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  1. cribdog

    **Golf Talk** thread

    Heading out for our "Ryder Cup", San Diego vs. Riverside. 72 holes over 3 days, 8 man teams, all match play format. We start off with a Schamble today (both teammates drive, choose the best one and play your own ball in from there), followed by 4-somes Saturday morning. Saturday afternoon we break up into 9-hole matches, first one is a 2-man scramble then alternate shot. Finish Sunday with singles while also playing 2-man better ball teams in your 4-some. Unfortunately Riverside has dominated lately, after a nice run by SD. I do think this is the year we get the cup back! Either way it is a great time. Supposed to be topping 100 each day, it may be a tough 36 on Saturday. High pressure golf that really tests your nerves...you sure don't want to let your team down!
  2. cribdog

    **2013 U.S. Open Thread**

    Now this I get, because I'm pretty geeked for the Open too. My favorite tourney of the year. I sure hope the weather cooperates enough to make it a great week.
  3. cribdog

    **2013 U.S. Open Thread**

    Just trying to have some fun with the US Open is all...
  4. cribdog

    **2013 U.S. Open Thread**

    Well, not much of a pool as only Fumbleweed and I signed up so far. Spongebob74, you signed up for the site and made your picks, but make sure you register for the fftoday group. I don't understand why such reluctance, as: 1. It is quick and easy, 5 minutes tops to register and make your picks 2. You can pick whomever you want, so no one gets stolen from you by an unfortunate draft position 3. It will make the US Open much more entertaining 4. It's FREE! 5. You won't get spammed 6. Competition 7. Bragging rights 8. You will have interest for all 4 rounds, 5 rounds if there is a playoff 9. You will have guys in it come Sunday afternoon, guaranteed 10. If you're reading this far, you like golf and fantasy sports, so play the game! The game locks at 4 am PDT Tomorrow
  5. cribdog

    **2013 U.S. Open Thread**

    We can still do the pool at my fantasy 5, it will take you less than 3 minutes to login/register and make your picks for Thursday. You need to make your selections anytime before 4 am PDT on Thursday.
  6. cribdog

    **2013 U.S. Open Thread**

    This is as simple as it gets, just choosing 5 players/day. I set up a group, so you just need to register/login, then join the group. After you login, go to the my groups-join group page and input the following, and you will be in. http://www.MyFantasyFive.com Group Name: fftoday (all lower case) Password: gfiafp I will put in the players for Thursday and you can make your selections as soon as the tee times are announced.
  7. cribdog

    **2013 U.S. Open Thread**

    I would love it if we could try this out on my website that I started before, kind of rolled back in for changes, and am getting ready to roll out again for football season. But it would work great for a Geek US Open pool. It's easy, you just pick 5 golfers a day, and how they do is how you do. There are 30 golfers to choose from each day; we would do 30 morning starters on Thursday, 30 morning starters on Friday, then 30 guys that made the cut on Saturday, then 30 guys in contention on Sunday. Thursday and Friday we would add up the scores and low total would get the most points. Saturday we could do the same, or maybe switch it up and go for the high scores, so the object would be to pick the guys that go backwards (choke) on moving day. On Sunday we would do it by final position (add up all the places your guys come in 1st+2nd+5th etc.), low total wins. The nice thing is you can pick whomever you want, so you don't get screwed in the draft. And, you will have 5 guys to root for every day, if your guy misses the cut you will get to choose new guys the next day. You can get a feel for the course and try to see who is hot and ready to make a move. Let me know if you want to try it here, and I will set up a group for us. I would also love to get some feedback on the site after it's done. PS: I also have the option of setting up team play where we could put Geeks in teams from 2-7 people and play against each other. If we could find a way to team up, I would be happy to set up a league.
  8. cribdog

    Anybody ever tried the pre-cooked bacon?

    the stuff from Costco is great to have around. You get a lot, and it is super easy to use to enhance any dish.
  9. cribdog

    GIF of 5 Darvish pitches at once

    Tough hitting!
  10. cribdog

    Separated at birth?

    What do you think? Suspect 2 Rory
  11. cribdog

    Brewers Homers

    I'm no Brewers homer, but I do follow the NL pretty closely, and I think he is the real deal. I was unable to get him on my team, but certainly had him targeted. I would go with him over what is probably pretty slim pickens on the waiver wire.
  12. cribdog

    **2013 Masters Thread**

    Except for the fact that this new rule has never been used to allow a player to not be DQ'd when signing an incorrect scorecard. I have been a huge golf fan for a long time, and in every similar instance to this before the player has been DQ'd. This is the first time someone has not been, and it happens to be Tiger and it happens to be in the Masters. Maybe a new precedent has been set. On a personal level, I do think that a DQ is too harsh, and you shouldn't have to sign your scorecard at all. As a player, you are not responsible for scoring in any other professional sport, not sure why you have to in golf, especially this day and age when scores are reported as they happen.
  13. cribdog

    List a Seinfeld quote

    That's a shame.
  14. cribdog

    my buddy has been crushing Vegas in college bb

    After 2-0 for me yesterday I loaded up! Keep rolling!!
  15. cribdog

    my buddy has been crushing Vegas in college bb

    got in on Duke and Wichita...stay hot!