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  1. We're heading to Universal next weekend. 2 DAY 2 PARK tix for 2 adults 3 kids w/ FL resident discount and I have a corporate discount = $800. I take a look at attendance calendars to see when they expect the least amount of crowds and attend those days. Don't want to waste money standing in line. If it wasn't for the kids, I wouldn't be near the theme parks.
  2. hdaddy

    Geek parentals

    I'm probably over reacting and he probably won't rebel as badly as I did. You guys always say the right things...oh and I notice a lot of these are geared towards catching a cheating spouse too.
  3. hdaddy

    Geek parentals

    You're nobody until somebody loves or kills you...
  4. hdaddy

    Geek parentals

    Anyone have any experience with installing a spy tracking app on a teens cell phone? There seems to be a big market for these and not sure which one is worth the money. Looking for something that helps track and makes sure nobody's getting into trouble.
  5. Good point...I was already assuming
  6. Once again 98% of America will be rooting against one team in the SB...
  7. hdaddy

    College football playoffs

  8. hdaddy

    College football playoffs

    Hats off to both teams
  9. hdaddy

    College football playoffs

    My apologize. I like the whole sky cam thing and being able to see what the QB sees. Stats are pretty neat too.
  10. hdaddy

    College football playoffs

    Georgia D decided to show up
  11. hdaddy

    College football playoffs

    Anybody else watching on the alternate ESPN channels. Liking the command center on espn2.
  12. hdaddy

    College football playoffs

    Understandable. I like it when two unknowns collide. Really anticipating UCF and Auburn too.
  13. hdaddy

    Refs in Wisconsin vs Miami are HORRIBLE

    Miami had their chances to control or get back into the game but our QB is so terribly inacurate. I didn't realize how bad the officiating was until I got home and read some articles and saw the refrenced twitter posts. The initial fumble was terrible and I saw that on the board. Other than that, I really couldn't make out as much as I could on tv. Wisconsin fans travel well and were fun to interact with. Class acts...I can't say the same for some Canes fans. Better team won