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  1. Active Owner Needed - STARTUP(2 spots left)- 12 team Dynasty, Auction, Salary Cap, Contract League. Superflex, PPR, and TE Prem. I have 8 years commissioning this format, and 20 years overall. This is a great format, and lots of fun. We have a handful of guys trying this format for the 1st time. This will be a great introduction. Review rules and settings. Please PM. https://www59.myfantasyleague.com/2019/home/66541#0
  2. 12 team PPR DYNASTY Well run and managed league is looking for 1 owner. New owner will need to become accountable for his roster immediately. Owner will participate in a 2 team dispersal draft to build a roster. Please review the league http://www61.myfantasyleague.com/2016/home/48997#0 If you have questions, send me a PM Thank you
  3. mggoilers

    A few dynasty openings

    Shoot me a PM. I'm interested, but would like to know what team is available. You seemed to have filled spots. Thanks
  4. We still have an opening, the team is named TBD.
  5. 2015 is about to kickoff, and we have an opening. Highly competitive league which mirrors the NFL. Going into 3rd year of Salary Cap/Auction/Contract Dynasty League. 12 team league. We will be kicking off the new year in the next few days, and league year begins in February. Please let me know if you are interested, Here is the league link: http://football25.myfantasyleague.com/2014/options?L=18269&O=07 Anyone interested, please contact me Please PM or email: mggoilers@sbcglobal.net
  6. 12 team performance keeper league is looking for an active owner. League is going into its 13th year. As commissioner, pride myself on being available, organized, and transparent. League information will be sent upon request. Good group of guys. 3 keepers(1 protected, 2 transition), PPR, Production and volume get rewarded, very competitive, busy offseason The Transition players are exposed in a single round, where each team may select a transition player from another team, or pass and retain their 1st rounder. So you have no choice whether someone takes your transition player or not. If someone takes your transition player, the 2nd transition player is automatically protected and you gain a 1st rounder. http://www10.myfantasyleague.com/2014/home/12863#0 $60 entry fee $2 trades in season Blind Bidding on 1st day of week during season, $1 rest of week Solid team available League is hosted on MFL. We just made the move to MFL within the last 10 days. So we have a fresh start on a new site. Please PM interest
  7. http://www4.myfantasyleague.com/2013/home/61200
  8. 12 team league, currently made up of 7 core owners who have played in redraft/keeper formats for the last 5-6 years together. We are looking to make the jump to an auction-style, dynasty league. I am a very well organized and experienced commissioner who has around 18 years of running various leagues. We are excited about the new challenge and committed to this new format. We are looking to fill out our league. Here's some information, and the sales pitch: This is a very exciting time, as each owner will be responsible for building a team from the ground up. This is quite the task, and needs to be considered before joining. Along with selecting your team through an auction process (fake money talks), you will need to manage a salary cap, year round roster, and while keeping the short term and long term of your franchise in mind. The name of the game remains winning games during the regular season and playoffs. This is league has a few elements, here are the highlights: * 12 Team PPR Performance Scoring with Flex (RB, WR, TE) * Yearly Salary Cap of $200 * Initial Auction Draft which includes veterans and rookies in 2013. * Manage Salary Cap and Contracts * Contracts are determined by owners.(Vets up to 3 years and Rookies up to 4 years) * Manage an active roster (20) * Manage a taxi squad (4), rookies can be placed on taxi squad and remain up to 4 years. * Blind bidding for Free Agents after the draft. * Franchise Tag (1) in 2014 * Restricted Free Agent Tag (2) in 2014 * Rookie Draft (4 Rounds) in 2014 * Unrestricted Free Agents * League Fee is $40 Important Links League Home Page - http://www4.myfantasyleague.com/2013/home/61200#0 Complete Scoring Settings - http://football4.myfantasyleague.com/2013/options?L=61200&O=09 Complete League Constitution - http://football4.myfantasyleague.com/2013/options?L=61200&O=26 PLEASE READ RULES and SETTINGS, there will be questions but don't be lazy. The initial formation of rosters will involve holding an extensive auction draft through the site. The auction will begin shortly after the league has been filled. Each team will have a salary cap of $200(funny money). This $200 will cover all auction prices for players, and potential add (bids) during the regular season. Manage it wisely, you need a 20 man roster, and optional 4 taxi squad spots, upon completion of auction. This will be a new process for a lot of owners, so we will begin slowly. The player placed on the auction block will be nominated by each owner, nominating a player involves placing an initial bid of $1. Each franchise will be notified of the ongoing bidding process by email. THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF TEAM BUILDING, BE DILIGENT AND STAY TUNED IN, NO EXCUSES, JUST EFFORT. The bidding process including bids/franchise will be viewable by everyone. Feel free to stake your claim on a player, run up the price(at your own risk), and have fun with the process. We will begin by auctioning 3 players at a time, increase to 6 players, 12 players, 24 players, etc.. Auction for each player will conclude after 12-24 hours of no additional bid activity. Given the scope of putting together these rosters, (12 teams x 24 players = 288 players), this should take a few weeks. Saying that, this should be a lot of fun and create some interesting discussion and back and forth banter, along with some hard feelings and happiness over losing or winning a player. Personalities/tendencies will be revealed. There will be questions, but PLEASE READ THE RULES/SETTINGS. Please feel free to bring your questions forward. I believe we have a very good foundation, structure, rules, and settings for the league. I expect some growing pains, but this should be a fun and challenging league. Please post your email/response/PM if you are interested Thanks
  9. mggoilers

    Antonio Cromartie

    http://www3.signonsandiego.com/stories/200...m9458/?chargers 7 kids and he's only 25 years old Septo-dad, stay classy San Diego
  10. mggoilers

    Forte will be a bust for where he's drafted

    I believe Forte is overvalued. I believe I am in the minority. I don't believe he has elite talent, which should be the reason he is being drafted so high. I believe he is a safe option. On his best day, he couldn't carry AD, Westy, LT, Portis, S-Jax, and a handful of other guys jocks. One year skews his value. Good luck drafting him top 5. he won't lose you a championship, but he won't carry your team. just my take.
  11. mggoilers

    What is the best FF magazine?

    Fantasy Sports and FantasyGuru Cheatsheet Compiler/Draft Buddy is a great tool when preparing for drafts. Print it out and staple your cheatsheets and call that a magazine.
  12. Skip's bro is an excellent chef. Philly fans hate all things Dallas, Dallas related, whatever. We have Jim Johnson in our prayers, wish him the best. Get well soon.
  13. mggoilers

    CBS Sportsline!

    I sent This: Customer 05/01/2009 04:44 PM Just received the renewal notice on the 2009 FF Commissioner Product, and noticed the price increased. We are currently reviewing this price, and determining whether or not to renew for 2009. Saying that, I also Co-commissioner a 2nd league which is contemplating a move to CBS, but given the price we are apprehensive. Is there anything CBS could do to make this a bit more manageable? At the same time, possibly gain a 2nd league. We are very happy with the CBS Product, and have no problem paying a premium for the product but the premium increase seems excessive at this time. Anything you can do would be helpful and much appreciated. Thank you in advance, and if you require anything further please contact me at They replied with this: I'm sorry you feel the entertainment value of our 2009 Fantasy Football Commissioner product is not equitable to its price. I hope you will consider all of our product's features and remain active on our website. We have the web's number-one rated Commissioner product by the Fantasy Sports Trade Association, with Over 10 years of proven Quality and Reliability, including industry-leading features such as: - Most customizable League Managers in the industry - Live Scoring - Extensive customization options - Cutting edge Fantasy information - New Fantasy Community area In addition we will be including the following new features for the 2009 Season. - Brand new auction draft hosted by CBSSports.com - Embeddable video option on league homepage - All new league history pages - Draft Room performance and communication enhancements - One Rank Player List for use in All Leagues CBS Sports offers the web's finest Fantasy Sports experience available. I hope your league enjoys the 2009 season! I just got the brushoff, now I need to convince my league mates we need to find a new home.
  14. mggoilers

    Where does Edge end up?

    The Texans would be a nice fit.
  15. mggoilers

    Interesting interview with Jerrah Jones

    The Pro Bowlers excitement seem to be the perception. The Owner/Salesmen wants attention for his team. The Owner/GM wants wins for his team. Lots of "internal" roles facing conflict. I believe he is the only Owner/GM in the entire league. It's not a normal situation, but the Cowboys are a very well run organization. The only problem I see on the football side...the business side drives it more than any other team in the league. Jerry knows the ultimate money maker is winning. He stroked his ego with T.O. and Pac, now we can all just enjoy the new stadium without any distractions from T.O..