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  1. RoadLizard

    Pass Interference Calls are now Reviewable

    Nope, it’s a terrible idea. The game is already bogged down with far too many stoppages, delays, commercial breaks, reviews and of course injury timeouts that seem to take forever because the entire medical community and a psychologist has to check the players over now. It’s maddening how slooooooooow the game has become. Replay SUCKS in every possible way. I want it all to go away. The league survived for, oh, about 80 years or whatever without it. Game is almost unwatchable now as it is. As for Sean Payton, maybe he should have tried to put the Rams away when they had a chance MULTIPLE times during the game or tried to run the ball more. That game was lost by the coaching staff. Period. One play doesn’t make a game. Except of course for the tuck rule.
  2. RoadLizard

    Patriots Draft

    100% chance, you mean. The AFC once again will offer little or no real competition. Been that way for several years now. 6 more automatic divisional wins. I’m sure their outside divisional schedule against any good teams will be played in Foxboro. So boring and pointless. Why even bother anymore? Yawn.
  3. RoadLizard

    Krafty move

    I said the lawyer that he’s hired is the same guy that gets molestors offf the hook. The whole thing is just shady and bad. Like really bad. And remember, just like the Patriots.....when you get caught doing stuff that’s wrong its highly likely that you’ve done other stuff wrong too that you didn’t get caught for. It’s OK, it’s just tarnished and shady. Sorry.
  4. RoadLizard

    Krafty move

    Sure thing. Hey, it is what it is. The golden child of the NFL has been exposed as a scumbag, basically. Nice job, bob. Ironically, he just hired a famous defense lawyer that specializes in defending child rapists. The lawyer is the same guy that got that disgusting Jeffrey Epstein guy reduced charges and whatever else after being involved with underage prostitution. Such wholesome characters. spygate, tuck rules, deflate gate and now rape gate. I love it. Tarnished. Forever. Can’t be avoided. Sorry.
  5. RoadLizard

    Krafty move

    Whattaya know? More asterisks and tarnish on the most shady "dynasty" ever. I bet belichick helped him tape the pre wank warmups to gain an advantage. What a dirty old man. Taking advantage of other human beings to get his rocks off. Nice, Bob.
  6. RoadLizard

    SuperBowl 53 Patriots-Rams

    I will say this though - that NFL 100 commercial was the best thing Ive seen in a long time. It had tons of classic players and some modern ones too. Loved it. Brady saying "hold these" was freeging epic. Manning with the bum arm.... Ed Reed sneaking around, Franco with the "catch", etc, etc. Brought back great memories for me!!!! AWESOME!
  7. RoadLizard

    SuperBowl 53 Patriots-Rams

    Yeah - or Jared Goff just sucks which is what Ive been hearing. He slowly got worse as the season went on. The novelty wore off and they started playing professional level teams instead of chicken- opponents. I think the Lambs are going to be bad next year. Goff blows.
  8. RoadLizard

    SuperBowl 53 Patriots-Rams

    Bear in mind that ratings are not always perfect data. They arent in peoples living rooms. What I mean is - people still had their SB parties which means the game was "on" but NOT everyone was watching. We were palying euchre with friends in a different room. It was obvious that last nights game was an atrocity and simply TERRIBLE football. Its as if neither team deserved to be there. I dont care what the "ratings" were.
  9. RoadLizard

    SuperBowl 53 Patriots-Rams

    Wow - Im glad I stuck to my guns and avoided this obvious joke of a game. What a disaster. The Rams SUCK. Obviously NE isnt all that either. The defense apparently bailed out NE's offense....or the Rams really do suck that bad. The Chiefs and Saints would have been a much more fun game. Oh well. Who caares anyways?
  10. RoadLizard

    SuperBowl 53 Patriots-Rams

    No question that a controversial call will probably irritate millions of people either way it goes. The NFL is getting famous for such things. It’s time to get RID of replay and the excessive delays and hassle it adds to the game. Somehow for like 80 years the league managed to exist and thrive without it. It’s stupid and I’m sick of it.
  11. RoadLizard

    SuperBowl 53 Patriots-Rams

    I did forget about the squares, side bets, etc, etc. That there is worth some viewers, no doubt.
  12. RoadLizard

    SuperBowl 53 Patriots-Rams

    This is a fair assessment and exactly what I mean. The Niners, Steelers, Cowboys, and to a lesser extent the Redskins and even the Bills had nice runs at various times in different decades. It was cool watching the acsension, albeit not for the fans of the direct enemies of those teams. It was enjoyable watching the quality football being played. And, of course, the "root against the bad guys" paradigm kicked in which also draws in viewers. For fans of OTHER teams or just casual NFL fans there ere certainly haters but it never got outright ridiculous or irritating. Now? Sorry but its just boring. What are the interesting storylines? We've heard the same crap for years now with nothing new to add. As you said "Overstay their welcome" is a perfect way to put it. Me and Im sure some others just cant care anymore. It doesnt matter. Its lost its lustre and intrigue. Thats what reptitiveness does. Its not rocket science to understand this. Im not sure if the "root against the bad guys or the incumbent" is still working. Ratings will stay the same or even be fine but thats because people are going to still have ther parties and all of that. I just think quite a few viewers will find something else to do OR not really watch the game as they might have when the matchup was more interesting and not the same old shiat. Due to the lousy AFC, its very likely that NE gets in again next year. Oh well. Enjoy. YAWN.
  13. RoadLizard

    Super Bowl Prediction: post yours

    One thing is for sure - a lot of people are getting BORED with this crap. How can you not? The AFC is entirely incompetent and thats part of the reason for the "default" playoff/SB run the Pats get partially handed to them every season. KC has some potential but needs a defense. Put this NE team in the NFC and watch the results be quite different. Oh well, you have to give them credit for milking a terrible divison and overall conference now for a while. Props. At least when Baltimore had Ray and Ed or the Colts/Broncos had Peyton there was resistance. Now? The AFC is like a Division 3 college conference. Total joke. The NFL and the NBA have the same problem problem: The Golden State Warriors & NE Patriots are just dull now. Even watching or caring because you want them to lose isnt enough to make it matter. Who cares, other than Boston residents or Golden State fans? What does one get out of watching the same old crap over and over? Sure, hanging out at a friends place getting hammered at a SB party is one thing but does anyone actually care about the game? Especially when its just going to have numerous stoppages, reviews, bad calls, and various other flow-killing things happen? And then Monday morning it goes back to not mattering one bit. Its just entertainment. Like the WWF. Yawn.
  14. RoadLizard

    OT Coin Flip Change

    Sounds good to me but then I suspect Brady wouldnt be so effective. Hmmmmm.
  15. RoadLizard

    SuperBowl 53 Patriots-Rams

    Not sure about that. Honestly it could be even worse if the Pats keep making the SB and losing. I Dont find it intriguing at all but I can see how some people might. Its dull at this stage for me. Also tired of hearing about how God-like The pats are. Yeah, yeah, we get it.... thanks. lol. Fair enough. I dont hate the Pats either, believe it or not. No reason to. I just hate the same team being so dominant in the conference year after year. If it was the Colts or Raiders or whomever Id be saying the same thing.