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  1. Sapronos04

    Need owners for a free yahoo league

    3 more and we draft before week 2. Everone needs one last league
  2. Sapronos04

    Need owners for a free yahoo league

    4 spots still open
  3. Need teams so we can start week 2. Good honest league. Dont miss out on this, its hard to find a yahoo league thats PPR and will be ran fairly http://football.fantasysports.yahoo.com/f1...2&jsubmit=1
  4. Sapronos04

    Just one more time...

    Why it wasnt legal. It was helmet to helmet
  5. I will never forget it. It was 1998 on Monday night. Vs my rival at work. I was up by 45 pts and all he had was the vickings 2nd string starter..His name Randall Cunningham.. He had a career night and i pulled my hair out and it still hasnt grown back He scored 46!!!! 442 yards and 4 TD's IT STILL HURTS
  6. Sapronos04

    what do i do until next year?

    Dynasty.. I wouldnt do IDP untill you do a regular dynasty for a year or so. It keeps you involved in the Nfl draft...etc
  7. Sapronos04

    Top 5....

    Animal House has to be in everyones list.. Stripes,Caddy Shack,Planes trains and Auto's is also a classic..Then there is the Jerk Tommy Boy was outstanding
  8. Sapronos04

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  9. Sapronos04

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  10. Sapronos04

    Finance guys...

    You can finance a HUD home...For you to buy it and fix it is good for everyone..
  11. Sapronos04

    My picture

    OH Yea your GAY
  12. Sapronos04

    DirecTv and Dish not as good as C-Band.

    Then move I will not move some where like that. And dont give me that crap "its a good thing" Its NOT
  13. Sapronos04

    What music are you grooving to lately?

    Funny thing is, i used to jam this in my Camaro when i was 16. Now at 38 im driving around in my Camaro SS jamming the same thing. I never saw 38 year old dudes jamming Metallica in the 80's
  14. Sounds like you need to move to another area of town
  15. Sapronos04

    where is everybody?

    Maybe because its has the best FF info on the net...And FBG is gay