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  1. 39 minutes ago, iam90sbaby said:

    Same here dude. Richmond, Marty and Bristol are on my bucketlist. Been to Daytona, Atlanta and Homestead so far.

    i don’t know how the GC was in the past but I liked that there’s 20-30 posters and I know all the characters. I don’t know how anyone keeps up with what anyone said on FBG

    It would be cool if 20 of the 30 characters weren’t insufferable dooshbags. Not that I’d ever post at FBG. Agree on that 100%. :cheers:

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  2. 43 minutes ago, iam90sbaby said:

    It’s been trash the last 15 years. And mostly it’s the drivers being more overly cautious in the first half of races than they were in the 90s and before. No matter what they do to the aero package you’ll never have the same results because the drivers are simply more polite now and it’s lame. They are all buddies now. 

    Charlotte is one of the best races a year and it’s their “home” event. I love the 600. Nothing beats the fall Richmond race though. 

    That’s my favorite track too. I also like Martinsville, Phoenix/ISM, and Bristol. Would love to do a trip to Nashville and then catch the night race at Bristol.

    On a side note... the new forearm looks nice. Haven’t posted since the upgrade. About time Mike allow embedded images. Too bad he waited for the forearm to die before he did it.

  3. Hope there is actually some racing today. The Busch race was quite possibly the worst race I’ve ever watched. I get that Daytona is the crown jewel, but it’s just not a good race with the plates, drafting rules and aero packages they have now.

    I wish NASCAR would get rid of all of the crappy Super Speedway races. Pocono, Indy, Charlotte, etc. are consistently the worst races of the season. 

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  4. We are slowly losing the good posters and picking up more trolls.


    Not much reason to post here except I am in some dynasty leagues. If those ever fold I am out of here.




    I've posted maybe twice in the last month. The bored has been totally rooned by 5 or 6 ass-hats (from both sides of the aisle) hijacking and having a pissing match in every single thread.


    Catch you DNDL peeps in May.

  5. Said every 13 year old girl when they're OTR raging.

    Ok, lets just ramble off a bunch of crap that means nothing now. I know how you ass-darts get off on arguing semantics all day.


    Ill go first.


    The electoral college is a disaster for a democracy - Trump

  6. Kamala Harris and Sherrod Brown are a couple lesser known that might run. Brown is pretty popular in a swing state, and has a populist message similar to Bernie. Against NAFTA, TPP, etc. Kamala Harris is basically the woman version of BHO. She's quickly moved up the California ranks, charismatic, good looking, well spoken, etc.