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  1. mobb_deep

    The Official Week 15 FU Thread

    F pretty much my entire team... Tyreek Hill Amari Cooper Leonard Fournette Matt Prater Soon to include... Julian Edelman and probably Kamara, Michael Thomas and Goff. Feels even better with Damian Williams and Marlon Mack on the bench.
  2. mobb_deep

    2018 DNDL Postseason

    My team is doing the same thing in my big money league. Tyreek Hill Amari Cooper Leonard Fournette Etc...
  3. mobb_deep

    What are you getting your wife for Christmas?

    Thats what I got my wife haha.
  4. mobb_deep

    Joe Bryant's bored

    Joe and Mike should do a user fraft between the two forearms. Send half of our right wing wackos to them and get some liberal lunies back. Then both boards would be moderate and neither would be a sucky echo chamber full of a-holes.
  5. mobb_deep

    2018 DNDL Postseason

    I didnt even know there were games on last night. Woke up this morning like WTF? Who do I have points already?
  6. mobb_deep

    Cat so ugly even Sux couldn’t love it

    I was thinking drobeski.
  7. mobb_deep

    I started Williams last night

    Almost started Damian Williams, but Edelmans matchup looks too good. Hopefully he gets close to the production Williams got.
  8. mobb_deep

    Does anyone ever use microwave functions...

    [posty]I don't own a microwave[/posty]
  9. mobb_deep

    Michael Cohen gets 3 years

    I don't pay too close of an attention to either FOX or CNN, but it's funny that the lead story on CNN is not even a story on FOXNEWS right now... I can see how it would be easy to be completely brain washed, if you only read one or the other. At any rate, here's the story directly from the DOJ. https://www.justice.gov/usao-sdny/pr/michael-cohen-sentenced-3-years-prison "AMI admitted that it made the $150,000 payment in concert with a candidate’s presidential campaign, and in order to ensure that the woman did not publicize damaging allegations about the candidate before the 2016 presidential election. AMI further admitted that its principal purpose in making the payment was to suppress the woman’s story so as to prevent it from influencing the election. The agreement also acknowledges, among other things, AMI’s acceptance of responsibility, its substantial and important assistance in this investigation, and its agreement to provide cooperation in the future and implement specific improvements to its internal compliance to prevent future violations of the federal campaign finance laws."
  10. mobb_deep

    Cheap Laptop?

    How old is your son? My soon to be 8 y/o is asking for a laptop, but I think she's too young still.
  11. mobb_deep

    What weird ass question would you ask god?

    When are the Lions going to win a SB?
  12. Similar to how people slept on net neutrality. Old people, regardless of party, just cant comprehend whats going on.
  13. mobb_deep

    WEEK 15 unlikely FF heroes

    Curtis Samuel is intriguing.
  14. They've already been fined a couple bil by the European Union for doing just that. I don't know to what extent they're manipulating search results, but they're 100% doing it. Doesn't change that Trump is in fact an idiot though.
  15. If thats not a smocking gun, I dont know what is.
  16. mobb_deep

    Trump vs Nancy/Chuck

    They're claiming Obama gave Iran 150 bil, by releasing previously frozen funds as part of the Iran nuclear deal. Aka, he gave them 150 bil by lifting sanctions.
  17. mobb_deep

    2019 Who is in... Who is out?

    get rid of divisions. change TD pass from 6 to 4. shorten rosters from 30 to 25 (cut to 20 before rookie fraft). else i ~stick
  18. mobb_deep

    2018 DNDL Postseason

    No idea man. Open a support ticket if you want. ETA: Looks like it's fixed now. :shrug:
  19. mobb_deep

    Trump vs Nancy/Chuck

    Shut it all down. Would be the first time we had a balanced budget, since Clinton.
  20. mobb_deep

    2018 DNDL Postseason

    Think it's a bug. It's set up correctly. Playoff bracket looks correct. Just gonna have to wing it. https://i.imgur.com/L7JA3Ih.jpg
  21. mobb_deep

    Trump vs Nancy/Chuck

    Whos that old mute dude in the back?
  22. mobb_deep

    Another Voice banned on YouTube...Gavin McInnes

    It's really weird how they're not able to reconcile the two... Ok not to serve to gays. Not ok to refuse to serve whoever this Gavin guy is. Both are totally fine with me. Don't make gay cakes. Fock if I care.