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  1. RoadLizard

    Super Bowl 55: Chiefs v Buccaneers

    No, anger has nothing to do with it. Just stating the obvious that the defense and game plan, much like the Giants in 2007 won the game. It was all right there on the TV or highlights if you missed it.
  2. RoadLizard

    Super Bowl 55: Chiefs v Buccaneers

    Don’t waste your time with Brady-lickers. He’s lucky to have been on that team. What did he do again? Oh...some easy TD passes to Gronk who the chiefs defense couldn’t get within 5 yards of or they’d get flagged. Hilarious. The Bucs defense won the game, 100% and were the only MVP on that field tat day. Eli Brady played decent is all.
  3. RoadLizard

    Super Bowl 55: Chiefs v Buccaneers

    Those weren’t legit penalties at all. What game were you watching? The chiefs still deserved to lose but not like that. Oh and the game became unwatchable at that point too since it was clearly over so we didn’t even get a good game out of it. Seems to me like TB defenders were draped all over GB players a few weeks ago and most people were happy to "let them play". I was too. That changed in the first half of the game I watched. That’s all.
  4. RoadLizard

    Super Bowl 55: Chiefs v Buccaneers

    It’s just data. Look, it’s pretty obvious that the MVP first should be defensive holding and pass interference. That started the avalanche early. That interception callback was game changing. The fairytale defensive PI call in the end zone was also a game changer. There were easily 3-4 of those that simply had too much effect on the game. Every TB eh hem "drive" in the first half was handed to them. They gained very few yards. Whatever. By the second half, yeah, they took over but by then the extreme damage had been done. After what we saw two weeks ago where they were letting them actually play....I found it quite abhorrent that they went into flag mode for the biggest game of the year and ruined it. It didn’t matter that Tampa won. It mattered how they won and how it was given to them. That’s all. Terrible game and terrible super bowl. Period.
  5. RoadLizard

    Super Bowl 55: Chiefs v Buccaneers

    Refs won it early for TB.
  6. RoadLizard

    Super Bowl 55: Chiefs v Buccaneers

    A gift wrapped super bowl. Yawn. Couldn’t have been easier. Refs handed it to TB in first half. Facts. Data.
  7. RoadLizard

    Super Bowl 55: Chiefs v Buccaneers

    Yeah but thats a "makeup" call. Its clear they wanted Arians and Golden boy to win. Yawn. WWF style ascripting here. Vince McMahon would be proud, lol. It'll be Brady, Brady, Brady..... and he did really nothing special to win this game at all. Just along for the ride. Hes good at that though.
  8. RoadLizard

    Super Bowl 55: Chiefs v Buccaneers

    Yep. Well, its embarrassing when your "showcase" game is this much of a debacle. The NFL ought to be ashamed. So NOT legit, lol.
  9. RoadLizard

    Super Bowl 55: Chiefs v Buccaneers

    No, it doesnt matter. The game is over. One of the worst SBs ever. Game taken over & ruined by the refs early and often. Too bad. You'd think Goodell would let them know that we want the players to control the outcome, not the zebras.
  10. RoadLizard

    Super Bowl 55: Chiefs v Buccaneers

    No . Game ruined. If Brady cant cheat he'll get the refs calls then. Got it. Barf. This is so scripted it isnt even funny. Bucs mugging KC WRs and KC cant touch any Bucs players. Worst SB ever. What a !@#$% joke. Just give Golden boy his unearned ring and lets get on with our lives.
  11. I love me some Mahomes but he aint winning jack by himself and a team of scrubs and neither is Brady or anyone else. Just doesn’t work that way. Name one super bowl winning team that had a HOF QB literally surrounded by scrubs, bad offensive line, terrible defense, etc. there aren’t any.
  12. RoadLizard

    Player in SB other than Mahomes/Brady to come up big

    How about like most of the rest of the team? Its NOT about Brady vs Mahomes. Neither Brady, Mahomes or any QB has ever or can ever win a SB by themselves. Can we get off that idea? Geesh.
  13. Competent meaning obviously proven players like the ones you mentioned but I’d also throw in Josh Allen, Rivers, Big Ben, Brees maybe a few others too. I hear ya though on running the offense and perhaps that an area where Toms veteran status helps him. Either way, the Bucs are an interesting team for sure. Not sure if they can keep up with KC right now though who seem to have numerous way to kill you.
  14. Read the whole post, moron. At. This. Stage. The Evan’s throw was high too, I thought. But, I can see your point. I also don’t think the "chuck and duck" throw was smart either. I’m just saying that Tom is clearly not in his prime any longer and it’s obvious that this Bucs defense is for real and is a huge part of why they are here. Not saying Tom is doing his part or that his presence doesn’t add something. It does. But the idea that he’s carrying this team on his back if any one is insinuating that is just totally false. IMO, you put any competent NFL QB back there and I believe TB a would still be playing in the super bowl. Notice I said competent QB...not just any QB so don’t misread that.
  15. As much as Rodgers looked iffy this game isn’t also fair to say that Brady also did his part to facilitate a big comeback by GB? Three bad picks in the second half? Bad throws. Just bad. What about that? IMO, neither QB looked all world to me and their age showed. Tampa is going to the SB mostly because of their defense and suspect competition. KC looks infinitely better than anything the NFC can offer. Mahomes >>>>>>>>>>>>> Brady , Rodgers, anyone at this stage.