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  1. Any part of Texas is going to be hot as hell. Especially for someone moving from the PNW. Its basically a choice between hot/dry Texas (Lubbock/Amarillo) or hot/humid Texas (Houston, and to a lesser extent San Antonio/Austin).

  2. It's pretty expensive in Portland now.. californians came in and jacked the prices up huuuge in the last 10-15 years.


    If we lived in a less expensive part of the country we'd be way better off.


    We've been eyeing Texas lately...

    My mortgage is almost twice that. Ive been eyeing Texas too, but my wife grew up there and wants nothing to do with going back. She said shed consider Austin, but doesnt want to go back to Houston or Dallas. Austin really isnt too much cheaper than SoCal. At least not cheap enough that Id leave the beach to save a few bucks for... She also doesnt like helping pay the mortgage though...

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  3. blame it on who you want...doesnt change what that pie chart says.


    It's all political, democratics dont care about national security or American citizens.

    They care about giving trump a loss. That's all.

    The pie chart proves it.

    Disgusting people.

    Or they agree with the majority of America that a wall is stupid, ineffective and not even possible at this time, given large parts of the border are on private land. :dunno:

  4. I love how the talking heads still try to blame Chuck and Nancy, when Trump said to blame him himself. This is nobodys fault but Trump, and pretty much every poll supports that.






    Etc etc...

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  5. Im not sure why you continue to quote my posts, when I never respond to any of them? If I havent made myself clear in the past, youre the most terribly unfunny poster weve had since probably Phurfur. Like pretty much everyone else here, I have zero interest in having any sort of dialogue with you. Please take this into consideration next time you want to engage in conversation with me, as this will be the last time I respond to anything you post. It has nothing to do with politics or anything. Youre just a really really bad poster. Quite possibly the worst ever. And let me tell you, weve had some really bad and unfunny posters come through here over the years. HTH.

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  6. What do those who deal with the border and illegal immigrants think ? They know more than any one of us or any Congress member.

    How do they feel about the wall ?

    They are the only opinion that has any validity and that matters.


    Anyone know their professional, educated, in the thick of the mess opinion on the matter?

    This post brought to you by the guys who dont believe scientists know anything about global warming.

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