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  1. hoytdwow

    Have You Ever Noticed ...

    ... That Nancy Pelosi has enormous breasteses?
  2. hoytdwow

    What's up losers?

    I see this place hasn't changed...what'd I miss?
  3. hoytdwow

    Divisional Playoff: Green Bay v. Dallas

    Suck it Dallas! Hate the focking Cowgirls.
  4. hoytdwow

    Packers' fans - Petition to remove Aikman/Buck

    Buck is horrendous. I don't mind Aikman, though
  5. People do this at every inauguration
  6. hoytdwow

    BLS Geek of the YEAR 2016

    It's BLS and not close
  7. hoytdwow

    The Electoral College Is Currently Voting

    Complaining about people complaining
  8. Fock the Jets right in the poosay
  9. hoytdwow

    Longest sabbatical taken from this place.

    took a couple years off 2010-12ish. Got banned for 30 days when I came back for posting a link to a picture of a vag on wikipedia
  10. hoytdwow

    Just Bought a Dongleberry

    welcome to the club