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  1. mobb_deep

    Friday night drink check

    Looks pretty good. Surprised we dont have anything like that around here. We have a poke place on almost every corner. These sound super good... tots, 5-spice pork shoulder, housemade kimchi, herb mix, spicy mayo, sriracha ETA: Drinking water tonight. Very refreshing.
  2. mobb_deep

    Friday night drink check

    Whats the difference between a sushi burrito and a hand roll? Never heard of/seen a sushi burrito before.
  3. mobb_deep

    Stock Market- Ouch!

    https://www.thestreet.com/investing/cannabis/cronos-confirms-investment-from-altria-14803966 Shares of Cronos Group Inc. (CRON) lit up Friday after the company announced that Altria Group Inc. (MO - Get Report) , the maker of Marlboro cigarettes, made a $1.8 billion (C$2.4 billion) investment in the Canadian cannabis company in exchange for a 45% stake. Altria also has options that if fully exercised would result in an additional $1.05 billion (C$1.4 billion) in proceeds for Cronos in exchange for an extra 10% stake for Altria.
  4. mobb_deep

    Stock Market- Ouch!

    Isnt Marlboro about to buy them? Wouldnt it go up more then? I literally almost bought some last night. Was researching...
  5. mobb_deep

    worst poster of all time?

    I was pimping out the bored trolls to the bored homos. He got a rimmy from phillybear and never paid me. It was a good racket, until the latinpimp incident.
  6. mobb_deep

    worst poster of all time?

    Ah. Q.Laz. Dude still owes me money.
  7. mobb_deep

    Is Derek Henry even on a team in your league ?

    edjr has him in the DNDL. He didnt make the playoffs though.
  8. mobb_deep

    2018 DNDL Postseason

    Im going Putins and Fleecing round 1.
  9. mobb_deep

    Stock Market- Ouch!

    I'm a software engineer, so the business side is mostly foreign to me. From what little I have gathered... a combination of rising interest rates, short supply, new building slowdown and and the already high cost of housing is setting up for an economic downturn.
  10. mobb_deep

    Stock Market- Ouch!

    Without going into detail, I work for a large corporation that's closely tied to the housing market. We had a significant layoff a few days back, and the company is forecasting a very rough 2019. Hang on tight!
  11. mobb_deep

    Having a baby today

    Congrats man.
  12. You sure bleed from the vag a lot for a guy. Where did that thread go? You mentally torturing yourself again? Looks like we got a peenie on our hands. Someone got their feelings hurt!
  13. mobb_deep

    does sjerk = peefoam?

    Nobody likes you. Don't flatter yourself.
  14. Sure seems like I'm living RMFF to me.
  15. It's probably because you don't have any friends.
  16. I dunno man. I couldn't disagree more. I find it hard to believe that anyone thinks it's better to be brought up in a broken home/foster care, than a loving home, regardless of what sexual preference the parents have. I also believe that 99% of kids would choose to have a permanent home with gay parents than be in foster care.
  17. mobb_deep

    does sjerk = peefoam?

    seatard is about as witty as a nickel.
  18. You can't even quit a message board. Didn't even last one day. Probably not the best guy to give advice.
  19. mobb_deep

    does sjerk = peefoam?

    You caught me.
  20. Growing up with no parents is better than two parents with vaginas. Not sure I'm following your logic here 90s.
  21. You should really think less often. It's not a good look on you. Stick to posting other people's thoughts.
  22. "Bedford said her girlfriend had just dropped the toddler off for the morning when she turned around to say goodbye and saw him pulling on a dress. " How dare that teacher not stop the 2 year old kid from putting on a dress!!!! Brought to you by the group that thinks gay people shouldn't be allowed to have/adopt children. This thread aged well.