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    Stefon Diggs....the real deal

    When Diggs is on the injury report he does nothing. I'd play most anybody else.
  2. The Hood

    Fournette ejected

    So focking stupid. He wasn't even in the game, came all from the opposite sideline to start throwing punches.
  3. The Hood

    Riverboat Ron

    If it would have "won" the game I would agree. Problem here was there was still 1:06 left on the clock and Lions had 2 timeouts. That is tons of time for them to go get a FG to win the game. And if they were only tied not down they wouldn't be desperate enough to be going on 4th down if it came up and settle for OT.
  4. The Hood

    Indy TEs

    In the three games that Doyle has now been active, he’s out-snapped Ebron 193-71 and run 101 pass routes to 44 for Ebron. - ROTOWORLD worksheet I see targets are 22 vs 12 in those games. But Ebron did catch a TD in all 3.
  5. No all TD's and turnovers are auto reviewed now. Saw it on redzone, TV booth didn't seem to get the change but it came out within few minutes that the official scorer had it for Murray from reporters at the game.
  6. The Hood

    How often do highly drafted rookie rbs payoff?

    http://drafthistory.com/index.php/positions/rb -- just found this , can see draft history by position by year RB's drafted in the first round have a high success rate in their first year that I see. 2nd round picks a lot of busts but plenty of studs too.
  7. Gase was only in Chicago in 2015. They were the 23rd offense. He had Cutler at probably his most efficient but they were not throwing it a lot. But that is about the same as Gase did with Tannehill last year so don't think there should be much change in expectations for the WR's with Cutler now.
  8. The Hood

    R. Kelley - Do You Believe He Can Fly?

    They actually tried to to play action pass to him the first time they were at the goal line. He was wide open, bounced off his hands. They had an illegal formation penalty on the play anyways but he really can't catch.
  9. The Hood

    ** 2016 NFL Draft Round 1 - Discussion Thread **

  10. The Hood

    ** 2016 NFL Draft Round 1 - Discussion Thread **

    video of Tunsil smoking weed with a gas mask showed up on his Twitter feed half hour ago. Big fall coming.
  11. The Hood

    Which Cardinal is Norman covering this Sunday?

    Just about always stays on his side.
  12. The Hood

    Patriots in the Playoffs

    Will Edelman be effective when he returns has got to be a concern. Dez with "same" injury was a shell of himself and never improved. If he can't make those quick cuts and get open NE passing game will continue to suck.
  13. The Hood

    Belichick is so genius.

    NE did it in 2013 and won. The Vikings chose to kicked in OT earlier this year and won. Don't know the stats but teams don't often score a TD on first possesion in OT. Didn't work this week but it might not be a dumb strategy.
  14. The Hood

    OBJ vs Norman

    About all came on a 87 yd TD. Only because of a horrible play by the safety. Ability to do so is why you can't bench him. But Norman has shutdown everyone. The only hope is the Giants put Odell in the slot a lot and Norman doesn't follow. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V1svTmHKikE
  15. The Hood

    Crowell this week?

    Crowell gets to go to Seattle this week. Last 4 weeks they given up around 30 yds a game to RB's. Which includes Peterson and D. Williams. Playing him should not be an option.
  16. Only played about half the snaps early on but ended up playing a lot more than expected. Played too much when they were already up big. In for 43 out of 69 snaps I've seen from PFF. Gronk should be full go next week I would assume. Chandler only played 1 snap, guess he was more injured than was expected.
  17. The Hood

    Julio vs Josh Norman

    Norman wasn't on Cooks' for his long TD. He motioned from slot to the other side and Panthers were in zone. Let Cooks run free. https://twitter.com/NFL/status/673649466449104896?ref_src=twsrc^tfw
  18. You are correct. 11th best in yds and only given up 14 pass Td's (4th best). But they have a league low 13 sacks and have played a ton of subpar/conservative QB's on the year. Weeden, Mettenberger, Bridgewater, Hasselback,Cousins and Winston(2). Brees, Eli, Bradford, Hoyer had fine games against them. Falcons on a 5 game losing streak and going to Jax in between 2 games with the Panthers is a terrible spot. Should be a good day for Bortles. (I hope)
  19. The Hood

    Chicago at Green Bay Weather / In-Game Discussion

    The pick call was terrible. The play was stopped correctly because the LT moved before the snap on the offside.
  20. The Hood

    David Cobb

    I don't see where Cobb's a good play. Even if he plays think we'll see all 3 active Titan RB's getting carries. Jax D has been great against the run, best in NFL right now allowing 3.3 ypc. Pats had rush 4 TD's but only allowed 4 in the 8 other games.
  21. The Hood

    Bortles on Thursday night?

    Sounds promising for Hurns this week at the moment. Also Rookie WR Rashad Greene is eligible to return from IR this week. Been practicing for couple weeks. Was #3 WR for Jags to start the season. Lots of people were high on him coming out. Got 13 targets week 1.
  22. The Hood


    My bad, too many morons around here to determine stupidity vs sarcasm sometimes. Especially in this thread.
  23. The Hood


    2.4 6.7 8.2 13 9.3 7.8 10.7 15.2 3.6 28.6 20.2 17.8 27.9 13.7 5.3 Antonio Brown, Julio, AJ Green last 5. One bad game out of 5 does not make you a boom or bust. It makes you a stud.
  24. The Hood

    Must Own RB backup...Rest of season

    Charles Simms is a must own with Martin's injury history. Not a bad desperation PPR bye week fill in now.Running pretty well and looks great in passing game. Should get heavy load if Martin went down. Probably wouldn't get get all Martin's work load, thinking Rainey would get a bit more play than Simms is now,but still be a great option.
  25. The Hood

    Bears win coaching carosel

    Good? I'd say not really, a little better than average. It will be nice after this year's debacle to return to the being an average team but I wanted more. I see some 7,8,9 win seasons with a couple fluke 10-11 win seasons for a wild card. Lovie Smith part 2, basically. Very steady overall, but terrible in game coach and way too conservative. Gets rid of Cutler and I will love him for awhile. I would have preferred hiring Bowles. Who knows how he turns out but would have much rather taken the chance of finding a great coach.