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  1. ggroovy17

    Mike Gillislee

    I'm actually starting him over Mike Davis.....it's a 14 team league and heavy TD scoring, non-PPR. I think the Pats will lean on him heavily to keep Lewis healthy for the playoff run.
  2. ggroovy17

    Mike Gillislee

    With the news that Burkhead and White are supposed to sit today, could Gillislee be a sneaky good play......especially in standard leagues?
  3. PPR league, I am struggling to eliminate one of the 4 RB's I have...........which RB should I sit? Leave a link and i'll try to help with your lineup decisions. Rex Burkhead @ Miami Dion Lewis @ Miami Samaje Perine @ Chargers Kenyan Drake vs. Patriots
  4. What are your projections for Kareem Hunt in tonight's game with the Patriots? I like Kareem Hunt but I am definitely nervous about starting him because of all the unknowns surrounding him........first game in the NFL, bad matchup, and how much time he will split with West and Spiller. My projection: 60 yds rushing, 20 yds receiving 0 TD's.
  5. In a TD-heavy standard scoring league. Should I start Kareem Hunt @ NE or Rob Kelley vs. Eagles? Thanks!
  6. ggroovy17

    I am benching Frank Gore for...........

    Gore not as valuable this year as he was last year. Carlos Hyde is good, and the fact he may vulture TD's from Gore is real......it happened in the first game. Nobody is going to vulture TD's from Asiata, albeit they may not score much.
  7. Matt Asiata. Arizona is still a tough run defense, and Frank Gore should of destroyed the Cowboys and Bears in weeks 1 and 2 but just had average numbers. I think Matt Asiata will get all the work, minus a few touches for McKinnon and has been very fantasy start-worthy in his 3 previous games where he started.
  8. I picked up Matt Asiata as soon as I heard the AP news because we have a deep roster. Our scoring system is TD-heavy, so I am starting Matt Asiata over Larry Fitzgerald at flex. I am curious whom other owners are benching for Asiata. Foles Lacy Gore Asiata Marshall Maclin Gostowski Houston Stacy and Fitzgerald on the bench.
  9. IMO, Kirk Cousins is being showcased for a potential trade in the offseason so he'll get a chance to throw the ball. Who knows, maybe they could get more trade value for RGIII and keep Cousins. I usually don't like playing QB/RB position from the same team but in the fantasy playoffs, i'm playing my best players regardless.
  10. I've had to stream QB's since I own Matt Ryan. Won with Josh McCown 2 weeks ago, and now I have Kirk Cousins. Cousins is the better play between him and Matt Ryan @ SF, but I also have Alfred Morris. It makes me a little nervous to play both but the matchup vs. Dallas is too good to pass up. Is this the wrong decision? My current lineup: QB Kirk Cousins RB Eddie Lacy RB Alfred Morris RB Zac Stacy WR Desean Jackson WR Eric Decker K Gastowski Def. Cleveland Bench - I have Vincent Jackson........do I play him over any RB or WR in my current lineup?
  11. ggroovy17

    Vereen, Andre Brown or Todman?

    Todman, he's a good dual threat. Thanks for answering mine.
  12. ggroovy17

    Help me win this thing!

    I would go with Stacy and Shane Vareen. Everyone after Stacy is a risk and I think last week was kind of a fluke with Vareen. I like Patterson but too risky in ff playoffs. Thanks for answering mine.
  13. I benched Eric Decker once this year, yep, THAT week when he scored 4 TD's. My gut has Zac Stacy home vs. Tampa Bay and Decker @ Houston. I sat V-Jax in favor of Stacy last week and it worked out, but what should i do this week? Leave a link and i'll answer yours. Thanks
  14. ggroovy17

    2014 WR Keeper

    I would go with Demaryius Thomas. He's been great with Peyton Manning for 2 years now, more likely to keep it up than the others. Please see mine: http://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=429664
  15. ggroovy17

    Need 3 RB's

    I'd pick Andre Brown, Bernard, and Gerhart if he plays, Ogbonnaya if he doesn't Please see my lineup issue: http://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=429664