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  1. Raider 84

    Mark Walton Show ROS

    Same Walton at the U? He showed flashes at times, but I think he also had some off the field issues.
  2. RBBC moving forward. Sounds good to me. (a non-Packer rb owner)
  3. Raider 84

    DeAndre Hopkins..is he dead?

    Fuller is the new Hopkins if he can catch the deep ball. Dropped 3 tds last week. Should have had another monster game.
  4. Raider 84


    LOL ok I was exaggerating a bit.
  5. Raider 84

    Winston has proven to be a bust.

    And he has two great wr's and a te with all the potential in the world. Looked like he was force feeding Evans the ball. This might be his last year if he doesn't improve and reduce the turnovers.
  6. Raider 84


    Just dropped Mahomes picked up Cousins.
  7. Raider 84

    Barkley vs Kamara?

    Barkley easily in my book.
  8. Raider 84

    Where is JuJu?

  9. Raider 84

    Will Dissly

  10. Raider 84

    The Official Week 6 FU Thread

    Stonehands. Could have at least caught one td.
  11. Raider 84

    Where is JuJu?

    Mason coming back next week. That should help.
  12. Raider 84

    D Adams. news?

    Lol Have to admit that was funny.
  13. Raider 84

    D Adams. news?

    Not looking good. Probablt 2-3 weeks to fully recover.
  14. Raider 84

    James Conner for OBJ?

    I like OBJ but Baker looks completely lost out there.
  15. Raider 84

    Will Dissly

    I'm firing up The Diss again this week.