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  1. yadwick

    Ladell Betts or Willie Parker for RB

    go with betts, he's running the ball well and up against a suspect defense. Plus they don't want to put the pressure all on Cambells shoulders.
  2. yadwick

    Playoff week big decisions to make

    little help?
  3. Have Boldin, Chambers, Evans, Crochery, and Clayton (Balt) to pick from and can't quite make up my mind, a little insight would be helpful also have LJ, KJones, Chester, and Deangelo to pick from and almost am considering picking up Fason or Huston off of WW Help me out and I look at your question.
  4. yadwick

    Chambers vs. Glenn

    I am a glenn owner, but I have a feeling chambers might bust out again like last year. Is giving up glenn worth the risk?