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  1. Drizzay

    I hate Drake

    He's not even hip hop. He is R&B, rap and bullsh!t.
  2. Drizzay

    Happy belated Victoria Day

    A lot of Cannucks sent it last night.
  3. Drizzay

    103rd running of the Indianapolis 500

    Is that insufferable actress still front and center to this? It made the race utterly unwatchable. Then when the italian dude won, she was doing the fake "count how many times he has won on your hand, then act surprised at the number".
  4. Apparently, she forgot that on the opposite side, it was all white people on the front lines.
  5. Drizzay

    Columbine - Sad

    Who is "they"?
  6. And 4 mandatory saturday or sunday true double headers for each team. 2 on the road and 2 at home.
  7. I would be in favor of getting rid of the unbalanced schedule, and you play every team (or almost every team) at least one series. Then you can flip flop the who the home team is every other year. Which also means adding the DH to the NL.
  8. Drizzay

    **Official MLB 2019**

    If you are a power hitter, I don't know why you wouldn't want to play in the NL Central. Milwaukee, Chicago and Cincy...all band-boxes.
  9. Drizzay


    "...so far away"
  10. Drizzay

    NBA Draft Lottery

    Lol Knicks fans right now.
  11. Drizzay

    Sky P*nis Investigation Completed

    "Negative, Ghostrider, the pattern is full."
  12. Drizzay

    Memorials Day weekend plans

    Going to my buddies lake house, with another family....we've all been best buds since 3 years old. Going to be doing a lot of chores, but also a lot of grilling and drinking and watching kids run around crazy. I am looking forward to the escape.
  13. That was the first time she didn't show any mercy. And Tyeion was right there pleading her to not do it. That was the first time she seemed infallible.
  14. The Mad Queen process started when she killed Sam's dad and brother. Hth
  15. Drizzay

    Should overtime hours be taxed?

    Salaried here as well.