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  1. Ya'll have forgotten her greatest accomplishment (to this point)... the wonderous cinematic experience known as "Can't Hardly Wait"!

    And yeah, it's hard to believe you Mobb... especially knowing that the above movie came out 8 years ago, meaning the production would have been 9 years ago, unless your timing is off.



    my timing could very well be off. like I said I knew most of you wouldn't believe me. But if I were lyiing I would of claimed to have made out with her or something a bit more exciting then just being a roommate.


    at the time I lived with her and my buddy she had not done Poison Ivy is all I know. The only TV job I remember her always talking about at the time was a small (don't even think i t was a speaking part) role in a few episodes of Baywatch.


    i'd say this was maybe 1995 or 1996 when I lived with her because I was about 20/21 and she was 17 maybe 18 tops.


    also worth noting is I live in Costa Mesa, CA and if you look at her profile on wikipedia it says she went to "Costa Mesa Highschool"... take it for what it's worth.

  2. You're going about it all wrong Dude.


    1. Buy meat...O.K.

    2. Don't marinade the meat that long, you'll roon it. Try a dry rub instead of marinade.

    3. Start chacoal..O.K.

    4. Never use lighter fluid, buy a chimney starter for $10.

    5. Arrange coals in "non direct" heat fromation. Good!

    6. Check meat every 10 minutes. Wrong! Start the roast after the temperature of the coals has cooled to medium, medium/low. Every time you check the roast, you lose smoke and heat. The idea of cooking with smoke is to cook at a low temperature for a longer period of time.

    7. 1 hour cooking time means that you're temeprature is too high to start with.

    8. Use a meat thermometer. Pork is medium when internal temp. reaches 140 degrees. Beef is medium/rare at 125 degrees. Remove and cover and let sit for at least 30 minutes before slicing.

    9. See above.

    10. If you follow these steps, there won't be anything left to throw away.



    125 degree beef is gonna be bloody as fack man. medium rare is about 145ish. pork you should be cooking to atleast 150-155 (160 is the USDA reco) unless you want to get sick.

  3. That low a temp?


    How long does it usually take for med rare?

    :ninja: You mean meat temp, right? :wall:



    right. your grill temp is fine and the way you're cooking it indirectly is also correct. you just don't want to pull meat off the grill and cut into it to check if it is done. as i'm sure you've found out it makes the meat dry and it usually gets overcooked very fast when you return it.


    i'd do the exact same method you mentioned first but just insert a meath thermo somewhere in the center of the tri-tip and see what temp you're at. anywhere between 150-155 internal heat is going to be nice.


    another trick you can use if you don't have a meat thermometer is what I call "Thumb Rule"....


    Take one hand and hold it up loosely. With your other hand squeeze the thick part (the pad) of the thumb to get the feeling rare


    Bring your index finger to your thumb to make a circle. With the other hand, squeeze the thumb pad again to get the feeling of medium.


    Bring your middle finger to your thumb to make a circle and squeeze the thumb pad again to get the feeling of well done.

  4. I try and use indirect heat, and attempt to keep the bbq at around 325...

    I doubt the thermometer is very accurate though.. :ninja:


    I do have 1 of these on order from a spiff program at work, though...Might help..



    You want a temp right around 150 for medium rare, 160 for medium, and 170 for well. I usually take my meat off around 150-155 and let it set for 5-10 minutes which takes it to just under medium. Cutting into your meat or removing/readding it to the coals is about the worst thing you can do. So go buy a nice meat thermometer and cook yourself the perfect tri-tip.



  5. I know noone will believe me but I actually used to live with her 8 or 9 years ago. She was maybe 18 or 19 and dating one of my best buddies and we shared a house. This was before Poison Ivy 3 or really any acting gigs. She was just doing teen magazine modeling and a some very small parts in TV shows. He ended up going to jail for stealing a car and she left him. Now he's in prison for 25 years (third strike) and i'm sure he just loves seeing how successful she turned out from his 6x10 cell.


    She was a pretty freaky chick back then. Smoked a ton of herb (and a little white) and would often get wasted and run around with her boobs hanging out. Although I never got the privilege of actually making out with her I can attest that she indeed has a smoking body. It was probably even hotter back then since she was barely legal.


    Well that's my claim to fame! (sorta sad I know)



  6. Open wheel is Indy. Yes. Indy sucks nowadays. Yes.


    F1 is the bomb. Yes.


    Nascar is fun for a handful of races (Talladega, Daytona, short tracks, charlotte, road courses). The rest are nearly the exact same track and some would call those snoozers. :blink:


    The one today is the biggest snoozer of the year to me. I hate that focking Atlanta track. I've never watched a full race. I'm sure Tony Stewart or Bobby Labonte will win it.


    or Kasey Kahne :first:


    Atlanta is actually my favorite track to watch. Fastest track on the circuit.

  7. yeah, it's a real mistake to upgrade their #2 & #3 WR's. :D


    BTW, didn't the lions sign yet another WR? does that still mean they'll be taking santonio holmes with their first pick? :lol:


    low blow (but that's probably what we'll do). someone stop the bleeding :lol:

  8. Why? Wherever TO's been he's gotten the attention and who opposite him has flourished?


    Took the words right out of my mouth. Nobody in Philly or SF excelled opposite of TO so I don't see why Glenn would. If anything this will open up more running room for whoever is running the ball in Dallas next year. That being said I still don't think i'd touch a back from Dallas in this years FF draft (definitely not if it is JJ again).

  9. I heard it was bad. I hung out at ffLivewire.com while we were in hiatus. It's actually a good board and they have good football material. I will continue to flop between boards from now on...



    me too. tracked down alot of the FFToday guys at FFLivewire and I will continue to use that site (although this will still be my #1)

  10. not bad. DVI-HDCP 1080i is the most important feature which your TV has. Some people are still buying HDTV's with DVI that isn't HDCP compliant. They're gonna be hurting when HD-DVD/Blu Ray is the standard and they're TV is displaying 480i only.


    Ive got HDMI-HDCP which is slightly better but you still got a kickarse TV man. Congrats on the purchase

  11. I liked her hog throating abilities in "The Brown Bunny". :thumbsup:



    Haha yah. Too bad you're half asleep after watching Vincent Gallo ride a motorcycle round and round for 30 minutes before it gets to that part. That's one movie I sat through ONLY because of Chloe Sevigny. God what a horrible movie that was.


    But back on Soprano's. I can't believe Vito thinks he can run the family. He's a disaster waiting to happen.

  12. At the risk of getting banned, saying that the Sopranos dialogue can be written by a 10-year-old is incredibly short-sighted and silly. (That's right...I went there.)


    And where, pray tell, was the "dark comedy". I gave it a fair shot and sat through the whole episode despite being bored out of my mind 10 minutes in. What was supposed to be even mildly amusing?!?


    I was only making a reference to the first episode of this season not the entire series. I thoght at first that maybe it was just me and my high expectations of the show but after conversing with some of my friends a majority of them had the same opinion. I hope The Soprano's heads back towards the writing and dialogue that made it so great but I honestly feel that something was off on this first episode.


    As far as Big Love maybe i'm just jaded being such a big fan of Chloe Sevigny and her movies like KIDS and Gummo which are two of my favorites.

  13. You thought Sopranos was "cheesy" but "Big Love" was awesome?!? :doublethumbsup:


    That was one painful hour of boring TV. It might as well have starred the CBS NFL announcers! I don't even get how the show is on HBO. Because they are Mormon, they can't curse. Other than a disturbing shot of Bill Paxton's B-hind (*SIGH*), there isn't even any real nudity. Nip|Tuck, The Shield, and early NYPD Blue was far racier and that was basic cable and network TV!



    Like I said. I'm a Chloe Sevigny fan. I also don't need violence and dialogue a 10 year old could write to enjoy something. I thought Big Love was witty and well written with bits of dark comedy throughout making it quirky and interesting. It reminded me of the writing on 6 Feet Under which was probably the best show ever on HBO.


    I still enjoyed the Soprano's premier I just found it cheesy and the jokes force fed.