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  1. .033 is the lowest yardage for qbs that i have seen sine i since i started playing in 91. if you guys like this, so be it. if we move to 4 from 6 pts, qbs are going to be pretty muted.

    Actually I agree. Should be .04. 25 yards for every 1 point. You smart.


    cbfalcon. Do some maths on that. Thanks in advance.

  2. Well, your queer opponents are already spotting you a kicker (stupid waiver wire rules) and a WR (Boyd out, no bench depth) so there's that. <_<

    Are the WW rules stupid, or are the people who don't know them stupid? Question for the ages. I know the league mantra is to not know the rules and then complain about them after the fact. But at some point, you boys will need to learn to accept responsibility for yourselves. Too bad the league is folding, so we will never reach that milestone. :cheers:

  3. just do a tradeback.


    In that scenario, you and another owner enter into an agreement in an effort to improve your teams and only your teams. Tradebacks meet that criteria.


    Collusion only occurs when one player willingly hurts his own team to help another team.


    People just quickly jump the the conclusion that tradebacks are collusion because it's a catchy sound bite. But when you think about it, that stance is illogical

  4. Wish I had started one of those dumb athletic quarterbacks instead of Drew Brees (again) this week. Dumb athletic seems to be better than 'smart' and 'can't perform at a league average level if he isn't at home'.

    My entire team literally crapped the bed. Probably the best team I ever had.



    Michael Thomas

    Tyreek Hill




    Fournette (played Marlon Mack most of the year)



    80ish points. Averaged 150+ all year.