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  1. Drizzay

    Broncos vs Vikes. WTH is going on?

    Week before the bye. Players had their minds set on warmer weather.
  2. Drizzay

    CMAs are on tonight

    An award ceremony? gross.
  3. On the contrary. Who do you think works at all of the meet processing plants in the middle of no where?
  4. Drizzay

    McGregor talking tough again

    You ever known an Irishman to not say something stupid?
  5. Bikers are the worst. Especially the ones who bike to work with the fat tires in the middle of winter.
  6. Drizzay

    Best QBs to never reach a SB

    You can blame Gary Anderson for Cunningham not making it.
  7. Drizzay

    T.I. takes daughter to gyno each year to check her hymen

    She is using the wrong shade of makeup.
  8. Maybe the little lazy focks should join a team sport to cover the time between when school ends and when mommy is done working at Teavanna.
  9. Drizzay

    Boomer is the new N word

    So, if boomers are so bad, do we blame The Greatest Generation for raising them? Also I like the popular meme out there from a comic comparing any word to the n-word, "if you don't even say the second word, that is the worse one"
  10. Drizzay

    When do you start decorating for Christmas?

    We always do the weekend before thanksgiving. I am always too full/drunk to do it the weekend after. Plus it is cold here. The fock if I am waiting until December to hang lights outside.
  11. Drizzay

    What is the first day of the week?

    Sunday is a part of the weekEND.
  12. Drizzay

    Deadspin Chaos

    So, which side is Deadspin on? The two above posts seem to differ.
  13. Drizzay

    Any good Haunted History/ Ghost Stories?

    My wife used to manage apartment communities. A couple of her maintenance men (hispanic), used to talk about the lady who would watch them as they worked. They said she wore a white dress and she was "transparente". One didnt mind, but the other was scared sh!tless and would carry around his crucifix with him while working.
  14. Drizzay

    Chrissy Snow

    And some people say Bigfoot isn't real.