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  1. Toro

    Summer Movies

    I don't go to the movies anymore. It's too expensive and it seems that at least half the time, I walk away disappointed. Plus the only movie theater close to me is ghetto.
  2. Toro

    How to reduce fuel costs

    Quit using so much gas.
  3. Toro

    What's your monthly car payment?

    A lease is the worst thing you can do financially, besides payday loans and credit card balances.
  4. Toro

    I'm thinking of getting a motorcycle

    and gloves. There is only one place you can't get a skin graft - your palms. And guess what's the first thing you put down in a wreck.
  5. Toro

    I'm thinking of getting a motorcycle

    Take a motorcycle safety course. They'll teach you how to ride. It's not just jumping on and treating it like a bike.
  6. Toro


    Wet Sand
  7. Toro

    Recommend a book

    I'm telling Lenny.
  8. Toro

    Strange serial killer in NH

  9. Toro

    Recommend a book

    Scratch Beginnings http://www.amazon.com/Scratch-Beginnings-S...m/dp/0979692601 Tony Dungy: Quiet Strength: The Principles, Practices, & Priorities of a Winning Life http://www.amazon.com/Quiet-Strength-Princ...5412&sr=1-1 Gregg Easterbrook: Beside Still Waters: Searching for Meaning in an Age of Doubt http://www.amazon.com/Beside-Still-Waters-...5489&sr=1-2 Living the Martial Way : A Manual for the Way a Modern Warrior Should Think http://www.amazon.com/Living-Martial-Way-M...5554&sr=1-1
  10. Toro


    The way you follow her around - man, it's focking pathetic. Get a life you fat focking, s2000 driving loser.
  11. Toro


    She doesn't need your advice. She needs you to quit stalking her.
  12. Toro

    Very Serious Parenting Question

    First your stalking TNG, now me.
  13. Toro

    Very Serious Parenting Question

    My 2 cents... Sounds like Momma is letting them get away with disrespecting the BF. Boys, especially at that age, need to know the boundaries. Mom might not be drawing them clearly. Talk to the BF as well. Verbalize what you expect, in terms of punishment, and keep the communication open between you three. Whatever you do, don't let your children think that the BF has to "answer" to you because if they do, based on my previous observation, they are going to do whatever they want.
  14. Toro

    For those of you who run around

    Sounds like someone is mad because they are going to burn in hell.