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  1. snowman_42_98

    Return TDs

    All TDs should be worth something, no matter how they happen....special teams, offensive fumble recovery, etc.
  2. snowman_42_98

    KFFL shuts down all leagues.

    Are there any other reputable sites like KFFL out there? I've found a few, but the ones I've found have no openings or keep like 50% of the league dues...any info is appreciated.
  3. snowman_42_98


  4. I sent you the info Typhus.
  5. snowman_42_98

    The Ideal Waiver/Free Agent Setup?

    In all three of my dynasties we do a waiver claim once a week with a worst to first order. No FCFS after that either. So you only have one shot to pick up players each week during the season. In the offseason you can only pick up players in the rookie draft. I really like this way because it doesn't give an advantage to the guys sitting on the internet all day reading articles.
  6. Leo email this guy Tdgruse22@aol.com I think Shawn has been very busy as of late and this guy is another one of the commishes for the site and he should be able to answer your questions.
  7. snowman_42_98

    Nice run in the UFC, Mirko.

    No it was on Spike tv for free last night.
  8. Did you get an invite yet?
  9. still 25 or so spots left.
  10. snowman_42_98

    Does MNF have any significance anymore?

    MNF will never be the same, because SNF has all the pull on getting the best game of the week.
  11. snowman_42_98

    What Site do you use to Manage your League?

    MFL is the way to go.
  12. This is a little long, so please bear with me. This league is a cool little concept I came up with a couple of years ago, but never had the time to really put into action. Well, now I have the time to focus on this and am really hoping that there’s enough interest to truly make it work. You can read the rules and bylaws here: http://football8.myfantasyleague.com/2007/...amp;tid=1002312 They explain everything in much greater detail, but basically this is a four league event. Each league has 16 teams and for the first 10 weeks of the NFL season there are no head-to-head match-ups, only total points. After week 10 is complete, each team is ranked based on their total points from 1-16 in their league (conference). Since there are four conferences, it sets up exactly like the NCAA bracket. Starting in week 11 then, all of the teams play another team head-to-head based on their seeding (ranking). The winner moves on to week 12, and for the loser the season is over. Eventually, we get to a championship game (week 16) where one team out of 64 is crowned champion. Another nice part of this league is that it will only cost $12.50 to enter (which is what most people pay as just their share of the site fees in a normal league) and the champion takes home around $300. Other teams win money as well. For the entire payout list see the link above. The league is 100% payout as well, I feel that is very important. But basically, the league is a low risk, high reward league and should be a lot of fun. Other details: Based on last season, the bye weeks ended on week 10. This works perfectly with the tournament schedule. The teams will be mixed based on final standings the following season (if they choose to play in the league again the following year). Example: The sweet 16 teams will all be in the same conference the following year. All four drafts will start simultaneously. Also, a large league like this is very hard run by oneself, so I’ll be looking to add 3 co-commissioners to help run the league. And I know some people feel funny sending money to a person they don’t know, so I will also be looking to name someone treasurer to handle all league finances. If you have any questions please email Shawn at shawn.vanhemert@gmail.com
  13. snowman_42_98

    Matt Schaub traded to the Houston Texans

    I'm excited to see what this kid is made of.