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  1. Drizzay

    I just ordered a pair of these...

    Will you be wearing these with a plaid shirt in your Subaru on the way to the Indigo Girls concert?
  2. Drizzay

    Mike Hankberg new host of NFL Draft!

    NFL draft coverage > ESPN draft coverage
  3. Drizzay

    The Vaccine.... appt next week.

    Just had my second Moderna shot yesterday. The exact same after-effects as mmmm..beer, sans the severe headache (so far). Both shoulders and back are just on fire right now. Time to start painting!
  4. Drizzay

    Common misused sayings ....

  5. Drizzay

    Have you ran from the cops?

    3 or 4 times.
  6. Drizzay

    What things make you definitely an a$$hole?

    Leaving your cart on one side of the isle, while you scan for an item on the other side....effectively blocking the entire isle.
  7. Drizzay

    When do Rules Change for the Vaccinated?

    As soon as the majority of old people are vaccinated, there is absolutely no reason to not go back to normal.
  8. No one on the web bothered to do any real investigation whatsoever. "The elevator door didn't shut!" "Why was she acting so strange?" "Some black metal guy once stayed there!" "The lid was shut!" All of it easily explained. Frauds. It reminded me of an episode of Ancient Aliens, sans the Greek dude with the queer hair.
  9. Drizzay

    The Vaccine.... appt next week.

    Dang. I have my 2nd Moderna shot coming up next Wednesday. Not looking forward to it. I took that Thursday/Friday off for this reason...and to paint the living room.
  10. Drizzay

    Rush Limbaugh - RIP

    He was right about McNabb