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  1. Justy2

    Who is the true America's Team?

    Blah... Blah... Blah... If you can't complete then just start making up stuff and casting aspersions. AMIRITE??
  2. Justy2

    Who is the true America's Team?

    This one is easy it is obviously the Patriots. A backup QB and half of their team on IR and they still make 11-5. That's the American Spirit! GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!
  3. Take off the kneepads man, The Int-machine is getting into the Hall on the merit of a few good seasons in Green Bay. He doesn't need any more servicing. That last Int, the one that killed the game, was a classic Farv I am in my own dreamworld pass. There were no receivers in the same time zone of that pass. Farv was a primadonna and Mangenius couldn't handle the primadonna. They both nuked each other. Farv will live on to do Viagra commercials. Whereas Mangenius will live on to coach Pee Wee League football in a drunken stupor. Little Johnny better watch out or the Rat will nail his old man for suiting up a 12 year old who is a few pounds overweight.
  4. Justy2

    Farve Sucks!

    Are interceptions one of the HOF criteria? But you guys who are all over his knob will still support him. I hope that he just retires and save us from another year of everyone saying he's "The Gunslinger". Well at least Mangenius is toast! HA you get what you deserve Fatboy! We'll see you in Football Hell Jets!
  5. Justy2

    Next year I WILL NOT draft

    Laverneus Coles... I always get stuck with that man. He burns me every time.
  6. Justy2

    Patriots Fan 12.03.08 Just saying hello

    Please ask Jesus if he can lend us a Secondary. j/k Or maybe He did sending us Rosie Colvin.
  7. Justy2

    Pats fan checking in

    Damn. You're right. I need to quit sniffing glue at work.
  8. Justy2

    Pats fan checking in

    Tonight its not going to be BJGE its going to be the Cassel air show. The Pats will not be running so much, the Jets are actually pretty good against the run. Maybe Randy will catch a few balls tonight. I don't see Ty Law totally being up to speed on the Jets defensive schemes.
  9. Justy2

    Pats Fan here again

    I was here for the Rod Rust season... it's nice and roomy on the wagon again.
  10. Justy2

    Let's discuss who can revive NE passing games?

    Much of the trouble with the Patriots' losses this season was not all Cassel. It was their defense as well. Mondays game reminded me of the Patriots of a few years ago before Brady really took off. The defense was on the ball and giving the offense chances. If the defense can do their job then Cassel can grow into the role. If Cassel is cnstantly falling behind then he'll always be under pressure and making mistakes. Brady wasn't all that great when he took over for Bledsoe. Brady became a decent QB, then a good one then a marquee QB over time. I wanted Bledsoe back I never liked Brady early on. But, like Mondays game, early on it was an opportunistic defense which gave Brady the chance to win games. I'm not saying Cassel is Brady, but I think that the Pats can get to the playoffs this year, win it all, I don't know about that, but we'll see.
  11. Justy2

    Kellen Winslow Suspended One Game

    Well if I had nuts the size of grapefruits I might have a little residual anger too. But with that being said...
  12. Justy2

    What would you give for Larry Johnson?

    Larry Johnson is the typical angry idiot who has no reason for being angry. He has ruined his own career. Right now with him being on KC I would not trade anything for him. You don't know if he is going to punch a nun or something.
  13. Justy2

    who else feels like giving up!

    Ahh... I play Fantasy Football more for fun than a need for a self-esteem boost. If you league sucks and you like to trade then find another league. I'm 4-3 this year and I love unpredictable nature of the game. Never give up. I've had 11-2 seasons and 2-11 seasons. Who cares on the final record, nobody is judging you.
  14. Justy2

    Pats are running up the score this week

    That would be a sight to see.
  15. Justy2


    Touchdown Cassel!! 98 yard drive from his own endzone!!