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  1. Drizzay

    What number will be higher?

    Just make a deal with China. Absolve all our debt instantly and we won't call it Chinese Coronavirus anymore and won't sue the sh!t out of you. I think that is a fair deal.
  2. Drizzay

    Had to put the dog down

    We were able to be with her. The vet had a quiet room and plenty of treats . They first give her a medicine that makes her want to lie down, then they give her anesthesia until she overdoses. I didn't know they did it that way. But it was very peaceful. My daughter grabbed her hips and that is when she turned around and bit her. We believe she was in a lot of pain from the arthritis.
  3. Drizzay

    Had to put the dog down

    Thank you both. It was harder on the wife. Reese was in her life before i came around. She found her tied up to a dumpster in '08 when she was living in Detroit. She moved 13 different times with her. When bins were pulled out, Reese would cower,
  4. Drizzay

    Had to put the dog down

    13 year old Kelpie (aussie cattle dog), named Reese. She was a good dog, a bit Emo though. She didn't like to be around other animals. She developed bad arthritis in the back legs and was suffering for a while. Finally, she lashed out and bit our Pomeranian and our 18 month old daughter within a week of each other. The circle of life sucks sometimes, but at least good memories endure. Carry on.
  5. Drizzay

    Bronx zoo Tiger has Corona...wtf?

    There's a zoo keeper in the Bronx who is worried his game is up.
  6. Drizzay

    Favorite 80’s Movie

    Back To The Future
  7. Drizzay

    Growing Pot

    I would assume a decent amount. But if you are someone who grows all twelve plants that you can, I would assume that persons smokes a sh!t-ton, so it is all relative. I believe there are growing conditions that will allow multiple harvests in one year as well. Its all interesting. One of the biggest "fears" the government and big pharma has is that you can make the drug yourself. You are not reliant on any large manufacturer. Imagine being able to grow and harvest your own ibuprofen or Tylenol?
  8. Drizzay

    1 Album. 1 Movie. 1 Video game. 1 Book

    Self Portrait (Dylan) Clue Civilization VI The Grapes Of Wrath
  9. Drizzay

    On a scale of 1-10, How worried are you?

    5. I am doing a lot of projects around the house. The wife designed a feature wall using 1.5in trim in different patterns. Then we are painting the entire wall a deep teal. It'll look good, and I am excited to spend a few days in the garage by myself.
  10. Drizzay

    Favorite Album - Metallica

    MoP wins out in my book simply because of Orion.