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  1. bloodninja


    You could ask me sexting questions.
  2. bloodninja

    addict's muff

    Bet it smells like a yummy wet dog
  3. bloodninja

    Bought my first digital camera today.

    Do you have hairspray because I need something to control my sauce
  4. bloodninja

    64 regular username's posts on this board

    Aight, lets play a game. You are the the king and I am your pawn, tell me the rules and I will play.
  5. bloodninja

    I just received an outsourced phonecall

    I shop for your alias . Did you bring the veggies.
  6. The stupid fock called me back after I told him I couldn't understand him. He was mad and told me I would be speaking spanish in two years. It doesn't get any better when you have someone from India telling me what to do.
  7. bloodninja

    USC makes jump to No. 2 in BCS, ahead of Michigan

    I'll troll where the Fock I want. Computers and BCS are a silly way to make an arguement. Did the Beavers kick the crap out of the condoms?
  8. bloodninja

    Fishing on the mange board

    Better than my attempt
  9. bloodninja

    CBS is awesome

    CBS should be shot...Wait, nevermind...
  10. bloodninja

    I'm going to the mange bored

    Suck my feathers
  11. bloodninja

    The Legend of Blood Ninja (not pron)

    Chill out dude...I can't believe the Rams scored
  12. bloodninja

    The Legend of Blood Ninja (not pron)

    Dunn it is, thanx.
  13. bloodninja

    The Legend of Blood Ninja (not pron)

    this place is strange
  14. bloodninja

    The Legend of Blood Ninja (not pron)

    So you're really a 18 yr old girl right?