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  1. My wife really liked it. She has very bad taste in movies and TV shows though. I dont have the attention span to watch movies personally. I can do a comedy or a really compelling drama (something like Saving Private Ryan or Fight Club), but I generally fall asleep during movies.


    Has anyone seen that Black Mirror movie? Shes trying to get me to watch that one with her.

  2. I generally like New England, but theres a restaurant in my city called The Crab Cooker, that makes the best Manhattan. I think it has a little cream in it, because its more of a pinkish color. Its amazing and beats any New England Ive ever had. They make great smoked albacore too. Getting hungry thinking about it.

  3. The only advice I can give you is to cut him out of your life. But, not because you dont care. Because you do care. You cant help people who dont want to help themselves. Im in recovery and it is something I have to consciously work at every single day. Every time I lose focus of my sobriety, I fall back off the wagon. Which as Im sure many of you know, Ive done several times over the last 5 years. Probably close to 10 times if Im being honest.

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  4. Well, I dont know what changed between January (your link) and March (my link). Im guessing the devil is in the details, but all of this information is second hand from unnamed senior officials, so who knows what the truth is anyways.


    They shouldnt get citizenship anyways. Send them back and let them fulfill the dreams of their own countries. Would deter future illegals from trying to pull the same BS. Tougher immigration policies would work way better than a dumb wall IMO.

  5. Didnt Trump turn down $25B for the wall because it included some protections for Dreamers? If so, he is doing the art of the deal wrong I think





    The White House initially offered a roughly three-year DACA extension in exchange for $25 billion in border wall funding, Axios reported on Thursday, citing Congressional sources familiar with the negotiations.


    Democrats appeared amenable to the $25 billion figure, but shot down the offer because it provided a pathway to citizenship for only about 700,000 DACA recipients not the full 1.8 million population of young unauthorized immigrants brought to the US as children.


    Democrats then suggested exchanging the $25 billion border wall funding for a pathway to citizenship for the 1.8 million immigrants, but the Trump administration turned them down, demanding broader immigration reforms in return for the broader population of Dreamers.

  6. This is a multi-state league (NH, OH, MA, PA & NY), hence why via ESPN. Jeff actually plays frisbee golf weekly with the Commish. *MY* take on it is that Jeff saw what was going on - blatant cheating - and decided that if Mike wanted to win THAT BAD, that he was willing to cheat to do so - then eff it; I'll cut my whole team.


    FYI: thankfully, this is not a $-league. It was SUPPOSED to be "for fun." :huh:

    The lesson to be learned from all this is to never trust a grown man who plays frisbee golf. Theyre always either burnout hippies, or too poor to play real golf. This guy Jeff sounds like he has both bases covered.

  7. Not even in the same stratosphere. Far and away the most extremism this term. I cant recall any political thread during Obamas whole term, now its 20 threads a day for the entire term. But its coming out now, the society shift is probably exposing more of it from both sides.

    During Obamas tenure, 90% of the GC threads were the usual suspects complaining about Obama. Now in the era of Trump, 90% of the threads are the usual suspects complaining about people (generally the fake media) complaining about Trump. :wacko:

  8. All of those networks have been assimilated by the Deep State. Same with the Weekly Standard, the National Review, Military Times and any random Fox correspondent who gently differs with the Orange Messiah.


    Its all a bipartisan conspiracy to make Trump seem like a juvenile, deranged narcissistic bigot, which he most definitely is not. :thumbsup:

    Thats what makes me the most uneasy about Trump, and by extension his flock. This whole cult of personality thing, thats usually reserved for dictators. Obviously people loved Obama, Bush, Clinton, etc and they all did a lot of really stupid sh!t that their loyal followers dismissed. But he stokes this primal fear that I honestly had no idea existed here. I dont ever remember a group of Americans so indoctrinated by the propaganda of a president. Its pretty bizarre TBH.