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  1. ltpunk

    Trade help?

    Current roster: QB: Rodgers RB: McCaffery,Chubb,Peterson,L.Murray WR Thielen, Edelman ,M. Jones, J Brown 1/2 ppr Offer is Rodgers/Chubb for Watson/Hopkins Chubb has been solid but im worried what happens when Hunt comes back Thoughts? leave link thanks
  2. ltpunk

    What Do You Need On Monday Night - Week 6

    1/2pt per rec. have Rodgers and Valdez-Scantling need 22pts
  3. ltpunk

    Flex help

    .5 PPR league Aaron Jones vs Chi James White vs Pit Justin Jackson vs KC Jones has been huge just worried about the matchup White will either put up 3pts or 23pts Jackson might be the Chargers only option out of the backfield
  4. ltpunk

    trade help, WHIR

    I agree that's giving up too much for Adams
  5. ltpunk

    Trade help

    I've been offered Antonio Brown for Barkley .5 PPR league Currently in 1st Roster Mahomes Barkley Mcaffery James White Michael Thomas Edelman Engram Bench Aaron jones Golladay Any input appreciated Thanks
  6. ltpunk

    Flex Spot Help?

    I think Drake will have a big game
  7. ltpunk

    Need help with flex

    Alf Morris home vs Was or Ted Ginn home vs Car ppr league I have Brees for QB so i'm leaning to Ginn leave a link Thanks
  8. ltpunk

    TE play sucks this year, who u got the ROTW?

    I drafted Olsen and Eifert when Olsen went down I picked up Doyle when he got hurt I grabbed Engram Thru 5 weeks I have a combined total of 8pts from my TE's that's 1.6 pts per game
  9. ltpunk

    For those that drafted Zeke...

    1.2 Bell 2.9 Brees 3.2 Elliot 4.9 K. Allen 5.2 G. Olsen 6.9 M. Bryant A little weak at WR but couldn't pass him up in the 3rd round
  10. ltpunk

    Malcolm Mitchell

    Put in a claim and got him. would you trust him over Cobb?
  11. ltpunk

    Bud Light Fantasy Football

    I figure if I'm gonna drink some beer might as well play some more FF. I "won" week 7 got a confirmation e-mail, replied to it and still no prize? Then I won week 11 and no confirmaion e-mail??? Just wondering if anyone has played and had any luck. Thanks
  12. ltpunk

    Freeman fumble?

    Appreciate the input thanks
  13. ltpunk

    Freeman fumble?

    Lost this week by less than 1 point. While checking the stats I noticed they charged Freeman with a fumble(-2pts) The play was a handoff to Blount who dropped the ball. Shouldnt that be Blounts fumble? Was hoping for a stat correction but nothing yet. Wondering if anyone knows the NFLs rule on dropped exchanges? Thanks
  14. ltpunk

    Help Eb decide whether to make a trade!

    You cant pass up the CJ for rice deal http://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=395283
  15. ltpunk

    Help me out here

    Bump.........anymore thoughts?