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  1. mkuz

    N.Y Jets @ Pittsburgh Steelers

    I think it will be a GREAT game, 2 tough Defenses slugging it out! One thing tho, I see lots of talk from Pitt fans about how the Jets wont be running the ball. Lets do some math... Jets 3rd best running attack vs Steelers 1st best running defense = 2 position in rankings favor for Pitt Steelers 11th best running attack vs Jets 3rd best running defense = 8 position favor in rankings for the Jets So the Jets SHOULD actually do better rushing the ball this game then the Steelers. I would not be suprised if the Jets lost because it is in Pittsburg but it will be close and we seem to have a knack for winning the close ones this year. Go Jets!
  2. mkuz

    1st thing the Patriots need to do

    Really they need to worry about one thing... Figure out a way to compete with the new top dog in the division, the J-E-T-S!
  3. PATSSOX, parrot, and of course Mr. BirdBradyBobbyOrr... how 'bout 'dem Jets? As one of the biggest Jet fans out there, I honored my end of the bet. http://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=351205&view=findpost&p=4119767&hl=mkuz&fromsearch=1 After last night, well, I just had to stop by. Pats fans do me a favor... Tell Brady to cut his fabulous hair and also tell Wes Welker he likes guys feet to much. Maybe you should hire Josh McDaniels back so you can tape some more practices and win another Superbowl. Now sit back and enjoy the offseason and don't forget who sent ya home. J-E-T-S!
  4. mkuz

    If the Patriots don't beat the Jets on November 22nd

    Yes, congrats on the bet... see you all around this time next year! Hopefully Sanchez matures into the QB we need him to be by then. OH yeah and F*CK THE PATRIOTS!!!!!
  5. mkuz

    If the Patriots don't beat the Jets on November 22nd

    Thanks but no thanks. I would rather not post on here for a year then write anything good about the Patriots, Tom Brady or Belichick in my signature. May the better team win this weekend....
  6. mkuz

    If the Patriots don't beat the Jets on November 22nd

    I'll step up and take the bet! I said the Jets will win and I will stand by it. http://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/index.p...howtopic=357243 I havnt posted much in the last 5 years but I do enjoy FFToday. So if the Jets lose I will not post on here again for a year. I will however still visit the sight for their info. If the Jets do lose I will make my last post on Monday. It will be titled... "F*CK THE PATRIOTS!". J-E-T-S! Jets! Jets! Jets!
  7. mkuz

    Anyone else sitting Randy Moss ?

    As I said a few days ago, the Jets will limit both Moss and Welker. If I were you I would go with Mason. http://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/index.p...howtopic=357243
  8. mkuz

    Sit Moss and Welker this week....

    Everyone else seemed to get it. Nobody agrees, but they get it. Thanks for your contribution to my "stupid thread" buddy. BTW, it is kinda funny that you read it that way.
  9. mkuz

    Sit Moss and Welker this week....

    No, everyone thinks that the Pats will DOMINATE, which wont happen if they have to go to lesser players all game. And my prediction of the Jets winning isn't even the main topic of the post, that has little to do with Fantasy Football. Its is that Moss and Welker, likely the #1 WRs on many FF teams, will struggle this week against the Jets. If you have good depth at WR, i would consider sitting them.
  10. I could trade him in a non-ppr keeper league and get Matt Forte. I would not be keeping Forte, it would just be for this season. I have Turner as my #1 RB who I will be keeping. I really just need to hear opinions on the guy, is he a potential top 10-15 WR in the league? Or is he a just a decent #2 fantasy WR in the future? Also, if you have any imput on Forte the rest of the way, please share. Thanks Fellas
  11. mkuz

    Sit Moss and Welker this week....

    Take away Moss and Welker and the Pats offense will struggle. The Jets offense will struggle as well because the Pats will key on the run, but I think Sanchez could have lots of chances to get the ball to his big WRs against a weak secondary. If the Jets defend the Pats like I stated in the Topoc, the game will be low scoring and that will at least give NY a chance. NO WAY the Jets D gets "lite up" with Brady dumping the ball all around to Faulk, Edlman and Watson. And IF Sanchez doesn't turn the ball over left and right, the Jets could win the game. Which is what I am predicting. I realize NOBODY agrees with me here (even Jet fans) and I can't blaim anyone, the Patriots have just as good of a chance in this game as the Jets. Forcing Sanchez to throw the ball will open him up to mistakes, which he is prone to. Also the Jets have a much less dynamic offense then NE so really they could just as easily lose a low scoring game as win. I think it will be a close game no matter what. NOWAY the Jets get blown out! As for the main topic of my post, Moss is a beast and I own him on one of my teams. I said SIT him. Really you cant just sit your second round pick, especially one playing as well as he is. I would however temper my expectations. There will be no 100+ yds and 2 TDs this week. Moss - 4 catches for 50 yds 0 TDs And for Welker I could see a slightly better game, with those screens and slants that he runs. Revis will still be on him like glue. Welker - 7 catches for 75 yds 0 TDs
  12. mkuz

    Sit Moss and Welker this week....

    Yes I agree it is hard to say SIT Randy Moss and most will not. You all should at least temper expectations. I don't care who you are, if you are Double Covered all game, you will not put up good stats. As a corner, when you know you have help deep, it makes your job so much easier. Welker being back has helped Moss but Welker will be a nonfactor with Revis blanketing him all game. So this leaves it up to Watson and the running game, I like the Jets chances there. Picking the Jets to actually win the game was harder to predict then Moss/ Welker struggling. I just think the Jets can exploit the Pats poor DB's with their big WR's and put it in the endzone a couple times. It is going to be a lower scoring affair and that should favor the Jets as well.
  13. mkuz

    Is Colston a good buy low?

    plus, I doubt any Colton owners will be letting him go at a discount. Those GREAT games at the begining of the year are probably still fresh on their minds.
  14. Game Breakdown: I think the Jets will play NE much like they did last year in November when they beat them. They put Revis on Welker and doubled Moss with a corner and Safety all game. Earlier this year the Jets put Revis on Moss and gave him frequent help, forcing NE to go to the run and go to Etleman all game. Now with Welker back, it is a whole different Pats team then the last time around. The Jets will probably not trust Lito Sheopard to cover Welker while Revis is wrapped up with Randy Moss and they cant afford to give them both Safety help all game.. The Jets Defense is built to beat the Patriots, and while they do struggle against very physical teams (Miami & Jax), physical the Pats are not. The Jets Offense is very good on the ground and NE know this, they will load the box and force the Jets to pass. The key is Mark Sanchez not turning the ball over. Any team can beat you when you give them a short field all game (Buffalo & NO). Fantasy Impact: NE - I wouldn't expect much out of Moss or Welker this week. Revis will do what he does and shut down Wes Welker. And Moss will have little impact being double teamed all game by Lito Sheopard and Leonard/ Rhodes. Watson and Maroney/ Faulk could have good games. NYJ - Jones will struggle against the 8 man boxes much of the game. Keller might not get many ops because the Jets will need him in the trenches to run block and protect the QB. Sanchez is a wild card but the Pats don't have the best DB's so I can see him having a nice day. Edwards/ Cotchery will be the benefactors of NE loading to stop the run and I see good days for them. Prediction: New York Jets beat the New England Patriots by a score o 20-16. Making it 3 wins in a row over the Pats and gaining a game in the AFC East. GO JETS, prove me right!
  15. mkuz

    Cuse9's Help Thread

    non PPR Who do you take as RB2, to pair with Michael Turner? Reggie Bush, Darren McFadden, Thomas Jones or Marshawn Lynch? thanks