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  1. RoadLizard

    NFC Championship: Packers at 49ers

    All those people claiming that Green Bay was a soft 13-3 team turned out to be right. Pretty bad. Like real bad.
  2. I sure would and I suspect most non-New Englanders would too. I think in the right scenario with a solid team around him he could be effective even as the pocket passer systems seem to be dwindling these days in the NFL. I would love it. There are some teams that might be a QB away from making some noise. And it also lets us see Hoodie have to make due with a new QB himself. Very interesting stuff, IMO. Thoughts?
  3. RoadLizard

    Cheaters gonna cheat

    I actually hope they do too - it just adds to the pile of fake success. Its fine. Im sure the Boston homers will spin this somehow as they always do. But he facts are the facts. So, so sorry your 20 year run is loaded with "buts" and asterisks. Ah well. They are who we though they were.
  4. RoadLizard

    Cheaters gonna cheat

    Wow - watch this ESPN video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HKQ9eTuCXrk ... for more insight into this. Max Kellerman mentons a Newsweek article with more details on prior cheating. I think Max nails it here even though I dont always agree with him. The !@#$% Pats. 100% lame. Just get the asterisk stamp out and start jamming it next to everything NE has ever accomplished. Now you MUST logically deduce that saying Brady is the GOAT is also very much up for debate. Same for Hoodie being the alleged best coach of all time. Cant trust them. Its all BS. So sorry. I love it. What a fiasco.
  5. RoadLizard

    Cheaters gonna cheat

    Yawn - The "Vouyer-riots" are at it again. Love it. Whether they did anything truly wrong doesnt even matter anymore. Its just comical that its ALWAYS them and never anyone else.
  6. RoadLizard

    Can the Chiefs Do the Impossible?

    Nope. The refs wont allow it. That PI call on Kelce was 100% fabricated. The NFL wants NE to advance so the Chiefs should forget it. Just accept the loss. Its inevitable. Cant have NE fall behind Baltimore by a game and a half. It messes up their program. Enjoy the WWF.... errrr....NFL.
  7. RoadLizard

    Consistency/Predictability is gone from FFB

    Pardon my dumbness - but what is DFS? I really dont know what that stands for.
  8. RoadLizard

    Consistency/Predictability is gone from FFB

    I dont think you need hard numbers but anyone that has played FF for many years and started back in like the early 90's like me then you KNOW from experience that the "casino" nature of FF has gone way up. Of course its always had luck and things like that involved. But lets review why I stopped playing FF about 3 years ago and I suspect many others are growing tired of it too: 1) The pass-happy spread offenses have really killed the WR position and the TE position somewhat as well. Remember when teams had a clear-cut WR1, WR2 and a starting TE? They brought in a WR3 on 3rd and long and that was about it. Now? Fock.... you have like 5-6 different WRs catching balls on any given play and the goal line nowadays is a total mess with TE2's or little dinky WR5s stealing TDs. The same thing happens with RBs. There are so few warriors left that get the rock the majority of the game. You have a lot of RBBC and its like a 40/60 or 50/50 split versus the old days when Kenneth Davis would spell Thurman Thomas for a quick series or two. In this NFL, Davis would get almost half the total touches and steal half the TDs too. Its all injury-concerns now and trying to outsmart the other team but its just stupid. You have a feew star players, yes but nowhere near the consistency as before. 2) The internet has helped but has also ruined the concept of hunting for data and knowledge in order to gain an edge. Everybody and their Moms, literally are playing FF today. No research required - just navigate to any site and you'll get the same scoop on every player that everyone else gets. No work. No payoff for being diligent. Hell, most sites will set your lineup for you and they get it just as right as you would, LOL. 3) The talent is spread too thin in the NFL(there are too many teams in the NFL and they should dump 4 of them for starters) and the gap between player tiers is worse than ever. QBs are way too strong now and if you dont get one of the top 4-5 you're focked. There is a very small pool of truly good FF players and it gets smaller it seems each year or as the season goes on. Its too easy to end up losing interest fast once you figure out that you "bet on the wrong horse" since its so arbitrary that what are supposoed to be good draft picks are garbage for no good reason. Does Davante Adams ring a bell this year as a great example? So, that pretty much sums it up. I dont even miss FF since I get to listen to the bitching at work here from everyone about exactly the things I mentioned. I miss the days when Emmitt and Jerome Bettis got the rock, Harrison/Wayne, Harper/Irvin, Freeman/Brooks, Holt/Bruce, ETC, ETC caught most of the passes - not short, useless WR5s or backup TEs that no one has ever heard of.
  9. They are in it far too much though. It gets boring. Its getting old now. Its OK, if they get in we watch movies on SB Sunday instead. No big deal. Football is almost unwatchable now anyways so this hardly matters. Didnt watch a single snap of the SB last year and barely any of the Philly game and my life was not affected at all. It just doesnt matter. Its like the WWF out there right now.
  10. Both wishful thinking. I doubt it. The Pats will beat up on KC and win easily. The Bills played an inspired game on Thanksgiving but lets be honest here, the Cowboys are a joke. The Ravens will crush Buffalo. And it is IMPORTANT that The Ravens keep winning so the AFC title game is in Baltimore and not in Foxboro . Otherwise, the Super Bowl becomes unwatchable again since NE will be in it.
  11. RoadLizard

    Kaepernick getting a workout on Saturday

    Look - you cant blame an NFL team for not wanting the sideshow circus that he'll bring with him. Its the same type of negative press/issues that a player like Antonio Brown has. You just cant add him to the team. Kapernick made his decision. He could have just worked quietly to champion whatever causes he deemed worthy. But instead, like so many "wokesters" and "attention seekers" he had to make a scene & piss off a lot of people. Bad choice, Colin. Live with it and realize that you arent playing in the NFL anymore and its YOUIR own fault. A few bad cops doesnt make them all bad. And dissing the flag/national anthem doesnt always go too well either.
  12. RoadLizard

    Pats flu bug -

    This is an easy win for NE regardless of who has what flu. The Texans as always are total pretenders and a cream puff team. Another "tough" matchup for NE..... yawn.
  13. RoadLizard

    Bills at Cowboys: In-Game Discussion

    He just doesn’t get it. They're never going to win anything without a real head coach and system in place. If jones would just get the Fock out of the way they could probably attract McCarthy, Cohwer, etc. instead, they keep getting puppet coaches. It’s not all Garets fault but this keeps repeating with the Cowboys.....ya know?
  14. RoadLizard

    Sit Brady due to weather

    Dude, relax, I’m just busting wormies balls because he’s such a patriots knob licker. I’m not a Brady hater at all. He’s a great QB that has been on some damned good teams. What I am is a realist who can objectively look at things. The patriots success will always be surrounded by some controversy. That’s a fact of the matter. It’s not just what you get caught for when you are up to shady things. It’s what you might have done that you didn’t get caught for that makes people wonder. Just how it is.
  15. RoadLizard

    Sit Brady due to weather

    It certainly didnt hurt. Wasnt the only thing of course but the facts stand. You're feelings dont matter in this case. Sorry. And right on cue comes Worms to suck NE weener. Maybe you can hook up with Bob Kraft - aka The "dirty old child molester" an get a happy ending with him? Nice way to celebrate Thaksgiving, eh? :). I know - "We're on to Cinncinnati"........