young. Hopefully Kareem Hunt can change and get some help for whatever demons are in his life.
  7. Connorsdad

    what players will be sitting week 17?

    Allen Robinson Equanimeous St. Brown Keke Coutee Fournette Also inactive
  8. Connorsdad

    What site do you use and are you happy with it?

    Rtsports Fleaflicker Espn Yahoo NFL.com CBS All decent options. I like the top 4. Good luck !
  9. Connorsdad

    "Funny business" on WW Finals Week ..

    Lol So funny ! Yes all pertinent info is required to give an accurate assessment. Mobb your crazy funny !
  10. Connorsdad

    Ship winners.

    Yeah hopefully the luck was evenly spread throughout the fftoday community ! I won 2 ships $$ this year and fell short in 4 other money leagues. We all know how frustrating fantasy sports can be. I try to predict on a daily basis all the major sports. Sometimes I get lucky and other times I fall on my face. There is always next year ! Until there is not. Good luck !
  11. Connorsdad

    Merry Christmas FFToday

    Merry Christmas to you and your families ! Have a safe and Happy New Year !
  12. Connorsdad

    Tough Call with Gurley...

    Williams , Samuels if Gurley is out. If limited pay close attention to the description of his limitations. I like Jeffery with Foles at QB Good luck !
  13. Connorsdad

    Ware or Williams

  14. Connorsdad

    Tough QB & RB dilemmas for the Championship

    This Good luck !