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  1. Simple question. No arguing, Most of us are against it. Most liberals are even against it. But some aren't. If I had to guess, I'd say 10% of liberals are okay with it and 0% of conservatives are okay with it. Many liberals have a normal on thought process on select subjects and are able to function normally and contribute to many every day conversations. Definition of man: Person born with a peeenis/testicles, XY chromosome pair. Is there anyone on this board that is okay with men competing in women's sports? Just give a "Yes" and then ONE SENTENCE why. IF no one is, then this question is dead in the water and will go no further past this sentence.
  2. tubby_mcgee

    Moms For Liberty GOP accused of rape

    What's your point? I know of a pit bull that's never hurt anyone. Do you realize that when you post "a thing" that the right did wrong, that we can post something back that the left did wrong. Then you go. Then we go, and so on. The problem for you lefties, is that you'll run out of links farrrrrr before we will. But again, like usual, you aren't smart enough to think for yourself and realize that. So you just go with your gut and simply react without thinking.
  3. tubby_mcgee

    Liberal Ban On Rifles

    Problem with your post, is that it only makes sense to those that can think on for themselves.
  4. tubby_mcgee

    Strahan back at GMA today.

    He's back at work. https://people.com/michael-strahan-returns-to-gma-after-absence-due-to-personal-family-matters-8401425
  5. tubby_mcgee

    Daughter graduating early

    Ohhhh...okay....wait....did someone else have GRAND daughter post on the page today? Sorry...I was half awake. I was scanning the page. Saw a couple topics that I thought about posting on. Musta posted on the wrong one. I could swear the word grand daughter was in my brain. Sorry man.... But still... Congrats! PS. Granddaughter isn't far off. Also, I just scanned front page. No talk of grand daughters. Jeez. Where the fock was my head this a.m. Uhh...what IF....I somehow had a "vision"? Is your daughter dating someone? How is she earning all of these extra credits?
  6. tubby_mcgee

    Daughter graduating early

    Man what the da fawk is happening. Grand daughter? Seems like yesterday we were all a bunch of 20-and-30-somethings talking more about popcorn and hilarity rather than politics. (I don't know how many of you remember this, but the Geek Board used to be described/captioned as "Popcorn, Hilarity, Politics" Congrats!
  7. tubby_mcgee

    Strahan back at GMA today.

    No. Not even close.
  8. Or ...like the article said... are they part of a US experiment or experiment of another country?
  9. tubby_mcgee

    Strahan back at GMA today.

    Huh. I guess if you're leaning that direction, that it probably is then.
  10. tubby_mcgee

    Strahan back at GMA today.

    He wouldn't be absent from GMA and NFL/FOX because of being on Masked Singer.
  11. tubby_mcgee

    Strahan back at GMA today.

    If I say it first, you'll say "yep, I was 100% spot on exactly right" I actually posted a false answer last night for about 60 seconds, then deleted. To see if anyone woulda took it and ran. Maybe it's not a big deal. But fock...I don't want to have the family say that I was the one that told the world. Obviously the media knows the answer, they are just choosing to not say anything. There is no way his co-hosts at GMA or NFL on FOX don't know.
  12. This. I can't imagine being so devote to a party where once a person was tagged "of that party" that they would lose all rational thought, morals and logic just to defend that person. Fine. Be a liberal. But to defend a person who's brains are mush and can't walk or talk? I firmly believe that if there was video of Biden with his the thumb up a 5 year little boy's ass, that the liberal constituents would all start looking at each other, nodding and saying "yep...yes...that kid needed that to make him a better person....for sure... absolutely" as they they continued to watch with gleaming eyes.
  13. tubby_mcgee

    Strahan back at GMA today.

    So what is it that has been pieced together? I'll probably announce it today. I'm just waiting on something.
  14. "Get" Fauci ? Nobody like that is ever "gotten". Have you ever seen anyone like that ever faced any penalty for their mistakes? There are 3 different legal systems in this country. 1.) one for the public 2.) one for conservative politicians 3.) one for liberal politicians Hopefully there are 4 at some point. Hopefully the vigilante justice system starts to take effect. That's the only way folks like Fauci will be handed down and forced to serve their sentence. Same with the big tech companies. Only way would be for groups to storm their physical locations, and capture their "leaders".
  15. Science told us 14 days to flatten to curve. Listen to the science people! Science is not wrong. It's science!
  16. tubby_mcgee

    Strahan back at GMA today.

    Who's the pedocrat?
  17. tubby_mcgee

    Has the weather/climate changed where you live?

    North Dakota. 1.) It's gotten wetter. It was dry here until about 1992. In 1993....it started snowing/raining more than usual. So many fields and places under water and covered with cattails now that used to be dry land. Likely just a 'stage' like I presume has repeated itself over the last 1,000 years. 2.) Winter has shifted a cog. It used to be where it would snow from like November to March. Now it seems it's more like December to April. Maybe the other seasons have also, but I notice winter.
  18. tubby_mcgee

    Strahan back at GMA today.

    Welp. No news yet. I'm baffled.
  19. 1. Kudos 2. Kudos 3. Not me. I disagree there. My biggest problem is money that goes to people who are capable of pulling their own weight, but don't, simply because it's easier to get free stuff.
  20. Even poor people that don't help themselves? Or all poor people? And name 3 ways you like helping them. 1.) 2.) 3.)
  21. I agree with you----Those sh!thead hoodlums don't THINK about where they will benefit as far as policies. Where DO they benefit? From Democratic policies. Don't even focking argue that. How WOULD they vote if you captured them, sat them down, laid out the policies then gave them a free month of Cricket Wireless if they voted? They'd vote democratic. The fact they don't actually THINK about it, means zero. You're are correct though. They don't think about it. They are however, liberals.
  22. Why do we care about the political affiliation? The public is an constant argument of "where are most of the US problems stemming from". We have been for the past 10-15 years. You, in particular, don't care because "caring" infers that you'd you "argue for your side"-- and in this case, you have no argument, therefore, you don't want to argue, therefore you downplay the entire thing. Point we are trying to make is, that crime is a problem, and most violent crime is committed by liberals. We have video proof, backed by statistics of who is in jail and who people vote for to validate that argument in stone.
  23. tubby_mcgee

    New Jersey banning sale of new gasoline-powered vehicles

    NJ is 90% liberal poosays named Vinny, Nick and Mario. EV's make sense to them.
  24. They'd obviously vote for Trump- the guy that (accurately) refers to them as filthy animals and wants them wiped from the street. Additionally, most low income folks and black folks vote Republican. It's true. Look it up.