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  1. RoadLizard

    ***Official Chiefs @ Ravens MNF Thread***

    Stupid Covid. Might not be a shootout. No question its the best MNF game in what seems like years. Now if they can just do something about the unwwatchbale garbage that theyre putting on Thursday night, lol.
  2. RoadLizard

    The Official Week 3 FU Thread

    I dont have a horse in the race per se but the number of stupid pass interefence calls that plagued the games is just awful. The Bills got a freebie win handed to them due to it. New Orleans got called for it like dozens of times, etc. So tired of that damn call. If a pass is under-thrown then the rule should be changed so that PI does not apply anymore. Something has to be done here. Let them fight for the ball & make the QBs throw proper passes. Its to the point where they can purposely keep under-throwing routes and have like a 50% or greater chance of getting a call. Its dumb.
  3. RoadLizard

    No Preseason = More Injuries

    Means nothing. It was just an unlucky week for certain teams/players. It happens. Pre-season is the stupidest thing ever and should be shelved indefinitely. Just do 2-hand touch scrimmages to get in shape & get your timing down. Thats good enough.
  4. It was a "Stand around like morons and let the other team recover." The falcons still haven’t recovered from their epic meltdown in the SB. Wow. What a horrible way to lose a game. They outplayed Dallas for like 59:15 seconds.
  5. RoadLizard

    Cowboys at Rams: SNF Discussion

    True - but the NFL isnt worried about bearitng up your wife or girlfriend. Thats fine. What isnt fine is respecting your country.
  6. RoadLizard

    Cowboys at Rams: SNF Discussion

    Sounds good to me. Great group of guys are quite likeable too. I mean, Mahomes is such a solid kid. Reid is an easy to like coach. The Hunt family are long time NFL owners. Whats not to like here? Im not a Chiefs fan at all but if they go on some long streak of winning it wont be nearly as annoying or "suspect" as another franchise that recently has done such a thing.
  7. RoadLizard

    Cowboys at Rams: SNF Discussion

    My goodness. Is anyone still buying what the Cowboys are selling? They have been pimped up to be the "team" year after year after year. Results? Fails. Year after year after year. Dont care if its one game. We know how this is going to go. They'll underachieve and fizzle out. Always. Im tired of them being on national TV like 48 times a year too. Big draw my ass. Who cares? Lets change that up and get somenew teams/games on the national stage. Sick of it, quite frankly.
  8. RoadLizard

    What have we learned from week 1?

    Kind of, yeah. The lack of fans was brutal. Felt like a scrimmage at times. I dunno. Sumtin' aint right. And yes - get ready for political speech after speech after speech. Then, more diatribe. The commercial frequency is high too. Meh. Football is almost becoming a sport that you can "watch" whilst doing other things which didnt used to be the case. Two worthless games tonight too. Bad teams with boring players. Not even bothering.
  9. RoadLizard

    Tampa Tom

    Uh oh - Pick 6. Its only one game but he wasnt exactly lighting it up last season either. Ill save judgement until like week 7-8 before I go overboard here. Hes earned that.
  10. Stupid. We have to stop treating this virus like its Ebola 2.0 or whatever. Huge majority recover just fine. Lets calm down the hysterics a bit, shall we? Just let them play and get some fans in there too. This is getting dumber and dumber with the restrictions. Are they really dong anything?
  11. RoadLizard

    well that was fun

    Huh? Whos running away? Alls people are saying is that its nice once in a while to get away from politics and propaganda. Isnt it? Everywhere you turn now there is some "virtue signaling" going on. Its unrelenting and the big question that has to be asked is which of these people are actually DOING something about it? When is the last time Collinsworth served at a soup kitchen or devoted time to help the "disadvantaged and downtrodden"? Has he attempted to work with police to help this situation? I suspect not. Nope, right after the game he probably drove his fancy car right back to his gated mansion community. Its so fake and stupid. And it is not the right platform. The public streets or local Govt are the right platform. People amazingly tune into football games to watch football and thats it. Shocking. Oh and the players too - stop the grand standing and go make an actual difference. Kneeling during anthems and locking arms is touching and all but again: What have they actually done to help? Im sure a few of them are trying but most will just drive home in their Lambo after the game to their MTV crib and pile of rented bitches. Like they give a crap? C'mon.
  12. Wow - DeShaun Watson sucks. Guy is living large now and apparently doesnt care. He'll rack up stats against junk teams but Houston is in trouble, IMO.
  13. RoadLizard

    well that was fun

    I understand. I think most people are. And face it - Collnsworth and most people putting on the bleeding heart show are totally removed from it. They'll never experience anything like police issues or whatever. Its pure virtue signaling as in "Hey, look at me, I give a damn". Then they return to their gated mansion comminuties. This includes many of the players too. Its lame.
  14. RoadLizard

    well that was fun

    The message itself isn’t so bad and people are free to protest and do what they need to. But, not during a football game. I realize it was week one and this will calm down but between Collinsworth endless diatribe and whatever else.....ugh....just play the dammed game. Sorry but politics and propaganda don’t belong in any sport. Period.
  15. Excellent! Glad you are going. ENJOY!!!!