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  1. Drizzay

    Disney's new attraction: Hoodland

    Wayne Williams
  2. Drizzay


    He'll be more experienced and the girls in his grade will be a year younger. Win-Win!
  3. Drizzay

    How millennial are you?

    You're only a millennial douche if you pronounce it "Le Kwah" It is pronounced "Le kroy"
  4. Drizzay

    How millennial are you?

    How is Rosé considered millenial?
  5. Drizzay

    How much news do you read/watch/follow?

    I watch the local evening news. That is it.
  6. Drizzay

    2019 American Century Championship

    Romo needs to give up this little pipe dream.
  7. Why is a 14 year old boy giving advice on mothering children?
  8. Drizzay

    Rocky fans

    You're The Best Around
  9. Drizzay

    Tolerable ways to eat avacado

    Put it in place of lettuce on a BLT
  10. Drizzay

    Southern California Geeks

    Learn to swim!
  11. Drizzay

    Fireworks in your neighborhood.

    Yea, we are right next to an Elementary school/park. It is filled with families firing off stuff. The illegal ones are coming from the skate park.
  12. Drizzay

    Fireworks in your neighborhood.

    Of course Nextdoor is full of posts by middle aged women complaining about the ankle-biter having anxiety.
  13. Do you got the full Monty going off at all hours? MN does not allow the hardcore fireworks, but WI does. So many make the 30 min drive across the border. It is about every 5 min now. We are at dusk, so the big booms are coming more frequently.
  14. Drizzay

    How's your employer handling the 4th?

    Have Thursday, Friday, and Monday off! Today is going to be the longest day ever.
  15. Drizzay

    Retirement Projects/Learning

    Woodworking. I could be in a shop and build sh!t all day long.